How You Can Prevent Soul Malnourishment & Be A Blessing To The World...

I thank God for you.

I thank Him for the opportunity to bless you.

I thank Him for the chance to get through your heart.

Here in Kerygma Family, we are true to our name of being your family because everyday, we want to find ways to inspire you; and as family, we want to grow with you.

I pray that you find inspiration in Kerygma Family today.

I want to be a Kerygma Family member today.

First "Hidden" Disease:
Is Your Soul Malnourished?

We live in a busy, distracting world.

Consequently, I see malnourished and disconnected souls everywhere.

I’ve met many people who, because of their odd-hour jobs and family responsibilities, cannot possibly attend weekly prayer meetings.  How can they prevent soul malnourishment and soul disconnection?

On the other hand, I’ve also met countless of people active in prayer groups who ask me, "We lack teaching!  Can you send us teachers who will give teaching?"

Solution to all these problems?  The KERYGMA FAMILY.

I’d like to personally invite you to be part of the Kerygma Family, a borderless, non-physical, international community of friends from all over the world who want to keep growing in their personal and spiritual lives.

Unlike a regular community, you don’t come to us.

We go to where you are.

You will receive our unique "Distance Nurture" in six fantastic ways

Your FirstBlessing

We will pray for you daily.  There’s NO distance when it comes to prayer!

Your SecondBlessing

You’ll receive a daily stream of inspiration right in your inboxes thru bible readings and empowering reflections. Kerygma eMagazine, our banner publication that has changed life for 25 years will be made available to you on a monthly basis.

Your ThirdBlessing

Trained Life Counselors will be available to you by phone and email---to answer your questions and accompany you through your difficult times

Your FourthBlessing

I’ll be your "Life Coach" and regularly send to your home my Total Formation Program.   This will nourish your soul and keep you spiritually strong.

Your FifthBlessing

You’ll be given the fantastic opportunity to take part in the Kerygma Family’s ministries for the poorest of the poor---and our media evangelization ministry---by your tithes and offerings---should you decide to give to Kerygma Family (totally optional).

I want to be a Kerygma Family member today.

Join Kerygma Family and let us bless the world together

For the past 26 years, I’ve been serving God in wild, wonderful ways—trying to change the world for God. 

If you become a member of the Kerygma Family—and decide to give your Love Offering—you’ll be holding my hand and working together with me! Of course, you will also be entitled with similar member benefits, but when you give, you become my mission partner.

Let me (very briefly) sketch the terrific stuff you’ll be supporting in the ministry...

You’ll share in our work for the poorest of the poor

I’m very happy with this work, which we call Anawim.  (It’s a Hebrew word that means the "The poor of the Lord").

We started it in 1995—and since then, we’ve been able to help thousands.

Our main project is a home for the abandoned elderly.  We pick up old people in the streets, abandoned by their own families.  We spend P350,000 ($7,000) each month so we could give them a Christian home, caring for them, feeding them, clothing them, and trying to make the remaining years of their lives as comfortable as possible.

Aside from Anawim, we are also extending our donations to our other partner mercy ministries namely: Grace to be Born, Jeremaiah, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, He Cares Missions and Pag-Asa ng Pamilya.

Located in Pasig, Grace to be Born Maternity Home and Nursery is a shelter for pregnant women in crisis. It is an answer to the growing number of abortion cases committed in the country every year. This place serves as a temporary shelter for the unwed mothers and an orphanage for the children born there.

Jeremaiah, on the other hand, is our home for young girls who are victims of sexual abuse. We help them rebuild their lives as they move forward and nurture new dreams for their future.

We also have great ministries caring for children who were abandoned and left begging on the streets. Tahanan ng Pagmamahal is our orphanage and He Cares Missions rescues and rehabilitates street children and out-of-school youth.

Banking on the importance of education in building empowered lives, Kerygma Family also extends a hand in generating scholarship funds for poor children thru Pag-Asa ng Pamilya.

We also share in the work of blessing our brothers and sisters in jail thru evangelization projects by our prison ministry.

When you decide to give to Kerygma Family, you will become part of this awesome work. I can’t wait to have you on board this mission!

You Share In Building our Dream of raising 1,000,000 disciples

We’ve just celebrated our 35th Anniversary as the Light of Jesus Community—our "physical" community.  Since 1997, we’ve held prayer meetings called The Feast in almost all the major cities of the Philippines.  At The Feast, hundreds of thousands of people have joined us in these powerful gatherings. As “one of the happiest places on earth”, we dream of raising 1,000,000 disciples all over the world.

In line with this dream, we have chosen to build a borderless, non-physical, international community called KERYGMA FAMILY - and this is incredibly exciting as you will be part of this awesome work.

Join now! You'll be blown away by what you'll receive ! Yes! I want to be a blessing thru Kerygma Family.