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Nov. 11, 2006

Kerygma Feast November

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felix mambo: Sabog ka ba Bro? Pag magsermon ka talagang halatang napupuno ka ng ispiritu ha, ispiritu ng Red Horse. (2014-04-18 02:04:40)
maricris: ... (2013-05-28 00:34:01)
flordeliza gallego: it touches a lot of hungry souls (2013-01-21 12:59:49)
Jose Dela Vega: i look forward na marami pa po ako na mapakinggan na talks ni brother bo.. this is awesome, its inspired me.. i feel sso blessed! :) (2012-12-16 12:04:04)
Margeaux Jerushka: how do i download Bo's Feast podcasts?? (2011-03-20 17:41:35)
Ma. Teresa Evangelista: I was enlighted when I attended the Light of Jesus I have learned a lot of spiritual enhancement and I need more to help me grow my spritual. (2010-11-02 13:03:01)
Olga J. Agbayani: I pray that the Lord will continuously bless Bro. Bo with the grace to inspire others. (2010-07-22 11:15:04)
Aceeey: Wow! Proud to be Catholics! Grabe si Bro. Bo, napakagaling na Lay man of our Church! Thank you! (2010-02-24 18:14:56)
nolm: brother bo, tnx 4 d message.... that helps me to appreciate all things that Jesus give us... (2009-02-07 21:21:10)
eleanor l. manguerra: Bo,thanks a lot for your wonderful words.i just bought didache as a gifts to my inlaws.i am a regular listeners at veritas. (2009-01-05 14:09:19)
jeanine: bo i always read ur book and im so happy ilearn too much (2008-05-09 14:16:49)
clarisse: Bo, you are truly an epitome of God in His counsel and guidance. You empower, inspire and upbuild a lot of us who do not only need but also want to get closer to God and be a blessing to others too. Heaven's surely happy, it has you! Godbless! (2008-01-07 16:44:19)
julius tigley perater: yes (2007-12-29 05:26:30)
connie emborong: hi brother bo! Your talk was so wonderful and touching! It even enlighten me to shine my own life with the light of christ and bring that light to others!!!! (2007-10-05 20:20:46)
ann: After listening to your talk, I'm now cleaning the "garbage" of my life. So now I can shine, I can move, I'm on the "GO" for the Glory of God. Thanks, Bo!!! You open my heart and my mind. After a long search and in darkness, I now see the light. God is always there for me. He never left me. He loves me. Bless you BO..... (2007-06-01 08:33:35)
marleo: Thanks for blessing us every time you give a talk. I really really admired you. That's why i made my motto in life to succeed. "Follow the steps of a fortunate man and you will come to fortune." Thanks Bo! you definitely inspires me to reach my goal. I'm your avid fan. I buy your books, Kerygma magazines every month, one set of didache and i'd watch and listen all of your audio and video talks especially preacher in blue jeans everyday. Thanks a lot to all the KERYGMAFAMILY staff. (2007-01-23 08:37:07)
gnet: hope i could watch in here your other talks on how to win big. Thank God for you bro. bo! (2007-01-12 09:15:18)
michael: very nive talk!keep it up. God bless (2006-12-30 12:30:50)
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