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How to Love Difficult People

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Chelsea: Truly inspiring and makes us reflect on ourselves too. Thank you! (2017-04-27 04:50:11)
Chelsea: Truly inspiring and makes us reflect on ourselves too. Thank you! (2017-04-27 04:47:40)
Mia: This just hit me! I know that this is an old audio but heard it on perfect timing. I have hated my husband and told him that I want to give up on the marriage because he had been "my difficult person" and turned my heart to stone. I blame him for being miserable and thought that there's just no way we can ever be together. I was not understanding him from his shoes. I could've been more understanding and the reason Why I got drained was because I was not as connected with God. I also realized that now, I am being the difficult one instead of him. Thank you bro. Bo! (2017-04-27 04:35:55)
Winlove Andrew Quicho: I would like to have enlightenment to love difficult people. Thanks (2016-04-12 14:27:30)
johnny: thanks bro bo. what a great message. i will follow your suggestions.amen (2011-06-12 18:54:17)
Maribel j. San Miguel: Dear brother bo, God is great! I'm lifted with your talk, now I am enlightened that God gave me this difficult person in my life. I'm so inspired with your beautiful song. May God always give you good health inspiring us. god bless you and your family. (2011-05-26 13:17:26)
joyS: thank you Bro. Bo for this talk. I know right now, I am a difficult people to other person.I was so hit by your teachings. God Bless. (2011-05-19 11:47:51)
romz: dear bo... you are such a great channel of God's love. (2011-02-24 23:47:50)
Dada: i want to download your teachings bo. Thank you very much for your inspiring works. May God bless you always. (2011-01-21 18:55:12)
ginalyn: thank you bo for this talk it remind me a lot to practice the virtue of meekness and patience. More power and God bless (2010-12-31 00:22:09)
Amy: I love this talk, especially the part where you said the story of the poor family. I've been wondering how in my own small way I could help the people I see wandering and living in the streets. I pray to God that he could inspire me and tell me what to do. Thanks for this talk! Amen! (2010-12-06 09:38:29)
myrnz: Bro. Bo, thank you for all your teachings...they are all inspirations to's a good thing that even this talk is already very old, we still have the chance to listen to taught us a the way, may I know the title of the song you sung at the end of this talk? thank you..God bless u always.. (2010-10-05 11:00:29)
rose: i love hearing your really help us a lot...thanks and please continue to inspire us... (2010-03-09 19:23:58)
mae : Tnx so much Bo for this very enlightening talk u have.. even though i have read about this in Kerygma, i need to be reminded bout it often.. Keep up the good work... You help a lot of people.. The world is so blessed for having people like you.. Hope my Kerygma Feast din d2 s DAVAO.. We look forward to seeing u again. Before I was able to attend 2 of ur Recollections & I was so inspired & touched by ur talks... More POWER!!! God Bless!!! Take care! (2009-12-18 15:41:39)
CHRIS: I attentively listened in the teachings on how to dealt with difficult person. How great what i felt after finishing what I listened to Bo. I hope I could dealt with difficult person using God's resources. And I also hope that every human in this world must realize on this. God bless brother Bo. (2009-09-25 21:00:18)
Rexie: I have a difficult person in my life right, bro ur right that i cant handle this on my own resource, I need him....your teaching really help me a lot (2009-08-13 13:09:25)
may: Thank you for this very timely reflection because right now I have some difficult people in my.Yes I have to thank God for giving me difficult people in my life for I believe that God loves me and He wants to mold me into a better person.Now I know how to explain to my kids how to handle difficult people in life and why God allows difficulties in our life.God bless you and more power to your ministry. (2009-04-25 16:29:52)
Ronald: it's very inspiring. there's alot of difficult person in our lives but have we come to think that were also in one way or the other become a difficult person to others ? we must change first before we point to other people.. God Bless Bro. Bo. (2009-02-21 16:57:54)
herman: Me and my wife always listen to your wonderful teachings that really inspired us so much. We hope that we could meet you personally. Thank you and we love you Bo. (2008-12-22 06:15:18)
RODERICK C. QUINTOS: YOu're indeed God's instrument in enlightening other perople's heart and mind. Thanks for being His strongest armor in helping us see and feel His loving presence... Alleluyah Kuya Bo.. (2008-09-16 10:43:30)
Cynthia: Perfect! Just in time as I am so much pushed to my limits today. Toxic subordinate in the office, insensitive parents who love to demand without realizing that life is really difficult (money wise). Thank you so much. (2008-07-18 20:22:03)
Stabilo250: My favorite part is when you asked people to rate the difficult persons and then rate themselves. That alone is "the step" and can even end there. But thanks for the whole sharing. Made me see the perspective you're coming from which made put things in context. If I didn't hear the last part about the resource, I would have missed the whole point. Thanks. (2008-07-13 01:36:19)
fritz fancubila: Thanks a lot for this wonderful talk about difficulties, me myself have a lot of difficulties wit regards to my friends, officemates, etc..but right now i kow GOD wants me to be mature enough. have a blessed day.. (2008-07-10 13:51:16)
marian: How great is our God (2008-05-24 11:40:48)
alma: Hi! I was currently dealing with a difficult person in my life that really affects me so much because of her unusual traits and this teachings of yours somehow enlightens me.Thank you and God Bless! (2008-04-30 00:53:17)
Emily: I was listening attentively to this audio only to be stopped midway. Tried another teaching and same thing happened. Kindly advice how am I able to have the full teachings. Please help. Thanks... (2008-04-18 21:03:58)
minnie: Maraming salamat po Bo!Ako'y nagagalak sa mga ehemplong naibigay mo...namulat ang aking isipan.Salamat sa Panginoon dahil akoy binigyan ng taong mahirap pakisamahan...The Lord will not give them to us if we cannot bear it. (2008-03-20 18:26:54)
arwin alcaraz: GREAT! Praise God! (2008-01-22 15:11:26)
mark magaan: "MERALCO ka lang, hindi k NAPOCOR"...we really need HIS power to help those so called difficult people..Galing ng pag explain mo BRO. BO (2008-01-20 16:16:57)
julius tigley perater: yes (2007-12-23 15:50:40)
Athena: Kaya pala nasa buhay ko sila... lalo na siya. That I may get closer to God. Now, I do not want that difficult person to ever leave me, until he's not difficult anymore. hehe...Ü In Jesus Name, AMEN! (2007-12-21 18:45:13)
medy obra: dear bro Bo, God bless you and your ministry to guide people. . . i pray for more blessing to come to your life. (2007-07-22 20:17:49)
Yilwe: Hi Bo I am yilwe from Nigeria, God have used you so mightily to bless me.I pray that He will continue to bless you and your ministry greatly. (2007-05-30 02:30:24)
yky: i always complain about the difficult officemates of mine. I always see their bad traits. then i realized, i don't like these people because i see myself (my bad traits) in them. Nakakahiya ako. (2007-04-26 13:22:17)
joy: thank u Lord for my difficult person!!!! (2007-04-11 11:28:18)
fr. lito ancla,cmf: hi bo! I'm Fr. Lito Ancla, cmf, A Claretian Missionary assigned in Vietnam. Thank you for this very insightful reflection regarding how to love difficult people. I used it in the homily during the feast of the Holy Family. It was a mass attended mostly by expatriates in Vietnam. Most are Filipinos. Loving those whom we consider difficult people is a grace that we need to build stronger family and to heal the woundedness of every family member. (2006-12-30 22:48:10)
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