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Healing the Amnesia of the Heart

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Marietta S. Martires: What do you mean about amnesia of the heart? (2012-10-09 17:51:23)
jenny: I was truly moved by this talk, didn’t realize that I’m battling an amnesia of the heart. Thank you for making me realize this, and how I will seek healing. Thank you sooo much for this talk! even though this was recorded years ago.. still in 2012, somebody is touched by this phenomena. God bless you Bro Bo! Thank you so much for your mission (2012-03-21 22:07:45)
Myra: All I can say Is Thank you Lord for Inspiring BO...So he continues to inspire us as well.... (2010-08-20 21:43:48)
Anne: Thanks Bo for your powerful talk I really felt so healed for your message. It made me inspired and enlightened my mind and heart for all my afflictions in life. God Bless You! (2010-05-18 16:14:32)
micah: thanks brother bo, I really needed this. (2008-05-23 10:31:11)
julius tigley perater: nice bo. (2008-01-21 06:33:49)
china: Realizing your mission in life is such a very fullfilling, nothing can ever compare in the happiness that the Spirit is giving me and I know the Holy Spirit opens my heart and heal my brokeness... (2008-01-20 19:58:56)
marian: I thank you God for giving us the Holy Spirit who has touched my broken heart and I know and believe will touch the heart of someone whom I know is broken as i listened to this talk. I thank God for giving Bo such gift from heaven that inspires alot who a broken spirit (2008-01-20 19:56:15)
ice: Thank you Holy Spirit for healing me. (2007-12-29 22:59:41)
JoMarch: I think my flash player has a problem. I already downloaded it. and yet I still can't listen to the Audio Teachings. (2007-11-08 17:44:15)
loy: yes healing will come... (2007-11-07 04:59:29)
nancy: i already listen to this talk many times and listening to this talk really inspires me. praise the Lord. (2007-09-16 00:15:21)
Fr. lito ancla,cmf: thanks f that inspiring message of our particular mission in life. Yes, God gave me a mission, that is, to proclaim the Gospel. I am thankful to God for entrusting to me this mission. (2007-01-26 14:53:15)
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