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Xavier: I need to inspire myself (2014-10-03 16:54:37)
AILEEN NACARIO: Thank you for inspiring us, for sharing the word of GOD, it changed totally my spiritual values as well as my vision in my financial aspects...GOD BLESS (2011-08-24 14:26:48)
Sanny: Bo Ang galing mo Mama MAry pls always pray Bo. Sanchez love you (2011-05-10 17:04:10)
helenjoy urbano: thanks,bro bo i learned alot from this audio, i learned how to face my FEARS in life.god will blessed u always! and i beleive that you r a god representative!continue doing this (bro) bo (2011-02-14 11:04:02)
sheila mae: it really inspires me....I've learned a lot.... it encourage me to face my fears and how to handle it...Thank You Bo... (2010-09-27 13:30:36)
Sharlyn Isaksen: Thank you very much Bro. Bo for your talk that make me realize my worth, gain back my courage to do something God wants me to do..thank you very much... (2010-09-06 19:48:32)
sheena: bo, thank u for this amazing talk and i thank God for you are a blessing to us. i just don't know how to start, kuya bro. thanks anyway... (2010-05-23 19:05:40)
Sr. Jocheveb T. Camilan: thank Bo for your inspiring message. I keep listening of very warm and encouraging words. More power and God Bless. (2009-08-15 17:09:41)
NSR: Thanks Bro. Bo once again. This (your) talk inspired me and encouraged me to do what God wanted me to do for HIS ministry. (2009-03-28 16:56:48)
carol sylvia S.Cruz: Thank you for this talk and I will apply your message "Do It Anyway" every time I experience fear . (2009-02-26 06:53:44)
iannifled1118: Thank you Bro. Bo for the inspiring words. It really touched me. It is just in the right time that I have this of failure, I have this fear to be rejected, and it feels like you've lost you're value when you disappoint other people. I really thank God for reminding me that He made me with intrinsic value and whatever happens, "I will do it anyway." God bless you and your family. God bless kerygma and more powers. =) (2009-01-04 05:42:45)
Ritz Mendoza: Thank you Kuya Bo! I really believe God gave you so much blessings because God wants you to change people's lives. Thank You so much for touching my life today. I listen to your audio teachings and my clouded day that's filled with fear was now filled with light. You make me feel better and really feel that God never really fail to love me. God bless you Kuya Bo! Keep on bringing people to God. (2008-06-04 10:08:12)
mary kathryn p. patao: thank you,!!!! ur very nice instrument dat GOD sed 2 us.... GOD BLESS YOU! (2008-04-18 17:30:34)
melanie: thank you bo for the encouragement by the grace of GOD I,ll do it anyway despite of failures & trials I encounter. GOD bless you. (2008-03-19 00:47:56)
melanie: thank you bo for the encouragement by the grace of GOD I,ll do it anyway despite of failures & trials I encounter. GOD bless you. (2008-03-19 00:47:24)
melanie: thank you bo for the encouragement by the grace of GOD I,ll do it anyway despite of failures & trials I encounter. GOD bless you. (2008-03-19 00:46:23)
melanie: thank you bo for the encouragement by the grace of GOD I,ll do it anyway despite of failures & trials I encounter. GOD bless you. (2008-03-19 00:45:22)
jhong: tnx bo for the nice courage u have given......GOD BLESS ALWAYS (2008-02-28 06:41:45)
Arvin: hi brother BO. ive been reading and listening to your teachings, thanks for the disscussing TRUE COURAGE.. . gODbLESS.. Primum Regnum Dei Arvin (2008-02-14 17:44:55)
rose: brod. BO.. ur really GOd's channel.. thank u so much for nourishing my soul.. now, no mter wat.. by GOd's.. i'l do it anyway! i cn do all things thru Him hu strengtens me.. GOD b praised! (2008-01-23 20:32:11)
FROILAN MILLANAR: Nice to hear the good news of our Lord...I used to attend Light of Jesus when I was in the Philippines. Hope Bro. Bo will see us soon in England. (2007-12-29 21:00:12)
julius tigley perater: thanks,bro bo. (2007-12-23 11:13:07)
Jun: In china, you do not see religion in any form. This is an atheist country but then again, people here can be so kind and helpful.Some of them I happen to meet, and I can say the Lord is working on them to make my stay here easier. Keryma has been my "anesthesia" lately. I always go to this site, again and again and agian, so that i wont wear my faith off. (2007-10-14 12:13:03)
lindsey gatdula: pwedo poh b turuan nyo ako kung pano ko ipapakilala si Jesus sa mga kabataan, gusto ko mag preach sa mga kabataan (2007-09-15 09:57:25)
cooky espero: thanks bo for this talk re facing our fears and doing whatever God asks as to do anyway. i have so many fears, esp re doing my master's thesis but I will do it anyway. thank you for your prayers. i am now confident that i can and will finish my thesis this semester! God bless. (2007-09-01 12:29:13)
tata barilea: thanks bo!!! to God be the glory!!! (2007-04-30 16:09:48)
fjangel: it really inspires me a lot the talk of like to "DO IT ANYWAY"...w/no FEARS...unfortunately,i wasn't able to see&listen n person preaching since,i went here n USA.that's why i just tried to listen his audio teachings now...thanx GOD!stil i could hear it...GODBLESS! (2007-04-01 03:27:03)
Fr. lito ancla,cmf: thank youfor showing Mary as our model of courage. Yes, the love of God is the source of our dignity, value, and thus courage. salamat. (2007-01-26 15:21:14)
nsr: i like this talkbecause it encourage metoface my fears (2007-01-02 21:57:33)
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