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June 2008

Why My Parent are Sometimes Correct.

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kwiny dawis: where can i buy kerygma magazine or didache in cebu? (2011-04-20 11:51:08)
Christine G. Nepomuceno: hi! i'm from Nazareth Development and Training Foundation. We are planning to put up a religious items and spiritual readings store here in Bacolod City. Where can we inquire as because we are interested to purchase from you, magazines, books etc as part of our inventory. Please advise. thank you. (2011-04-11 11:15:31)
jonnah: good day. im an avid reader of kerygma mag. i just want to ask, where can i possibly send contributed articles to the magazine? thank you! (2008-12-25 16:04:28)
Desiree Paler: My granny which is a nun handed me the kerygma magazines. When I started reading it I find it very interesting and wonderful so I started collecting all the kerygma mags. I became an avid reader! There were a lot of stories that touches my heart and I like reading especially when it is authored by Bo Sanchez, I really like the way he communicates to his readers.More power kerygma family! (2008-10-29 15:26:37)
susan: I want to have a copy of your Kerygma Magazine May & June issue. Where can I buy ? Thanks (2008-09-03 09:36:10)
sheng madrid: i really enjoy reading kerygma mag, not only for youth but its really a friendly mag... SAYANG nga lang i don't have a copies, pero thanks narin nakakbasa ako dito sa school kahit papano!! Sana magkaroon ako ng copy every month(hehe) yun nga walang pambili (2008-08-28 15:03:04)
che bacsal: Thanks to Kerygma mag I enjoy reading it!.Actually its intended for my sister's monthly subscription and fortunately, Im the one who's getting benifit from it.(and its another side of story).God Bless us all! (2008-08-20 16:32:40)
lill: Hi...i already subscribed, but i did not received my july issue of Kerygma.I just like to know why.. tnx... (2008-08-05 17:41:51)
herminia c mirandilla: your magazines gives as lessons and tips. keep it up and God bless you all (2008-08-01 08:53:18)
Queenie rose capalar: hi (2008-07-15 17:06:21)
jenice bacolor: lpease advice where can i buy kerygma magazine here in canada? thank you and God bless! (2008-07-13 11:09:46)
Margie Parolanan: God Bless! (2008-06-27 11:30:10)
Maris Fernandez: Glad I finally found you -----again, after almost six long years!!! (2008-06-27 08:06:06)
Rissa: Yes, Kergyma mag is available for subscription. You can call 7259999 or 4117874 to 77 to subscribe. K mag is for sale in all National Bookstores and Catholic bookstores nationwide. There should be some in NBS Davao, William. Jae, there should be copies in any NBS in Manila. If not, you can also call the numbers above. God bless you! (2008-06-27 03:05:17)
agnes: is kerygma magazine available for subscription?, if not, where can we buy, here in metro manila (2008-06-26 11:38:48)
William Batiancila: Where can i buy kerygma magazine here in davao city? (2008-06-22 13:28:33)
tin dela cruz: Where can i buy Kerygma magazine? (2008-05-29 18:11:18)
Jae Ledesma: Please advise where I can buy a copy of the magazine in Metro Manila. It's been available in Bacolod since last week. Thanks! (2008-05-26 12:00:27)
aris: i dropped by the site to check if there is any printable invites for the feast. i guess there's none. so i just read the mag. (2008-05-18 17:52:06)
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