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Bible Study for Catholics 07

How to Get God's Guidance

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Lenilyn: Dear Bro Bo. Thanks for this audio teaching its really help me, to lessen my worries, problems, doubts. To trust to God, that Jesus is with me no matter what I will trust to God, that everything is possible to him.Thanks God. I worked here abroad for about 4 years now, when i listening to this while im lying my bed using my headset my tear flow I miss jesus. Thank Bro Bo. someday I will help and donate for this program.Please pray for me that all my problem and worries will be solve with God. Thanks Bro Bo. really u are miracle to people.God bless you and more audio teaching.. (2011-02-13 02:43:40)
michael belaro: Thanks Bro. Bo, this talk is very much really hits the depth of my soul... I thank God for you coz He made you the channel of His Divine Messages...God bless!!! (2010-10-13 19:05:45)
myra: (2010-03-24 08:57:51)
Anna Donna: Bro. Bo I really like all of your preachings. I realized that we should trust God in everything we do. (2010-01-26 12:31:52)
Melvin Masmila: hi Bo, I just want to thank for God given you to us and I feel that God speaks to me with your empowering talks. I can nourish my spiritual life even though Im here in Riyadh, KSA knowing that this is a non-Christian country. I listens to your talks via online everyday for my daily dosage of words of encouragement in my life. thank your very and continue to be a blessing to others. God bless you more!-melvin - Riyadh, KSA (2009-07-16 18:26:33)
NSR: Bro. Bo, I know the reason why I am in the desert for a long time, that there came a time that I think I had waited long enough, that my perseverance had depleted . . . its because I don't have the heart that trust GOD completely. Thanks again, Bro. Bo. Hope to meet you in the near future. (2009-02-28 14:09:19)
iannifled1118: Thanks bro Bo. Tt's all trusting God. Trust God with all your heart. It's so inspiring. God bless =) (2009-01-05 04:51:22)
amie fernando: thank you bro bo for your teachings. all your teachings focus in all aspects of our life my only regret is that why only now i have commit myself to your ministry. and now i know the answer in all my trials and problems is to trust god more and love others more, i know this can be hard for me for i love my solitude and being with myself but with the guidance of god i will overcome all this. amen. god bless bro bo thank you (2008-06-27 11:40:12)
Jeremy Uy: thank you for being channel of Gods guidance (2008-01-31 07:19:04)
julius tigley perater: idol .i inspired (2007-12-20 21:05:56)
nancy: This is one of my favorite talk! super dooper favorite! I had the cassette tape 3 years ago pa but seriously listened to it just this year. worth listening. we all need guidance everyday =) (2007-06-16 23:40:18)
kathy: very enlightening!! this is what i needed to hear especially with the things going on in my life. TRUSTING GOD IS THE ANSWER. (2007-06-06 15:36:36)
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