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Apr 8, 2008

BO at the Kerygma Feast!

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albert s. de luna: thanks god for airing feast every sunday i always watch feast because its inspired my everyday life. i wish i can attend feast live next time even im from laguna (2012-04-06 19:10:20)
Ronald: Hi dear Bro. Bo, I am now so blessed as a member of the Kerygma Family. I can`t wait to listen or watch videos of The Feast. I`m hoping that one of these days The Feast will also happen here in Zamboanga City. It is One of God`s Dream for me and the christians here, I know... God Bless po. (2011-04-16 09:52:50)
Fritzie Gucela: My broken hearted friend invited me over to the Feast, and in my willingness to help her recover the pain she is feeling. I quickly say YES to a text message as a reply that I'm coming along with her not even knowing what the FEAST is all about. My full intention that very day is to accompany her. And I was just delighted when I hear Bro. Bo preaches, it's like that my soul reconnected in me. One of the beautiful lines I always want to hear is " See you Sunday"..and that's why every Sunday I'm at the Feast and trying to bring some friends. Thanks God, I'm now a born again Christian...You're amazing! More power Bro Bo and to everybody! (2011-04-03 22:44:26)
Maritess Simbre: Praise God for having someone like you on earth. Indeed you are salt and light of the earth. This website is a wonderful gift from God. It's very comforting to know that in times of need we can quickly connect to God through you and all the preachings and teachings that we can either read, listen or watch... likewise a live counsellor we can listen, talk and pray with God. Truly GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS LOVE. (2010-03-30 16:22:49)
ric almeda: Hi Bro. I find The Feast very interesting. You do not just tell stories of people of various times and places, but you always have words of encouragement, of how much we are loved by Jesus and it is not always late to change for the better.You inject the love of Jesus in the community in the Feast. More power to your mission! Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever. (2010-02-03 10:46:29)
mary ann narag: Dear bro. Bo, the first time you had your keyrgma feast in ILOILO i was there. back in 2003, 2004 i lesf phil. for singapore. after four years i am back home again. now i am asking my friends whether we still have keyrgma feast here in iloilo every 1st wed. of the month. but seems no one can give me the information. I love attending the feast because it nourishes my whole life. i have your book 8 secret of the truly rich. And those who have not read yet, I recomend it to you to get one. it will help you a lot to change your life. I love it and i am applying it with myself now. my bestfriend that now my husband love the book too. More power ot you bro. Bo and your family. God will bless us all everyday. (2009-05-27 09:51:18)
eleanor l. manguerra: bro. bo,still praying that i could contribute financially soon.keep on praying that we could attend the feast one of this day for were presently living here in tarlac.May JESUS be with us always!!!!! (2009-04-08 23:26:10)
lerjunfoe: thx bro. bo i learn a lot with you i see the grace of the lord and the blessing with you .. you like a mirror of me (2009-03-17 11:02:34)
jonah ezekiel lipnica: nung first time kong naka attend sa feast akala ko parang pareho lang ng tulad ng ibang catholic mass, pero hindi. very empowering ang pa preach ni Bro. Bo at may mga komenya pang kasama. alam nyo im suffering from bipolar at parati na kong nawawalan ng pagasa sa mundo at parang gusto ko nang wakasan ang buhay ko, dahil parating may mga gumugulong bagay sa aking isipan.pero salamat at nayaya ako ng teacher ko at siya ang nag encourage saking pumunta sa feast last eninjoy ko ang bawat sandali na pakikinig ng salita ng diyos. sana po ipagpatuloy nyo pa ang pagkalat ng magagandang gawi at salita ng Diyos. (2009-01-21 14:59:09)
maredith lyn: i'm a new member of KFAM, i've known this thru a friend..everytime I read Bro. Bo's articles/stories, I never failed to cry. I was always touched by his preachings. And now, hearing him made me cry even more. Thank you so much! (2008-10-31 09:41:19)
jade: hi judd. I'm also from Singapore. Let's meet and start a prayer/study group here.. If other groups can do it, so can we! call/sms me at 98990044 (2008-10-11 01:40:09)
euls: Short but very sweet... Thank you. (2008-08-27 18:07:07)
Judd Tecson: Dear Bo, Do you have any plans to come here in Singapore? Really miss attending our church therec. Hope we can have a local Feast here. Your friend in singapore, Judd God Bless! (2008-08-20 14:58:49)
Judd Tecson: Dear Bo, Do you have any plans to come here in Singapore? Really miss attending our church therec. Hope we can have a local Feast here. Your friend in singapore, Judd God Bless! (2008-08-20 14:58:16)
Lucel: am so happy to hear that feast every sunday will be seen here....i really miss attending feast. thanks for all the inspiring words you share to us bro. bo..keep it up!!may god bless more... (2008-07-26 18:36:21)
vangie a. santos: Dear Bro. Bo, you always inspire us with your make life less complicated, a whole lot bearable and happier...your words nourishes me and makes me continue with my journey. May God give you more spiritual strength which you always share with us...many thanks to you. God bless you, your family and us too - your kerygma family... (2008-07-06 13:19:44)
Irene: ur such an inspiration to everybody...heep up the good work..may God always guide you, bless you so u cn continue blessing us as well....I thank God that I'am able to meet you... (2008-06-18 19:25:28)
milagros hipol: God bless you and all your endeavors in proclaiming the kingdom. I feel very inspired in every message you give everyday. I thank God every time you pray for your viewers including myself.Im really blessed and i share it with others. Thank you and god bless you and your family and in everything you do. nk (2008-04-26 04:20:02)
Dan Yaneza: KFam thank you for helping me, for a real life changing encounter! now I know I'm on the right track.. Godbless, (2008-04-09 16:47:51)
virgilio f nunez: I like the match analogy to show the connection to young people between the mass and their lives--namely God's love. This applies to everyone, including priests, too!!! (2008-04-08 23:16:34)
grace ann lacsi sunga: forgot to say thank you for sending me free books, kfam letters and everything more. My kids anna, andre and anjo were also blessed by merely listening to your stories and by reading fish and mustard your truly a blessing. THANK YOU. (2008-04-08 20:44:42)
grace ann lacsi sunga: so blessed with your teachings. My husband is not a catholic but he is blessed with your teachings also. You changed our lives. We almost part ways. The Novena to Gods Love Prayer Booklet blessed me a lot. Just wanted to thank you I know how busy you are but if you have time please include us in your prayers. May God continually Bless You so you could Bless others too. Ive been part of the K-Fam but im not so good in computers I cant enter my email add, but its okey. More of Gods Blessing for the Light of Jesus Community, to you and your families health God Bless Always. (2008-04-08 20:37:19)
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