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Jan. 11, 2008

On his way back to Manila, Bo brings you a "PASALUBONG" of God's love. Be blessed by this episode.

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julius tigley perater: nice bo (2008-01-15 21:09:45)
leoshan: tnx for visiting Davao Bo! balik2x mu diri :) and may everyone who watched this bring their best pasalubong to Jesus :) (2008-01-14 14:15:43)
salma theresa g.quijano: Hello Bo. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how BLESSED i am listening to you and reading your books as well. Continue to SHINE for GODs glory here on earth I'm pretty sure HE will be glad to have your pasalubong in heaven. You are always included in my prayers. (2008-01-13 10:27:07)
Odjie: Hi Bro. Bo! As a million people may have said this to you a million times, thanks for your true love of God and true obedience to His call! Preacher in Blue Jeans is becoming a very powerful tool against the many darkness that abounds so vastly among websites in the internet. It has even become part of the prayerlives of many who visit this site, especially among Filipinos abroad. I do have one request brother. If you could feature an episode about the Gawad Kalinga, and maybe interview Bro Tony Meloto, it would really create the much needed awareness among the many Filipinos living all over the world, as well as stir up a massive act of "bayanihan" we definitely need to reach out to the poor. I believe the phenomenal work that GK does in the Philippines is the "mustard seed" of hope left for our country... an intricately small seed that will someday grow into the biggest and tallest tree of life! I'm part of the growing Light of Jesus Community based here in West Covina, CA, and I am happy to report to you that the Light of Jesus continues to spread one parish at a time, one family at a time! We currently hold our weekly "feast" in our residence, as we await a bigger venue in any of the parishes, and we are nourished by your amazing feast talks on DVD's. We all continue to pray for you and the LOJ elders, that you may continue to have the strength, the courage and the much needed FAITH and LOVE for all of you to bring forth the Love of Christ to all the "ends of the earth". May this small note (or long message I suppose, hehehe) of encouragement reach your heart, make you and the PIBJ staff smile, and feel my most sincere "tap" on your shoulders, as I end this with "GOOD WORK!". I know Jesus is doing so as you read this. May God bless you always! Let's keep praying for one another! - Odjie Gregorio PS . LOJ_LA yahoo group has sent you Bro Bo an invite, so that you would see for yourself how each members of the LOJ in LA and West Covina are growing. If you have not received the invite yet, pls email us your email add to . Hope you could join us when you have the time. (2008-01-11 22:13:10)
julius tigley perater: yes bo.god bless (2008-01-11 21:57:54)
Logirie Dumandan: Bo its nice to have you here in Davao. Actually i was just right in your outermost praying for everyone. Be blessed is the canto term for pray as Jesus is praying to the Father. Im a catholic defender, young and vegar, 22yrs old, i cant be at the light of Jesus cause the people there are most of famous and rich, but im just someone langoonst. The people there cant be reached according to my friend a former member of light of Jesus. Tell me what to do and i will speak in front of PWC Light Of Jesus (#797 Datu Bago Street Bankerohan Davao City 09103415691)...I want to speak infront of the Light Of Jesus community (A.K.A family) not to burst my langoonstic knowledge but to speak with a lot of collage words that are rare in nature like you. Help me I want to be a member of Light of Jesus. Be thy Lord! (2008-01-11 19:17:20)
Mye: Thank you! It is very refreshing. It is a soul enriching message!!! (2008-01-11 12:57:45)
pibj team: Bo is giving a series of retreats on March-beginning March 15 to 20. Please call Beckie of Beacon Light at 7229562 for more details (2008-01-11 11:44:42)
pinkie: Not only are our souls nourished everyday, the videos are very appealing and entertaining, as well. (2008-01-11 07:43:51)
atet de leon: pls inform of your schedule of retreats for this year. tnx. (2008-01-09 20:02:02)
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