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Dec. 13, 2006

Laugh Your Problems Away - Botoks in Ormoc

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MArvin: super blessed (2008-04-04 18:03:49)
Ryan: Hi! bo thank you f visiting Ormoc I was so blessed with your words, it changed my life. unfortunately I was not able to join the dinner party at the hotel because It was raining, I hope we could see each other. (2007-12-18 23:45:12)
RP: Thank's Bo, I thank the Lord for creating people like you in this world. I pray that you will have more and more blessings to come. tGod Bless you and your family. (2007-02-01 21:40:08)
FRY: God bless you always! (2006-12-13 19:31:04)
maxx: Bo,eventhough you dont know me,but i consider you as my let my eyes opened to the reality of help me in realizing how good is God our made me fall in love with GOD everydeay......... (2006-12-13 19:04:59)
maxx: so inspired by you......i thank God for sending an angel like you to've inspired a lot of put a big SMILE on GOD's face...... (2006-12-13 19:01:44)
leigh: i really love ur program...more power 2 u n kip on spreading d word of god. God Bless You! (2006-12-13 16:19:38)
leoshan: exacto!;) the title of today's episode "laugh your problems away" is just so timing with what we're going through in our company... God is really here with me, He speaks through this site, and I feel blessed...;p Now i'll just laugh my probs away! (tawanan mu ang iyong problema- Freddie A.hahahha)thanks to you kuya bo and to your staff who don't get tired of giving us wonderful messages from the Lord! God bless y'all!!! (2006-12-13 16:07:28)
anonymous: im so afraid (2006-12-13 13:20:41)
Baby Chen: Hi! bo, Thanx for the daily prayer you've made for all of us. I saw your son was so sweet to you. nice family, friends, and u are great. God bless!(",) (2006-12-13 12:52:19)
dehay: God bless us all! thanks Bro Bo! (2006-12-13 11:04:07)
angging: Botoks in Cpu was great! I hope the one in Ormoc was fun's good to see Bro. Alvin in that costume! God Bless you Brother Bo! (2006-12-13 08:38:25)
agatha: "VIVOS EN CRISTO"!!! Alive in Christ.. This is exactly what i feel after the show inspite of my struggles.. Thanks a lot! I pray for more blessings to all!!! God Bless.. (2006-12-13 08:06:01)
bro marvz: God is good! indeed bro, following Gods will and taking it's yoke is much easier than the consequences if sin (2006-12-13 07:38:28)
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