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Dec. 25, 2007

Be very blessed with todays episode. Merry Christmas!

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julius tigley perater: mery christmas (2007-12-29 18:02:15)
Lleanette: Watching this epsiode touches my heart so much! Looking at the old people, I can only pray and thank God for the person that you are. What a blessing Anawim is! And you are indeed God's blessing not only to the old people but to the world. God bless you and your family more and more. Lleanette (2007-12-28 04:54:28)
julius tigley perater: nice bo.idol (2007-12-26 21:01:42)
zabrina Peregrina: hey bro bo!!!!! I would like to say thank you to you because you changed me you know one time came that I saw a light behind maybe god is reaching you to tell "your my son bo!!! Extend every word taht I will tell you so you can bless the people who relly needs me.!!! " and tahts what I heard from him. I dont know why my heart and mind speaks like that.. Maybe the holy spirit lead me thare to know that im in the right pathway. And im glad that I bacanme part of this community. thank god I found you!!!! may the lord god bless you and your family. Bo Im glad to say that 5 out of 7 wishes to the novena to gods love was granted by him and im very thankful because I have a lot of miracles to say when i became part of your community but this is not enough its just the start ther's a whole lot more. again thank you and god bless. you know your parents and your siblings are very blessed because their are blessed to have a brother who preached god's words that changed every single day of our life.... (2007-12-26 15:38:14)
becky hannah: peace, bro.Bo! your segment today on Anawin touched and humbled me as it gave more substance on what you were preaching about GOD WITH US not only today, our Lord 's birthday but through all our life time just as He made it all possible from the conception of your dream of Anawin to what it is today. Thank God for His being our God making possible this tremendous effort to care for the abandoned of society. His miracle is made manifest everyday and I join you all in glorifying Him as He continue to bestow His blessings and mercy on us all!!God bless you and the whole ministry. Maligayang Pasko! (2007-12-26 13:27:26)
armand: HAPPY HOLIDAYS BRO. BO! You are trul an inspiration for all of us who are struggling to grow in faith. I started going to ANAWIM several months when i started on my spiritual journey. As you know, the road going in is really bad and the undercarriage of my car got pretty banged up (ouch!). But you know what? when i got there and saw all those poor elderly and had a long chat with tita neneng, i felt so fortunate and forgot all about the trials that i am now undergoing. I felt such profound peace, one that i have never felt before. Since then, ANAWIM has become a sort of sanctuary for me, a place to rest my troubled soul. I go there at least once a month to bring my love offering and attend the Friday morning mass. Thank you Bro. Bo, thank you Lord, for leading me to ANAWIM. (2007-12-26 12:34:39)
hunch of cebu: God bless you, bro. bo for ANAWIM...your passion is really extraordinary! A BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! (2007-12-26 00:10:03)
Jackie Lou Marcial: Wow. I always hear about ANAWIM during your talks, Bro. Bo. Now, I have seen it already. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. Bro. Bo, you are truly GOD'S INSTRUMENT. You have helped a lot of people in the best way you could. It has truly been a HOME for them. SUCH A WORTHY CAUSE! May GOD bless you ABUNDANTLY, Bro. Bo. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (2007-12-25 18:29:04)
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