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Dec. 11, 2007

2nd Part of the 2nd talk of Bo Sanchez "When God Is Sleeping In The Storm" at the recently concluded Kerygma Conference 2007. Be very blesed!

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Zoraida: I love the words of Brother Bo. I know you are one of God's instruments in my life to fulfill HIS plans into my life. Thank you! (2012-09-15 11:27:16)
tracy: May I invite everyone to attend the traditional Latin Mass. It once the Mass of the entire Christendom until Vatican 2 in 1969 which became the agent of Protestant practices. Actually Our Lady has foretold the eclipse of the Holy Mother Church, Our Roman Catholic and Apostolic heritage. Many saints also predicted about the silent apostasy happening in the Church. Padre Pio urges his devotees to attend only the traditional Latin Mass, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict attended it and celebrated it even if there is the VAtican 2 Mass which most Catholics are attending now. Because of the sins of men many things becames lax like the communion by hand, abortion, lay ministers, altar girls etc which mostly were heretical practices. If you will permit me let me share to you some directory where you can attend the Latin Mass:, among others. Padre Pio infact never exchange his traditional Latin Mass for this New Mass and now Pope Benedict by his MotoPropio encourage every one to revisit their Christian and Roman heritage despite the disapproval of Bishops which mostly are a hidden satanist. Whoever are against it and refuse to attend the Holy Mass which is nonetheless the traditional Latin Mass of time immemorial are some of the qualities of the anti-Christ prophesied by the bible as St.Alphonsus Maria Ligouri asserts. Know more about your faith and the changes the modernist Church is little by little clouds the doctrine of Salvation. Bishop Salvador Lazo of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines is among the bishops who fought to maintain the Latin Mass in parishes but to no avail because of the sinfulness of men. Fr.Santiago Hughes of the Diocese of Antipolo return in celebrating the traditional Latin Mass but censured by his bishop, who later became a confessed sex addict. Check the CBCP about this. Our Lady of GOOD Success has foretold this longtime ago. .. READ.READ.READ so you will not be lost in your Christian Faith. In your Catholic FAIth. IF you wont mind please visit THANK you to everybody and GOD BLESS. Glory to the BLOOD of JESUS, now and forever. (2008-11-20 03:34:38)
julius tigley perater: back to cebu idol.nice ur talk. (2007-12-23 16:01:21)
marlie: thank you for reminding me that storm is temporary . I failed my exam yesterday and i cried so much bcoz ive spent large money for this exam and put effort to it but still i failed . thank you BO im looking forward for the feast every sunday .... i hope i could pass my exam soon so i can go home to pinas .. (2007-12-23 01:40:08)
tet fernandez: Thank you for enlightening me today and for reminding me that all problems are temporary.God bless! (2007-12-21 18:18:07)
Boyet TaƱedo: I was very inspired and awakend by your talk. thank you Bro. Bo for helping us to what we suppose to see. God bless you always. (2007-12-18 16:58:10)
irene ray carino: thank u brother bo for being an inspiration for us all..god bless us all kerygma family!! (2007-12-16 13:37:45)
Erika: Bro Bo! continue what God wants you to be! HE is proud of YOU!! GodBless u and i hope to meet u soon:) (2007-12-15 11:04:14)
julius tigley perater:,idol taka god bless (2007-12-14 21:47:37)
malyn: your words pierces through my heart... i cried and am thankful for the gift of good bye... looking forward to new friends... God bless! (2007-12-12 17:44:05)
anne: bro bo you bless us so much....we are attending the feast evry sunday......,,we'l do pray for you also....sana hhindi dumating ung araw na you will involve into any oder negative issues of money like d other did...tnx (2007-12-12 14:30:47)
armand: Hi Bro. Bo! you never cease to amaze me. you can't imagine how you have helped me persevere as i go through the storm currently raging in my life. Thank you! I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your laptop's hard disk. It happened to me a lot of times. What i did was to have my hard drive partitioned - drive C: for all software programs/applications and drive D: for all my work files. That way, when your hard drive crashes, you can still retrieve your work files. 1) Just open your computer with a bootable CD and you can access your workfiles from drive D: then back it up in a CD-R or an external hard drive 2) have the hard drive reformatted and install a new operating system then put back all the work files you've backed up. The whole process takes less than 30 mins. God Bless! (2007-12-11 15:16:52)
jewel: Thank you for that wonderful talk! You have inspired me to always think of the sun shining after the storm. I wish that my being broken is God's way of making me grow into a better person eventhough it means being away fronn the ones that i love. May you continue to bless and enlighten other people with your talks and preachings. Godbless you all! :) (2007-12-11 12:20:51)
simplyinday: I love listening it give more informative and enlightens me God bless (2007-12-11 10:17:08)
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