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Dec. 07, 2007

Excerpts from the Kerygma Conference, listen to Joey Velasco, back to back with the performance of Nyoy Volante. Be very blessed!

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Abiel Cedric Punzal: Bro. Arun Gogna is one of my favorite preachers because of his crazy hilarious jokes. But in his jokes, it relates to the talks that inspire every congregation of God. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your life. (2008-09-19 19:04:19)
Gen Gatdula: more power..keep on giving us inspiration to our everyday are one of a kind.. you are God's gift to us. (2007-12-20 23:49:31)
julius tigley perater: im very.very inspired,,im single for christ..thanks a lot God bless. (2007-12-14 04:21:32)
Joerie G. Soriano: Hi Bro. Bo, Im so happy that I was there in the Kerygma Conference I attended for three days and I didnt reget every single minute of it.It helped me to see Jesus in other people & in every sittuation we are into, either good or bad. You know Bo, I can say that God has really blessed me. Inspite the fact that I was diagnosed to have mild C.P. (cerebral palsy) when I was little but that didnt hinder me to have a dream & w/ God's help I was able to surpass my hurdles with flying colors. I graduated college,have a loving husband & 4 kids although life is not a bed of roses I thank the Lord for all this.Now I'm more thankfuI for what I have.I pray God's Personally THANK YOU BO for giving importance to us people with disablity or the Physically challenged like Mr. Joey Velasco today's Da Vincci.He inspires us to go seek our destiny & expand our bounderies beause as you said " Dont be afraid of the storm because amids the storm there is calmness we have the power our power is the Lord,and to expand our horrizon our bounderies because we can never go hungry as long as we live w/Go's word & not by bread alone and we are planted near the river ( God ) so there is no drought. Before I end,Thanks again for being a good example to all the husbands in the world.You & the K Preachers have so much love & respect for your wives.So after the conference my husband's affection towards me doubled! When the husbands were asked "are you willing to die for your wife"?( from pride, & other ill feelings) then he yelled a big yes!..I suddenly found my self holding back my tears....out of happiness. P.S. Since I got married Ive been reading some of your books 7 years ago.from then on I keep asking my self "When can I see this guy face to face? betya i can learn much more & wish to had a good chat with him''- it happened not just once but twice When me& My husband attend your How to be Rich seminar & the kerygma Conf.When I was asking for your authograph the 2nd time you smile & greeted me with a smile!! a real true friend. thanks. (2007-12-07 16:21:30)
Mrs. Rivera: Thank you so much for sharing this to us. It brings so much joy and wisdom. God bless! (2007-12-07 14:15:28)
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