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Nov. 29, 2007

2nd part of Bishop Bacani's homily. Be blessed!

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ms marlyn flores: Im nourished, empowered and bless with thise conference 2007."We live not by ourselves but Christ live in us".God bless u all.see u next november 28-30,2008 spread the fire "Awaken the Miracle in YOU" Kerygma Conference 2008.More power.God Bless....Let r light shine and show to the world. Jesus loves us. (2008-06-21 12:21:27)
elms: Very inspiring po ang homily ni Bishop Bacani especially when he spoke about forgiveness and faith in God. Hopefully, next conference I can attend. (2007-12-05 06:43:27)
chelle: the healing Mass with Father Joey is a great eye opener for me...minsan kapag my problema we tend to ask questions to Him na bakit tayo dumadaan sa ganoong pagsubok.Sometimes we felt that it is the end of the world...Upon seeing those brethen of ours infront of Fr. Joey, asking for healing, I felt stupid for myself (for being a selfish jerk).akala ko pasan ko na ang daigdig sa dami ng problema ko...hnd ko lang alam na may mga kapatid pa pala ako na mas may mbigat na suliranin na pinagdadaana kesa sa akin.Sana we've learned our lessons from the experience and teachings we had during the conference. To the people behind the conference....KUDOS... for the job well done!!!! (2007-12-05 00:03:34)
Ef London: Praise God for your great words Bishop Bacani may it not return to God empty but be shared to others and live in our hearts. God bless! Ef (2007-12-03 06:34:45)
arleen: God bless u all !The BEST... I't helps a lot to lessen d burden,fear,hatred and so's in the Country of STRESS!! How i wish,i can join in the kerygma conference someday if god's will! Wish u ol the luck! MABUHAY "Bishop BACANI'..SALAMAT! (2007-11-30 11:58:53)
Almira P. Mollanida: Forgivensess is really important in a Christiaan life. What Bishop Bacani mentioned to his homily was truly indeed. Practice forgiveness not only in words but also with good deeds. Laziness and Fear are of the weaknesses of a human person . Let's struggle to overcome it by the help of the Holy Spirit. It's a combination of sincere prayer, and conviction. (2007-11-30 02:24:32)
sheena: thank you again!!! we have the be a blessing to the world! (2007-11-30 00:10:49)
JOY BUGARIN: Peace to all, and thanks for all the responsible of this Feast.I aplause Bishop Bacani for his charming homily.I really have touch by his words.I'm so happy that I have seen him again through your Preacher in bluejeans.Thanks Bishop Bacani and more power to you and to what you do.greetings from Joy from Belgium. (2007-11-29 19:17:56)
agnes linezo: ang sarap nmn pong makinig nawa'y next year andyan npo kmi god bless you all....... (2007-11-29 12:20:17)
cezkyut: Praise God. Very good hmily from Bishop Bacani. I myself are guilty of laziness and fear sometimes. God is good he allowed me to be in the Feast and be blessed and it was a wake up call from God. Thanks to the organizers of the conference and God continue to inspire you to become a blessing to other people! (2007-11-29 11:22:30)
carlos g. nodalo: wow,, sana makapunta ako nextyear sa feast (2007-11-29 11:10:18)
edel: Very good points po. I agree. (2007-11-29 09:35:40)
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