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Nov. 19, 2007

Kerygma TV on ABC 5, Sunday's at 10.30am! Replays on Tuesday's at 4.30pm! Be very blessed!

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nenen: Hi Bo, It's hilarious to see you telling & confirming your toilet sponge story w/c you told in your book/ You could be a stand-up comedian heh?Bless you (2008-01-19 23:20:39)
ace: hi! sana maibalik ang tuesday nights kerygma tv. god bless (2008-01-02 06:55:25)
julius tigley perater: thanks (2007-12-23 15:03:11)
yan: good morning bro.. its really a good habit to start my day with this site,, i feel full and alive again..God bless (2007-11-28 07:16:18)
ROLAN E. CATAYAS: i really appreciate the effort of having this program for the christian people keep up the good work and may god bless us. Thank you brother bo for fullfilling god's will. (2007-11-23 13:26:51)
fr. tony s. limchaypo,oar: thank you very much bo for all the inspiration. your talks are added material to our homilies. (2007-11-21 11:23:39)
scm: very touching and inspiring talk. Its really true that being a servant of god we must be of service for others. let us all pray for the grace of conversion for all sinners. we all hav to pray and help one another financially and spiritually. God bless u all kerygmafamily... (2007-11-20 20:15:35)
jinn_texas: very inspiring...thank u so much, bro bo! God bless always! (2007-11-20 12:05:36)
Laurice Marie: Bo and other K Preachers, never fail to inspire me...trully we have a Great, Loving and Generous God. For all of these, may God be Praised! (2007-11-20 02:36:29)
Ric Cabrera: hello bro., i found now what im looking for... im a lost son of our heavenly father. i wish i could be with my family again and spend out time with you with our kid Mico. I have hurted them and im very sorry for them. Wish they can forgive me...and be a family again. God bless all fathers and mothers to have a God loving family. Thanking the Lord for you so much... (2007-11-19 21:59:29)
George: Praise God, He continuously using you as an inspiring instrument to human kind! Thank you for reminding us how God can change things in a snap of His Mighty Hand, and that change is surely for our own benefit. More power and God bless! (2007-11-19 16:44:06)
dina valmoria: i heard bro was in indonesia.upon hearing the mssage episode of the day,i remember a friend showing me episodes in youtube entitled "massacre in indonesia or posso". my heart was crust,upon watching the video.i couldnt believe that these things happened there in indonesia.why? does people knows the word love? its scary to what happened to the world.upon seeing the video,i pray fr my heart.and pls pray too for them. (2007-11-19 15:53:38)
jen: I really admire the way you give your talk bro bo. This episode is really great! I can "relate" with the your statements. :-) I am really learning a lot from you and I really feel blessed everytime I listen to you. Thanks bro bo for sharing your time and talent. Praying for you and your community. God bless! (2007-11-19 14:45:02)
cecille stein: very wonerful and inspiring talk!!!! (2007-11-19 11:05:09)
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