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Nov.1, 2007

Happy Anniversary! Today, marks the first year of Preacher in Blue Jeans' in blessing and nourishing souls everyday! Be very very blessed and continue supporting

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kai: happy anniversary!!! best website indeed!!! (2007-11-16 23:51:58)
Vin: Happy Anniversary PIBJ! yeaahhh, a well-deserved cmma award indeed! more power to pibj and please don't stop nourishing our souls. thank you, thank you, thank you. i have a complete compilation of your daily shows here, download it and save it on cd's and i gave it as a gift to my relatives & friends pra souls nila ma-nourished din hehe. again, congrats, thanks & Gob bless us all. (2007-11-05 22:40:27)
Espie San Diego: congrats! more power to you bo and the staff! God bless you always! (2007-11-03 17:26:05)
pete lapid: CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st anniversary and CONGRATULATIONS for the well-deserved CMMA awards. Keep on blessing all people! GOD bless abundantly according to His riches and glory! (2007-11-03 12:14:19)
jinn_texas: happy 1st anniversary PIBJ! thank you so mcu for bringing us closer and closer to God! i pray to become a part of your ministry soon. God bless always and more power! (2007-11-03 02:29:28)
Aure R.: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PIBJ!!! More BLEssings and Success to you Bro Bo and to your dedicated team. i am so inspired and blessed by your daily talks thru this program. HAPPY 1year old to PIBJ GOD BLESS ALWAYS (2007-11-02 19:08:59)
masa masa: Happy anniversary from Japan ! I can't miss PIBJ everyday. It's my daily necessity although I'm not a Christian. God bless ! (2007-11-02 16:54:42)
Con: Happy Anniversary PIBJ! Thank you for inspiring and nourishing people in every part of the world through God's words. Thanks and God Bless all the people who are making this possible. (2007-11-01 23:06:35)
mikel: Happy anniversary Preachers in Blue Jeans! Congratulation Bro. Bo and to all the staff! Keep up the good work! God continue bless your mission to spread the Gods love! Thank you Jesus for these people!! (2007-11-01 20:31:59)
leogirl: Happy 1st year Anniversary of Preacherinbluejeans. CONGRATULATIONS! To all the staff of Kerygmafamily. Keep up the good work of sharing God's word for me and for everyone. Thank you so much for having this kind of show. Bro. bo, thanks to u. You're 1 of a kind! God Bless you. Your family, the staff, me, and everyone. For those watching this show. (2007-11-01 19:04:46)
jabel: It's a great pleasure to be a part of the Kerygma Family and Preacher in Blue Jeans.Happy happy anniversary!Congratulations Bro Bo! I pray that God continue to bless you and your family. Thanks! (2007-11-01 17:45:59)
ed: CONGRATULATION TO PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS on your FIRST ANNIVERSARY. Happy happy anniversary to PIBJ and may your tribe increase. GOD BLESS U ALL. (2007-11-01 17:32:21)
lazaro "saint" Gutierrez: Happy 1st year anniversary PIBJ! Congratulations! God bless u all! (2007-11-01 15:45:56)
Des: Happy 1st Anniversary Bro Bo! Its been a great year and an awesome blessing to everyone specially to me to be a part of this family. More power and God bless you more!!! (2007-11-01 15:35:53)
Cindy delos Santos: Hi Bro. Bo, Congratulations on your award. You truly truly deserve it. You are a blessing and an inspiration to us and your multitude followers. Happy 1st Anniversary to Preacher in Blue Jeans! I always share your video to my friends here and abroad. May God continue to shower you with His blessings, strength and wisdom as you continue to propagate God's love in the many many many more years to come. I, in my small way, will continue to support Preacher in Blue Jeans. (2007-11-01 11:33:20)
Em: HAPPY & BLESSED FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS! CONGRATULATIONS to Bo, staff, and viewers of this great and terrific instrument of God. We at LOJC LA and NOW LOJC West Covina, pray that this website will continue to grow in anointing, effectiveness, reach, and provision of all its needs to stay on-line. Thank you Bo and staff for bringing the Lord to us and nourishing our souls daily in a very creative way. May He return this blessing to you a thousand-fold. Amen! (2007-11-01 11:08:20)
tita: happy anniversary preacherinbluejeans. the greatest thing that i got from this show is a smile on my face (i can't help it!) and joy in my heart, joy so pure i can't help the tears to fall, just watching and listening. thank you so much. thank you for the prayer of blessing. God bless you Bo and the other preachers and all that helps to put up this show. I am retired from work but do some part time jobs. I would like to pledge 10% of my earnings starting this month. I want to support your ministry. I know the Lord will supply all the needs - good health, income opportunities. (2007-11-01 10:01:26)
Edna Manalili: Happy Anniversary and Congratulations...i've been blessed with your powerful talks since you've visited New Zealand 2 years ago and now that were here in Australia i hope that you can include this place hopefullyy for your next year tour. Keep it family will always pray and support you. May GOD be Praise. (2007-11-01 09:48:48)
Jheet Reyes: Hello to, Happy 1st Anniversary! It was a wonderful year of nourishing our souls, my soul. I've been part of these webcast since this started and I don't know what words to describe on how you have helped me a lot on changing my life, it was really not only 360 degrees turn, but I guess it's more than that. Keep up the good work! GOD BLESS! (2007-11-01 07:31:08)
rena: happy anniversary and congratulation for winning the best website. you truly deserved it. more power to you. and many more anniversaries to come. God bless. (2007-11-01 07:25:50)
Randy Turiano: I salute PBJ for that fruitful year and extraordinarily blessing and nourishing souls that reaches even in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. I thank God for bringing you to us and for leading us back to His kingdom. Congratulations! (2007-11-01 04:29:41)
emily: congratulations bro. bo and PIBJ, Happy anniversary!!! I'm so blessed to be a part of kerygma family. Thank you for bringing Jesus into my life everyday. God bless. (2007-11-01 04:28:04)
Vee: Congratulations Bo and PIBJ staff! Happy 1st anniversary! Thank you for nourishing our souls everyday :-) GOD bless. (2007-11-01 02:53:29)
sybz: congratulations to preacher in blue jeans.i'm so glad to have been a part of it from the start, watching every episode. more power to u pbj! I hope Bro. Bo that your prayers and wishes for it will come true. God bless u all. (2007-11-01 02:19:10)
joy: Happy Happy anniversary! Congratulations to you Bo and to your staff! Keep up the good work! (2007-11-01 00:40:26)
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