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Dec. 9, 2006

The Need for Divine Presence, teaching at the Kerygma Feast

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Pharmd701: Hello! gceekdb interesting gceekdb site! I'm really like it! Very, very gceekdb good! (2012-12-28 17:02:41)
Andres: Joshua Cehulik is from the Temple Baptist Church of Powell, TN; and he did a wonderful job in our scviree. If you missed it the scviree, you can go to our media blog and select the December 15th scviree or click on this link December 15th Service. (2012-10-17 03:57:53)
domingo b. Aquino: hi bro. i am ome of your huge fan thank you for all the wisdom thay you share for us and also for giving us a inspiration more power and i wish that I will meet you in personal (2012-05-19 09:19:38)
Maria Rosario Alovera: As I listen to your daily gabay series I am so inspired by your talks that it seems my mornings will not be complete If I miss it. I really appreciate the effort of Riza,George,Randy and Bro. Eng Sy they are instruments of God to let the people know how much love God's them so much. Listening to you Bro. Bo and your companions really touch my heart everyday and I try to impart them to my co-employees. Bro. Bo I am experiencing Financial Distress right now but with God's grace I will be financially blessed and debt free. I believe that with Bro. Bo's intercession and my faith God will bless my life and all it's areas. In Christ, Rose (2008-09-06 12:18:48)
julius tigley perater: yes.b0 (2007-12-29 05:30:39)
connie emborong: Peace, in Jesus name! Hi Bo, im glad we got in touch again. It's been a long time that I haven't heard about you. ( I'm now leaving in a town somewhere in Mindanao where I seldom find a copy of any of your reading materials ) The last time I got in touch with you was when I was still in college because my aunt was used to secure a copy of the Kerygma mag. And now, I'm already married with one lovely daughter. I'm happy that your plan to evangelize on t.v. ( i read the announcement of that plan in one of the copies of Kerygma mag several years ago when i was still a college student) was now realized. I pray that it will prosper till the end. I'm so glad I happened to watch the KerygmaTv because through it, I was guided on how to trace your way. Thanks God my internet connection will now become more useful and fruitful to me and to my family for it will help us nourish our souls through your site...Thanks brother Bo...God bless you always... (2007-10-04 23:23:22)
mae: hi am a member of sfc but am no longer active ryt nw mybe coz of things that hinders me from going back...but everytime i hear religious songs and get the chance to hear from u it gives me hope dat someday ill be able to fix things up including for myself...tnx so much for all the inspirations....God Bless u always (2007-07-22 20:44:01)
Judith: Hi Bro. Bo, I'm not so religious... I can only count of listening to you twice. One when I was still single and a colleague brought me to you. And the latest is last Friday...watching you on TV. It was very late and I just came from the office. I can't sleep and tried changing channels. I was touched again by your teachings and thank you very much. I rested for a while listening to your very inspirational words. You came in the right time of the day. I was fully exhausted about work and my two kids are already sleeping. Do you have a vcd or dvd compilation of your daily teachings? This will help me a lot. More power to your show and more will be blessed with your words... ( Thanks :-) (2006-12-11 20:20:01)
maya san antonio: hi bro bo. thanks meri christmas. for those who are interested to work as security to guards. pls call 8431775 (2006-12-10 19:41:39)
jane jason: Bro.Bo you are such an inspiration to us, I hope I have the chance to see you in person and touch your hand. God bless you, I know He always did!!! (2006-12-09 17:48:16)
Abegail: Bro Bo! Many thanks for this site. Preacher in Blue Jeans is indeed an excellent idea to reach out to a wider audience. I for one always check your daily episode before starting work. I am inspired by how you are able to convey God's word. May you always be with abundant energy so that no tiredness will prohibit you from sharing God's word to those who needed it most! Praise the Lord! (2006-12-09 17:41:56)
Sheena Wilson: Instrument(s)- That word has never been so powerful to me till I heard it from your sharing. Bo, you re one pretty polished instrument. Very useful indeed. (2006-12-09 15:04:52)
mmp: bro Bo, thank you so much, you enlightened my life, you inspired me to preach and talk about Him,now i can spread His words without being afread, di na ako matatakot to talk about Him infront of the people. now i really know what i want thanks Bro Bo... (2006-12-09 10:43:16)
Mary Anne Chiong: Dear Bro Bo, I thank God for making you alive in our lifetime! Alam mo, mahirap talaga maging tao. Our lives are full of struggles, challenges, trials,etc. almost everyday, but your talks, reflections, advices and just your presence (especially now that we see you everyday in PIBJ) make our difficulties lighter and continue to give us encouragement and inspiration to go on and be in tuned with God despite of, even if and come what may. Tama ka, sasamahan niya tayo at mamahalin habang buhay no matter what. Thanks heaps Bo for everything! Praise God for you and your staff! (2006-12-09 08:20:48)
Bob Jalandoni-Dgte: Bro. Bo, your talk was a very powerful one, very much moving, it deeply touches the heart and makes one reflect and thank God so much for how good and wonderful life is despite of seemingly endless problems we encounter. You are a blessing to us Bro. Bo, thank you for helping us enlightened. (2006-12-09 06:55:23)
Tita: Hi Bo, This is my first time to watch and listen PIBJ and I am just glad to be fed with spiritual blessings. My day starts with a slight misunderstanding with my husband and I remember you and being unconditional. I remember you seeing the good in every situation. Mamahalin mo pa ba ako? It is a wake up call for me. Yes, whatever hurts or pains we encounter, this question inspires me to be filled with joy and forget the hurts. Thank you so much for reaching out to us, for bringing Christ closer and clearer to us.God bless. (2006-12-09 06:02:37)
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