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Oct. 24, 2007

Be blessed as Bro. Bo shows you what used to be ugly can turn into a beauty. Also, let Bro. Obet Cabrillas bless you once again with his talk.

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Hasel Geraldo: Wow what a wonderful place! It is so relaxing.The creation of God are really amazing.Thabk you for showing this to us. (2007-11-26 23:14:53)
bea: WoW! kanami gid ya sang lugar...! I could smell the flowers and breathe the fresh air. (promise! Hehe!) Thanks Bo. God Bless You! (2007-10-25 20:39:36)
Elms: Hello bro Bo! Thank you very much for seeing this beautiful place as if I am in paradise! What a wonderful God's creation!! I feel so blessed watching it. More power to you brother Bo! (2007-10-25 06:17:41)
ahba manimog: wow..what a beautiful place....i'm just asking how to get a copy of video and i just want to share or donate,but how coz im live in ireland(dublin)...God Bless and more power( 2007-10-24 9:07) (2007-10-24 16:12:40)
Tetel: The view is just pleasing to the eyes. It'll be a month tomorrow of my stay here in Qatar and it's just so nice to see a very beautiful garden, the greenery, and the beautiful flowers when you're already getting used to sand and desert. And it's not just the place, it's nice to see handsome and beautiful faces too, THANK YOU! You are all beautiful people! P.S. Bro. Obet, you look like Bamboo. ΓΌ (2007-10-24 15:31:07)
Cherry Trinidad: Brother Bo, I feel blessed by the presence of Kerygma 5 here in Vancouver, BC. I am glad you were able to get the glimpse the beauty of our Province, British Columbia.....this is already my second home but with your Kerygma 5 presence made me missed my native land...Thank you for the wonderful concert...It was indeed a miracle for the 5 of you to be here....God Bless!! (2007-10-24 14:03:19)
arlene rubia: wow.....what a beautiful place!...the flowers, the trees...thank you for bringing us there......through preacherinbluejeans.....God bless and more power. (2007-10-24 10:21:59)
tess: Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am so blessed especially today that I am facing pressure in my company. It is so relaxing and I feel God's embrace. God bless us all. (2007-10-24 09:39:59)
Prince dela Paz: Praise God! What you've showcased was really a wonderful place and a solid example of a transformation, from how ugly it is to how wonderful it is... May we empty ourselves for others like what Jesus did.... and from now on blessings will spread more to all people through different people sent by GOD. One of it is KERYGMA.. Thank you Lord for KERYGMA! (2007-10-24 07:05:39)
Lanie: Bro.Bo, what a wonderful place! it's so fantastic! it's amazing and I enjoy watching it; as if I am in paradise. Thank you Bro. Bo for sharing this to us. God is GOOD! (2007-10-24 03:45:51)
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