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Oct. 15, 2007

Be blessed as K Preacher Alvin Barcelona gives part 1 of his talk entitled "Be Healed!"

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julius t perater: Im very single for christ. (2007-12-14 04:11:52)
DAi (",): Yes! I was really healed. Bro. Alvin, you're talk made me feel that! I was sick, in body and mind... yet your words helped me to realize that GOD is really our healer! Hope to preach with you! Take care... Regards to your family... Mr. Survivor! (2007-12-05 14:28:55)
Emily L. Narido: YOu are awesome bro. bo and the kerygma 5. My husband and I were so blessed attending the Miracles conference and concert here in Vancouver. It's very enlightening and we enjoyed it very much. Hanggang ngayon high na high pa kami. Thank you very much for coming here and we will wait for you to come back next year. More power! (2007-10-17 02:48:03)
Monique Navarro: Thank you for coming here to Vancouver, it was a wish come true for me and my husband, Rene to feel the presence of Almighty God through the conference and the concert. Brother Bo and Kergyma 5 were a blessing to the Catholic community here in Canada, that day because of the powerful performances for the glory of God. Please include us in your prayers as we try to struggle with our lives here to be able to be a blessing to others. Bro. Arun and Bro. Alvin,Bro. Jay, Bro. Adrian, Bro. Jon and Bro. Bo more power to you. Please come back in less than a year to fill our thirst for the word and blessings of the Lord. God Bless and thank you. (2007-10-16 10:57:07)
Ramon Florendo: Bro. Alvin your good. Very inspiring and uplifting. May I take this chance to congratulate Bro. Bo and the Kerygma 5 for a very successful "Miracle Concert" here in Edmonton, Alberta. (Bitin Raw).I was so blessed to be with Bro. Bo and the group at West Edmonton Mall. Its amazing to feel Bro.Bo and the groups humility and simplicity. It seems contagious, so I shared my experienced with my whole family. Thanks again and we hope to see you back here in Edmonton. You are a big blessing to all Christian Communities. (2007-10-15 23:22:07)
rhox medina: wow! praises and glory to God! this episode has indeed blessed me! i was even skeptic about enjoying this topic. but God's persistence to bless me and send me His message made me continue watching this particular episode. and glory to His name for i was not only blessed, i was overwhelmed with His blessing! upon bro.alvin's instruction to his audience to ask the person nxt to them wat they want them to do for that person today, it seemed crazy for i was alone in front of my computer. yet, i still asked that Jesus (for i always believe that evry hour of evryday day, Jesus is jz beside me) and in turn, i told Him, "Lord, pde Mo b kong ipasa s board exam ko? pde Mo b kong payagan mging CPA?" then, aftr that, bro.alvin said those lines that brought me to tears and got me drowning with God's love..."mga kapatid, may surpresa ko s inyo. yong sinabi nyong gusto nyong gwin ng katabi nyo pra s inyo ngayon, gagawin nga nya ngayong araw n to.." and nothing more can be said... (2007-10-15 20:10:30)
Annette: I felt awesome after attending the Miracles workshop and concert today at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Now I feel blessed to have met a great speaker like Bo Sanchez and the Kerygma 5. The inspiration speeches they gave really enlightened my mind. Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had. Thank you Bo for the signing the book I bought and Arun for the CD. (2007-10-15 14:42:28)
andrew: I really enjoy the coference especially the concert here in Vancouver. also, I'm happy because I met and shaked hands the person who really change my life and that is Bo Sanchez. lastly, for the authograph to all my books. Godbless! (2007-10-15 09:25:50)
Reno Ouano: I was really blessed last night at the Miracles Concert held at Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More power to Bro. Bo and the Kerygma 5. I was glad to shake hands with Bro. Alvin. Made me want to buy a new guitar and sing praises to God. God bless us all and the Philippines. (2007-10-15 07:03:53)
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