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Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

Oct. 12, 2007

Be inspired with Bo's touching stories! God bless!

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dennis dimaculangan: Bro Bo, I thank God for letting my life crossed yours through your ministry. It has blessed me in so many ways. I'd like to ask if I can subscribe to your kerygma magazine. Is it for free? I know I'll get so much teaching and guidance from that and they will be read also by my family Thanks so much and God bless. (2007-11-22 00:08:12)
arianwen lianne gapido: hi bro. Bo..i was inspired to with your message; i never really had a father since i was a little i cant relate much with your inspiring i prayed so hard to experience a father but now that am all grown up, i guess its too late..however, i believed in God, and God as my Father, protected me in everything in my life's blessed even if i never experienced a real father, for my ma has stood up for my sister and i as a mother and father at the same always thankful for what i have specially with my mother being there for me...please continue to pray for me and my family even if i wasnt able to watch your video everyday...thank you and God bless you always and more power to you!!! (2007-10-21 17:23:28)
chef erwin: Hi! bro.Bo it my frist time to hear your touch me. its so inspiring.thank you for accepting me to be a member of kerygmafamily.god bless you always. (2007-10-18 00:31:13)
Jun: Hi Im working here in china, things can be so dis orienting here, especially if you talk about nourishing your faith. Good thing Kerygma is available in the net. Thanks Brother Bo (2007-10-14 12:02:40)
righteous evil: im so bless nice message.. (2007-10-13 18:01:44)
sheila: nice to hear you talk bout your family and inspire me to be more aware of giving back the love of our parents to us.God bless you and continue to be God's hand on earth.continue spreading the good news.. (2007-10-12 22:19:38)
anthony alia: iloveurwebsite...its so inspiring specially bro. bo's talks..God bless and keep the faith. (2007-10-12 21:05:04)
jet: I love my family and I love all my neighbors. thanks bo. God bless us all. (2007-10-12 18:16:38)
norman: nice talk !!! i love you bro. Bo (2007-10-12 15:52:11)
Evelyn Nessel: Brother Bo, I always cry whenever you talk.I can feel deep within my heart the meaning of all what you say.It is so touching and I believed to all you say.The Lord will bless you always and keep up the good work.When i go home over there i want to meet you personally.THANKS!!!! (2007-10-12 08:08:27)
elsatabios: hi" bro. bo is really make me feel shame when i heard your talk ... its a wake up call for me .... may the lord continue to bless your ministry spread the God news ... God bless you and your family .... i hope i could fine the longging of my heart ..... and feel the love of God in my heart ... (2007-10-12 00:27:48)
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