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Oct. 9, 2007

Kerygma TV on ABC 5, Tuesday nights at 10.30pm! Be very blessed!

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Dino Banzon: Hi Brother Bo, Ang Galing ng kerygma T.V. My sister Lucille told me about watching this and it blew my breath away.....Am here in Houston , TX but will be going home in Manila Very soon... Keep up the good work. Will be attending one of your talks soon. Jesus Bless You and Keep you always in his Heart. God Bless Kerygma TV. (2008-01-05 02:31:01)
julius tigley perater: (2007-12-23 14:47:25)
Menchie Santos: Hi Bo & Rissa! Greetings here in China! My kids (Zek 3 yrs.old & Maia 9mos.) loves to hear & watch your Jerygma TV Show jingle. Zek immitates your dialogue & action on the part when you say; "OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM GIVE IT JUST SOME TIME WILL BECOME OUR BIGGEST BLESSINGS,AMEN?!" while our little Maia dances to the tune. Zek also called Ms.Rissa a TEACHER whenever he sees her talk. We wish your show more POWER & SUCCESS so that many people will listen to GOD. (2007-10-11 15:42:34)
zon: bro bo thnk you very much for your inspiring stories that made me think i am not alone in my fight to reshape my life again wih the Lord.Please pray for me and my family that we will be able to overcome the extremely imposssible to solve trials and troubles we are presently undergoing right now,we are nearly to give up.I believe,i have faith anf trust that God will make a way for us.Really He works in ways we can not see.Praise to you God Almighty. (2007-10-10 17:15:50)
j_endam: Good evening Bro-Kuya Bo, thanks a lot. Thanks for making this site. I'm very privilege to visit this site. I am blessed by what you have said and shared. I am praying and hoping that all people will visit this site to hear and listen to your words. Everytime I go to internet cafe, I was reminded to again check and visit your site. I don't know why? All I know is that God loves me so much and that he wants me to visit you in this site. If I am given the chance to speak to other people also or gatherings, your stories and experiences that you have shared to me will surely help me to do so.. God bless you Kuya Bo and again, thank you so much.. I am hoping that you will be back here in Dumaguete to again inspire us with what God wanted you to say.... (2007-10-09 23:06:33)
malou jose: hi bro bo..thanks for the very inspiring and my husband were so blessed for having met you in person last Oct 7 in calgary..kaya kahit we drove for about 9hours from our place here in Fort McMurray, sulit na sulit kasi watching your Miracle Concert with the Kerygma 5 really inspires and blessed us...the Lord is really so good for using you as blessings po sa amin...God Bless you more and more.... (2007-10-09 23:03:13)
chris: Hi Bro.Bo, I am very thankful that there is a site like this. It really helps and serves its purpose very well to Filipino around the world. It really inspires people. It really provides daily spiritual vitamins. Bro.Bo, I just have a comment about your talk on this episode. I do not know if it will make any sense, but I will post it anyway because I just thought that for some people it might be confusing for us to avoid associating with people or environment that may influence us to commit sin because they are sinners. But on the other episode of your talk, you said that we should imitate the life of Jesus who always associates himself with prostitutes, tax collectors, samaritans, etc. I guess we need to emphasize clearly to the people that they need to know and evaluate themselves first as a first step. If one think that he is still vulnerable to the kind of environment that will make him sin, then that the time to avoid it. And then work-out to strengthen that vulnerability. But if one think, after carefully assessing himself, that he is strong enough to resist the temptations of the environment, then thats the time that he can dwell-in and associate himself to the sinners, and in so doing, he can give light to them, and the effect might be the other way around. He will be the one influencing the sinners to change their ways. Hope to have your insights about this. Thank you very much again Bro.Bo! You are really an inspiration to many. May God continue to Bless you! (2007-10-09 19:20:19)
norma plata: bo, This si Norma, Rogel's sister. Here in LA up to Oct 21st. I will attend the Oct 14th Concert in LA Convention. Hope to greet you in person. 562 881 8082; 562 860 1346. (2007-10-09 14:39:57)
ara: hi bo,thanks for inspiring us through your books,magazines,videos etc.You are God's gift to us.You help us in our struggles to be a renewed christian.Thanks God we have BO! God bless you more! (2007-10-09 14:10:56)
arlene rubia: thanks for the enlightenment.more power!!!!!!!God bless us all (2007-10-09 08:44:07)
mylene: Hi Bo,Thanks a lot im so blessed and touch by all your very inspiring talks.Thanks God that i got the chance to listen and see you in video thru my computer.Im from cebu i used to attend feast every tues at cbuconcenter.Im now here in ireland with my family.Thanks a million Bo.Thanks to for nourishing my soul everyday so fortunate having you as a preacher that touch so many lives. (2007-10-09 05:06:11)
MYLENE: hi (2007-10-07 02:43:40)
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