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Oct. 4, 2007

Another touching story from Bo. Be inspired!

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Aliza Adanza: God Bless You! (2008-03-11 18:44:40)
Jerry B. Bondoc: Thank you so much! God is so so good! (2007-11-09 05:33:04)
JOEMERT C. ENDAM: Bro Bo, thank you so much for always keeping us in touch with the Lord's mercy. You are really a gift to us. Thank you so much for the stories and experiences that you had shared to all the people including myself. Your words wil serve as my foundation to preach the goodnews to other people and to those people who badly need it. I've seen you once here in Dumaguete and I'm hoping to see you again. Thanks a lot,,, Kuya Bo. (2007-10-09 22:48:02)
antonio f. adanza: hello..i really like your stories..i heard a lot about you..i like the story about the brother 18 years old..and i really want to have a book written by mr Bo Sanchez..god bless (2007-10-06 22:02:18)
Orle: very nice stories... worth pondering really. keep up the good works. many are changed with your little stories. God bless. (2007-10-05 10:14:44)
leoshan: it's all about love... the world will surely become better if everyone prays like that child in the story.. "lord, make me a brother to others" . thanks again for a short yet inspiring episode PIBJ!=) (2007-10-04 22:02:39)
jet: thanks for the wonderful stories. God bless you always. (2007-10-04 20:37:23)
Maritess A.Cabaltera: Shalom! I was disoriented 4 so many years until i saw your program in the television.Since then my viewpoint in life changed.Its really amazing,i become inspired,and i started participating in our parish activities.To you brod Bo,May God bless u more so that u can inspire & help more disoriented souls like me. (2007-10-04 13:41:19)
jinn_texas: bro bo,you are indeed a blessing to the world! God bless u always and your works! i pray that someday i will become a part of your ministry. (2007-10-04 11:24:31)
tess: Thank you for this everyday nourishment. Indeed, the love of GOD is enough for us. Your show makes me a better person everyday. Thank you talaga, bro Bo. Be blessed also. (2007-10-04 10:33:47)
Mheng: Its my birthday today and decided to listen to Bo to be inspired...thanks Bo for your talk and i realized how God really knows my strength and weaknesses. And like my favorite line from "Evan Almighty" everything happens because GOD loves me. You really inspired me with my service in our community with your little boy story. Thanks Bo! May God bless you more. (2007-10-04 09:27:02)
Lea T: i am so inspired by your story about the little boy who is a big brother to a cripple. With love, he carried his little brother to the car and let him enjoy it for a minute. Truly, this act should serve as an example to everyone. Likewise, with the man, who let the boy get inside his car. You can see love in his heart for allowing such simple request to give joy to these young boys. This story is truly amazing! It touched my heart completely. I cried! (2007-10-04 09:08:57)
Fe Lansang: Your story about being a big brother really touched me and made me reflect and pray, "Lord, make me a brother to others." (2007-10-04 08:07:29)
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