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Oct. 1, 2007

Another short story from Bo. Be blessed!

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tere: you definitely inspired me to send my true self, a child of God..made in his image and likeness... in all my dealings with people...i will always remember this story..thanks a million bro. bo (2007-10-04 11:03:42)
maimaien: choppy,,*sad* konti lang napakinggan ko. but thou, according sa comments it was great and somehow, nakarelate po ako. thanks BO. (2007-10-01 17:46:54)
becca reyes: bro. bo.thanks for another inspirational day. you know what bro bo, i experienced the same having all those fears speaking before a crowd, and whats worse is dat everytime i speak i started crying. i dont know why bro. bo but when i am trying to share something about the Lord i fell so overwhelmed with His love and that causes my tears and started crying. most of the time wala na akong masabi, iyak na lang ng iyak.Hay...thanks for the advice. (2007-10-01 16:45:44)
jocelyn c perillo: Bro.Bo, maiksi lang po yung talk nyo but it really tuoch my heart lalo na yung pray nyo naiyak ako.Evreday po akong nanaood ng talk nyo sa internet.nakakatawa being a christian nahiya ako sa sarili ko na ngayon ko lang nalaman o narinig na Eve is a woman Adan is a really interesting thank you. (2007-10-01 15:59:12)
Genesis Reonico: Kuya Bo, thanks for reminding us all that in life, we often send someone that is not really us. It will really hit alot of hearts and minds. thanks again and more power. hope to see you in ultra. (2007-10-01 15:31:41)
melay: Praise God! I have viewed PBJ in full-length for the first time after so many attempts in viewing the previous videos. Thank you so much Bro. Bo for being our channel of blessings. Thank you for your prayers. Reading emails of daily Gospel from my Kerygma Family and viewing PBJ has become my daily habit. Thank you. God Bless Everyone... (2007-10-01 14:40:31)
krishna mie: Oh, I love your friend who gave you the comment “who was that you sent on stage? That was not you…” brother bo, you clear unspoken questions.  it sometimes makes me feel like I have been blindly following the faith. But I shoo the negative perspective away. I just want to thank you for making my path of spiritual journey clearer. Having known God’s gentle, unceasing love makes me hunger of His love more. Thank you. I wish to learn and share more of God’s love (2007-10-01 09:17:33)
Grace Bishop: Brod Bo, I am a filipino living here in England, my cousin sent this to me and I started listening to it with my husband here in England. It was a great feeling but can I ask a favor from you to please pray for my 85 year old mother who has a terminal cancer in the abdomen, as a daughter, how I wish the Good LORD will let her stay longer for us because we love her so very much and we wish for her healing. Please help us what to do as I will be opening this site everyday. Thank you and be blessed. PRAISE GOD. (2007-10-01 04:29:29)
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