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Sept. 28, 2007

Bo shares about a letter he made for his son. Be blessed!

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julius tigley perater: kailan ka punta mabolo church idol (2007-12-29 04:14:07)
Orle: truly inspiring. thanks. (2007-10-05 11:21:48)
Rosanna T.Fortuna: I know that there are lots of praises and thanksgiving you received each day but REALLY! you are a blessing to me and my family for helping us strengthen our FAITH by keeping the commandments of GOD and living it day by day. (2007-10-04 21:55:33)
vag: Dear bro. Bo. This is the first time I have watched your video though there were a few chances when I get to watch you on tv (I don't know your regular program and sadly, I can't remember on what tv channel). Is it ok not to post my comment in public? I prefer this to be more personal, maybe for the time being. I cried on both video shows I watched (Oct. 1 and this one). I have so much anger and woundedness since childhood, I hunger for healing.. God's healing. I have so many sins I lost track counting. Yesterday dawn I fell asleep while praying to God to take me out of the sinful pit and lead me to a person who can help me. I'm not much of an internet-fanatic since I would spend most of my nights out with friends drinking so I could just go to sleep right away when I get home. Last night I didn't go out, I just don't feel like it despite friends' invitations (temptations..). I was about to turn off my laptop when I remembered your website and tried clicking on it (work of God..). I have tried reaching out since I don't know when.. but maybe I'm doing it wrong. Sometimes I think I'm getting numb or frigid not to actually feel what it is to be truly happy or sad. I feel I'm beginning to be apathetic. Maybe too much frustrations and disappointments I failed to handle them well. Or maybe I'm too afraid to be hurt again and again and.. I want to shield myself before it gets me. I used to be active in church activities till my husband and I separated and lost contact with a friend who used to spiritually guide me. In fact, she was the one who introduced me to reading Our Daily Bread in 1995 and occasionally till about 2003. I don't like support groups, they're just too many members with varying personalities and attitudes, I feel like a victim. Help me pray that I get the grace and the will to go online again so I can watch you again. Maybe by doing this, I can make a new start in fixing my spirituality again. Thank you for this blessing. Thank you God for sending you to be my blessing. (2007-10-02 02:16:24)
Keeven Clark: hello bro. Bo, your such a nice dad... hope all the father are like you. but it seems that we have different father. i thank you for letting us hear from you of how a parents emotions towards their children.. i really been touch of what you have read. and now i know what matters most is not the fancy things we give but the simply presence and the simple word " i love you " thanks brother BO. you're really is a great instrument of God.. God Bless and continue what you have started for you have just touches many lives... (2007-10-01 17:09:32)
krishna mie: brother bo, thank you so much for sharing the letter. i really love your sharings about your family. it helped me make a conscious effort to allow my parents feel my love for them. thank you brother :) i see Jesus in you! (2007-10-01 09:30:13)
jude: Bro. BO!yo! last week i was very down, i got busted from a chik, i love that girl so much but i just dont understand her-ouch!. My depression went on and on, my only outlet was BEER!yeah!But as days subtly pass things just got worst, the wound just wont heal.Until my mom showed your reality show. It was really great, your messages pierce through my heart!I watched them with my mom a couple of times. And now i just found out that the hurt in my heart was gone- like magic!I just didnt know how it worked, but out of the blue i felt like im me again-cool! then i just realize that it was God that healed me! thanx a lot brother Bo! and Thank you a lot Lord, your the best! (2007-09-30 20:41:00)
mic: i really blessed with your letter to your son i gonna make a letter to my daughtrer also telling how important she is to me GOD BLESS (2007-09-29 21:58:01)
mayden: hi bro! i thank the Lord for using you as an instrument to spread His love and His boyfriend and i loved your books and your and the other Kerygma preachers are truly've touched alot of lives...thank you and may God continue to bless you and your families... (2007-09-29 13:52:28)
cooky: hi bo! what a nice letter for your son. i guess all the fathers in the world would have loved to write their sons a wonderful letter like yours! God bless! (2007-09-29 13:50:38)
adora: Thank Bro.Bo eksakto tama k mas masakit kung ang dating kaibigan mo ang kalaban mo ganon ang nangyari sa akin.Kung ano anu ang sinasabi na di maganda na nakakarating sa akin.Masakit dahil di nya ako pinakinggan.Sa Diyos ako nagdadasal sa healing para di ko marandaman ang sakit. (2007-09-29 13:04:54)
jinn_texas: you are the best, bro. bo! God bless always! (2007-09-29 05:22:05)
ara: thank you so much. (2007-09-29 01:35:04)
len: Thank you for your daily inspirations. It helps me a lot esp. on difficult times. May GOD continue to bless you and your Ministry. You have touched a lot of people, Bro. Bo. Pls. continue preaching and praying for us. (2007-09-28 23:03:32)
charm: bro. bo, help me...feeling ko po, i am so worrying too much... : ( thanks! (2007-09-28 22:34:24)
rhoel: thank you bro bo, maraming-maraming slamat po..Godbless you, your family and all your ministry.Thank you very much (2007-09-28 10:05:35)
abet tabiolo: i thank you for the opportunity everyday to nourished not only my soul but everybody's soul thru preacher in blue jeans. how can i have a copy of preacher in blue jeans jingle in mp3 format? many thanks! (2007-09-28 09:39:35)
aezel aguirre (cebu): hi brother bo, gud morning...can i have ur email address? i really need to tell u something.. this is about my girlfriend who has a big problem... Not seeing her mother since she was 3-4 years old is still haunting her right now that she's 24 and think it will until she will meet her mom. Brother Bo hope u can email me i'll tell to you the whole story. Or if anyone from PIBJ who can read this pls tell Bro. Bo bout this. I hope u can help us locate her mom so that she can be totally happy now. I dont know who to address this problem or anyone who can help us since her relatives dont have any clue bout her mom.. Her mom's name is Cirela Ruta, and we don't know if that's her family name now, probably she is married to another man already. My girlfriend has 1 elder sister and one younger brother.. I'll just tell u their names once i do get ur email add..thank you brother bo and i hope u can help us with this through ur prayers and networks for us to locate her mom. Godbless You!!! (2007-09-28 09:02:42)
luz: what a nice letter from a father addressing to his son....i thank you for the loj and to you bro bo for continuing spreading the word of God...Godbless you sll... (2007-09-28 08:52:25)
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