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Sept. 27, 2007

Bo continues to speak about worry. Tune in again to watch another of his touching stories. God bless!

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Julius tigley perater: YES (2008-01-10 22:30:01)
tina: Bro Bo, thank you for being an instrument of God's love. My Mom was confined to the ICU last week, and I've had sleepless nights worrying about so many things. Thank you for reminding me to let go and let GOD. That God will provide and take care of all our concerns. Thank you so much. May God bless you and your ministry more! (2007-11-24 11:24:18)
tomosting: i really like your makes me a better person...thanks bro.. (2007-10-06 19:15:23)
msv: God is really really good. PRaises and All thanksgiving to HIm and His Mightiness! He speaks to me endlessly and this time through your internet show. Im very grateful that I chance upon your preachings today, esp. about worries. Im nurturing my personal relationship with the Lord and I admit Im still a work in progress. I try to watch religious/spiritual shows (yours, bro, mike, 700 club) as much as my schedule allows. I believe that whatever religion we may belong, we must have a personal relationship with Him, dwell on God's word and live life accordingly. in my young age, I have so much fears, worries and conflicts brought about by mistakes and humiliations I made in the past. But Im thankful that God has made me an optimistic person. And truly, waking up everyday is a miracle. Oh God is my miracle! And though I firmly believe in my heart and mind that my problems are nothing compared to the love and faitfulness of God, Im still worrying and worrying. I feel so bad and negligent. And sometimes Bro. Bo, it affects my cravings and desire to serve God better. You (and Bro. Mike) have touch my life in more and better ways. I am fan of your books and I will commit on being your partner. I pray that I may able to attend the kerygma conference this november and attend kerygma feast at least once a month. God bless you Bro. Bo!God Bless you a thousand fold! (2007-09-30 02:38:12)
inna: good timing bro. bo, im so down lately, but now thru your talk, i know that i should let GOD do his job, let go of my problems, and lift it all up to HIM, in short STOP WoRRYING and just pray. Thanks a lot, continue being a blessing to everybody like me, you've been a great help to me.......God Bless you and the kergyma family (2007-09-28 07:39:05)
dan: what a blessing to hear your talk today. you see last night i was so worried with this one problem in my life , for many months now, that it almost afffect my family , my work and in everything that i do. I even woke up thinking about this problem again. And then with God blessing He lead me to open my computer and listen to you Oh what a difference you made in my outlook in life now. M ay God continue to bless you and your works. Please continue to pray for me. (2007-09-28 00:22:08)
jomalyn angel: bro. bo.. i really learned a lot from you.. my bf and i were always watching your videos and we find it very interesting. sometimes we were texting each other your teachings.. its so inspirational and it touches our life and our relationship.. god bless you........ (2007-09-27 23:29:27)
lanie: Bro. Bo, Thank u for a very touching message!!! The timing is good. Im worried and unhappy for the past days because of so many problems, thanks GOD you lifted me up.. May the Good Lord always showers and continue to bless you and your ministry. Keep up the Good Work. And continue touching the lives of other people... (2007-09-27 23:09:52)
daday: Salamat uli Bro. Bo sa turo mo. Isa akong taong lagi nag aalala di ko makita ang ganda ng mundo.Pero ng muntik na akong mawala dito sa mundo.Nakita ang lahat ng maganda. Nalaman ko na mahal na mahal ako ng Panginoon.Sa ngayon nagsisimula palang akong matuto sa PANGINOON sa tulong nyo. (2007-09-27 21:18:19)
mYra: Peace be with you! U are such a wonderful gift from God. may He bless you with more opportunities to reach people.. mOre pOwer! (2007-09-27 20:17:26)
jet torres: Brother Bo. thank you for the sharing the inspirational stories. I blessed to be one of God's child, friend and champion. Continue sharing beautiful stories and redefining our selves in the eyes of God. God bless you and your family. (2007-09-27 18:39:22)
genny: Hi Brother Bo! You are really God's blessing to us people, who wanted to know more about GOD. every tuesday me and my sister are always watching kerygma TV,and it feels really good evrytime I hear your talk. I realize alot of things in my life,the way i perceive my problems and the way ilook at life.. Last time you had a talk here in bacolod held at Lasalle University, unfortunately i wasn'table to atend for some reasons. I just hope, or should i say hoping that you will come here again for the second time, for us bacolodnon to listen tour talk and be blessed by God through you. I am also looking forward to buy ur new book about addictions. Thanks alot brother Bo. God bless u and ur family.. (2007-09-27 17:35:40)
Tigoy: Bro. Bo, I was so blessed. I was watching your videos...especially on the topic about worries. You see, we're currently constructing our house since the owner of the lot of our old house asked us to move by january next year. Just this morning, my husband told me that we're already short and we have to stop the construction starting tomorrow. We don't have money to buy the construction materials anymore. Since our bonus will be given on November yet, we're forced to stop it. Though, I didn't told my husband but I was a bit depressed. I wanted so much to continue the construction since we both like our worker and we don't want them to be hired by another person. Just before noon today, my boss's visitor who sells construction materials stop by our office and we had a little chitchat. I asked her the prices of her materials since I'm currently constructing our house. She told me to get the materials from her in terms...or better yet, pay when your bonus comes. Allelluia! She said, they will be delivering the materials tomorrow. God's provision. I was blessed both by your talk and now this. I can't contain my happiness. Thank you for reminding me just to trust on God's love. (2007-09-26 15:02:59)
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