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Sept. 20, 2007

Bo Sanchez gives a power-packed talk to Unilab employees. Be inspired and be nourished!

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gerald: I'm immensely touched by Analyn's story of the two matchsticks. It's an eye opener for me. Thanks a lot! (2007-10-11 14:58:51)
jing j: good morning! i really love watching and listening to your stories and talks, you inspire me and lift up my spirit. Thank you and more power (2007-10-05 10:51:49)
Ernie: Bo, I watched this video, a good material to share with my community. We need a good dose of Spiritual Vitamins right now and I felt this will help alleviate our pains. I just noticed it lately that the video hangs after your intro, just as the Prayer Meeting begins. Pls check the flv file cause the copy I downloaded works the same (the video hangs & the audio is just a hissssss.) 9/27/07 1:25PM EDST (2007-09-28 01:31:45)
harry: i'm immensely inspired by the spiritual teachings and sermons of bro. bo (2007-09-23 13:42:52)
lanie: Bro. Bo you have done a great part in our lives. I am so thankful and I can say that I am so blessed everytime I read, listen and view your teachings. Sometimes your teachings were so simple but with its simplicity, we can easily understand the message. You know Bro. Bo your web site is also a great help for me being a member of a catholic charismatic group here in Rome, sometimes I am assigned to give some teachings. Your talks are so inspiring. We pray na sana maging katuwang nyo po ang lahat ng viewers na maipalaganap ang kabutihan at pag-ibig ng Panginoon sa sangkatauhan. GOD IS GOOD! God Bless you always Bro. Bo and your family! (2007-09-23 06:00:36)
serafin cristobal: amen bro bo!im a bo addict.. really! grabe bro bo im insoired by your talk and through your talk I serve as an intrument of hope to my fellow claretian students...yup bro bo, im a teacher.. in religion..thru yor talk im inspired en willed to teach the word of the lord.again godbless bro bo! (2007-09-22 23:26:03)
"A": Alleluia! Broken hearted ako. working hir in Bahrain. Bo's talk help me lift up my eyes to what really gives me fulfillment and happiness.Doin little things with great Love for god's glory. (2007-09-21 19:54:38)
Melay: i am so thankfull having viewed this video. I have attempted many times to view some of your videos but i failed. This is the first video i viewed in full length with no distractions. Bro. Bo's talk here has inspired me and struck me most. To have goals and vision in our life. I am single, working here abroad to support my family financially. After hearing Bo's talk, I compel myself to follow Bo's advice to write down, pray, and step by step do my goals and vision and find my mentor. I feel awkward right now in my goal and vision but i know with the grace of God i will be able to go through this feeling of "i don't kow what will happen next in my life..." Thank you so much.... I have viewed the entire video...Thank you Bro. Bo for your prayer I feel God's love thru you...God Bless everyone. (2007-09-21 13:17:37)
Fem Capule: I thank God for giving you to us who are always blessed by your words of wisdom. I thank you too for personally sending me a birthday message. It's only Sept. 20 here so the Kerygma Family is the first to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks, Bro. Bo. (2007-09-21 12:50:28)
Bro Jimmy Cruz of Singapore: Glory to you Lord for sending Bro Bo as an instrument of Your Great Message. SINGAPORE SHEPHERDSVOICE BOOKS DISTRIBUTOR email (65) 64667718 (65) 93852912 (2007-09-21 00:37:34)
nelda: thanks bro. Bo, we really need inspirational talks like u've shared 2day. God Bless! (2007-09-20 09:16:13)
chitorallos: thanks for inspiring us through your talks, books, and other evangelic missions. continue to touch people's lives, God bless you always and forever! (2007-09-20 08:08:23)
missionary: hi! m a missionary here in Peru for CFC andim serving in the young ministry of the here has been different and yet so amazing bec of God´s providence...just wanna say thank you and i honor u for this work...for me its a nourishing blessing for me listening and watching to ur talks bro Bo. God bless and more power...we really need a lot of this kind of works for God! carry on! Dios te bendiga! (2007-09-20 01:40:00)
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