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Aug. 15, 2007

Preacher in Blue Jeans gives you this special video presentation "Kambas ng Lipunan" by Joey Velasco. Be blessed!!!

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mario: thanks Bro. Bo for sharing this very touching video of the real stories in our society and may these stories reminds us of our responsibility to move and do actions of helping the poor. (2008-01-11 14:35:59)
Bong: Thanks for sharing this video. It really breaks my heart thinking about these kids and our society don't even care of helping them. I already have 2 kids that I've been sponsoring for the past 5 years now through Children Int'l. Wish I could help a little. God bless ! (2007-12-09 08:33:56)
mhelody: Thank you so much for opening my mind, my heart and most especially my soul. How good it is to be healed by your inspiring videos and talks. Now i realized that i am trully blessed because of Jesus and not by material things that surrounds me. Thank you very very much and more power to you Bro. (2007-09-25 13:29:43)
Lolita: Very sad story, that bring tears in my eyes to see all the kids living that way, and the painting it was wonderfull, where can I find that painting? Thank you so much for sharing this video. (2007-09-16 03:18:23)
Fr. Jose Arong: If there is DVD version of Kambas ng lipunan, I would like to know how I can obtain a copy of it. Thanks. (2007-09-14 08:10:26)
mica: i was ashamed of myself after viewing this video...i dont have the right to complain or exaggeratedly live as other people are struggling...this is an awakening...truly God uses're one of his masterpiece...i have never stopped crying...but i need to do more than crying...thanks for reminding me to see the world....i have to do something... (2007-09-06 05:48:22)
Cecil Tano Patacsil: It really touches my heart to see the reality behind those children's lives. The supposed children are living like adults. Abused and battered without complaint.Why? They don't have a choice! My feelings will not help any of them But surely, we can offer prayers and at the same time take action. How can we help? (2007-08-22 11:19:30)
meanne: This documentary is very touching. It made me realized more that I am very very blesses. Thank You our God, our Saviour (2007-08-21 19:47:08)
Christy Dolorito: Bro.Joel, I will share this video especially to my kids.This will surely make them realized how blessed they are to have their loving family and this will to enable them to live in a simple life.I will encourage them also to do something on how we can help this poor children.Really, God is Good.That He gave you talent to expressed what are needed to brighten the eyes of those some people who has a lot of things especially money but doesn't have the heart to share it with others.I Think if they saw this video,this will be a great change to them.May God bless you always. (2007-08-21 14:29:40)
Liza De Pasion: I wept....but i don't deserve those tears. Even if i cry a river, those poor helpless little souls will never be saved by just how i feel unless i'll take part doing something to lift their spirits up. San makakabili ng painting ni Bro. Joel... (2007-08-20 21:03:40)
Carmen Cruz: Mr Velasco , you have blessed and disturbed our hearts as well as open our eyes to the needs of our poor brothers and sisters. I pray that the Lord will continue to use your talent to inspire and reach out to a lot of people like us whose only focus is to live a life of comfort and we often forget that there are millions of poor people around us who need our help. Where can we get the painting of Mr Velasco. (2007-08-19 02:40:42)
sherwin: sana mapanood to ng marami pang mga tao... (2007-08-18 17:32:31)
Ramon & Vi Martillano: This is really a very touching video, the question is: will you do something to help kids like this, wherever you are? I just did! (2007-08-17 12:05:13)
Marivic: This video reminded me of my responsibility in our society. I have not always been conscious of this reality, may God give me the wisdom and strength to do my part in His name. (2007-08-16 21:26:44)
jinn_texas: its very sad looking at those kids...thank u so much for opening our eyes to the world's reality. God bless always. (2007-08-16 21:09:23)
alvin sera dela paz: i was so touch and i will surely share this video to my pupils. please allow me to save this in a CD (2007-08-16 15:23:18)
Con: "There are many things in life that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart" - Ben Crenshaw This indeed caught not only my eyes but also my heart. Enlightening! Thank you Mr Velasco! I'll be praying that your work will touch and encourage more people like me. Thank God for this community that not only helps the poorest of the poor but most of all enriches our poor souls. Lord, thank you! I am still blessed in spite of the trials and daily struggles that made me complain. Thank you for healthy family members and who are able to have complete meal daily, a good job giving me money every end of the month to buy the things I need and the food I like to eat. Thank you, Lord and forgive me at times when I am complaining. Kambas ng Lipunan will be a reminder to me. (2007-08-15 22:06:24)
Aaron: It was a very torching video... gusto ko sana mkuha ung url ng video at send ko s mga frends ko s frenster ko. thank for the video bro. bo... God bless (2007-08-15 21:29:10)
melinda: it's so shameful to realize that we eat delicious foods and if something's left, we just threw it out. that, we never think that we have lots ot people there who doesn't eat even just once as day. people who were just contented if they found leftovers in a very messy garbage.. so hurt for us to see this kind of video of mr. velasco. another eye-opener that this kind of scenario is really true... lots of us were starving to death.. kawawa talaga and mga bata.. it's them who were affected too much to what happend to thier lives... this is too much... i know that sometimes i felt that am still craving for something- perhaps, material things. i never realize that there's more important to what i'm dreaming of... it's shameful to myself... (2007-08-15 18:29:52)
grace tan: this video further reinforced my idea to help poor kids to go to school. it really touched the very core of my being! mr velasco really spoked through his obra that we should do something! we are so blessed that god showered us with innumerable blessings that we should learn how to give back to those who have less. its a responsibility to help these kids and help make a difference in their lives. to andrew: they are available at st paul bookstores (2007-08-15 14:18:12)
marilou: for those of us who saw this episode of joey velasco, may we not only thank God that we are blessed and do not have the kind of life as these kids suffer; but let's put our pity into ACTION and do something for these tortured souls. there are a lot of charities where we can give some cash and kind for them. callling also the DSWD or any organization to put these kids into their orphanages or homes for abandoned children. may we all pray too that they get some help and SOON! thanks for showing this to us. (2007-08-15 12:00:59)
andrew: hi! may nakakaalam po b senyo kung saan makukuha ung last supper ni Jesus w/ orphaned kids? available n b yan sa internet? Thank you... (2007-08-15 05:25:23)
paul: It was a very torching video, I always complain that my budget for my family is too little but I saw this. I am still blessed. Thank you for this video it has waken my heart and mind. (2007-08-15 01:49:30)
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