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Aug. 13, 2007

This first day of the week, Bo teaches about "Growing in Perseverance". Be blessed in this power packed talk.

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pamela: hi, bro bo, thank you very much for your uplifting and encouraging teaching, hope to see you here in canada on october, i heard your coming,, i can't wait to see you again..just got hold of tickets especially delivered by the servants here....see you soo god Bless (2007-08-26 21:04:31)
espie: hi, im so blessed that im able to nourish my soul through PIBJ. its really not that easy to cope up with so many disappointments. thank you for the prayers and wonderful sharing and thoughts you've been giving everyday. we're really blessed! May God continue to bless PREACHER IN BLUE JEANS! (2007-08-14 18:56:03)
ice: Praise God! Bro. Bo, this episode speaks to me.. and i hope i can put into action what i have learned and just do it! ... yeah i need perseverance in my life... i just hope i will continue what i have started and finish it by the grace of God... somehow, i just wish i'm not that stubborn and lazy when i was a kid (until now i guess) .. i should have listen to my mom & elders.... it's really true in my experience until adulthood i quit just like that in the middle of something... no wonder i always failed... its only myself that i can blame for not getting success in any area of my life... Thank you Jesus, i failed because Success comes my way! Thank you kuya Bo, for all your prayers and for inspiring us to live a good life! God bless you! :-) (2007-08-14 11:52:24)
lesley: goodday bro Bo! thanks for uploading this great episode.I also had several failures in my life,but the one that i cannot forget was when my professor in ust gave me 5 in accountancy which pave the way for my parents to transfer me in a school in laguna and take up nursing there(yr 2002).It was really painful and honestly,i almost commited suicide then.You can hear people talking about you(ur highschool friends,relatives,kapitbahay-almost everybody in a barrio knows whats going on with his/her kapitbahay d po ba?ahehe) Good thing, i was inspired to study again(dahil na din sa criticisms) and eventually loved my new course.I even had positions in the nursing department and student council.. I finished nursing in 3 yrs and passed the board exam after graduation.Im now 24 yrs old and working as a staff nurse here in Dubai.Up to now Im still SAYING SORRY TO GOD FOR ABHORING HIM WAY BACK THEN(when i failed in my accounting subject)..PRAYERS+PERSEVERANCE DO WORKS!! Bro BO,we will miss you here in Dubai(we attended ur seminars here)GODSPEED TO ALL!! (2007-08-14 08:27:09)
bernadette: Hi bro. bo! i dont get to listen/watch pibj everyday but whenever i can it's so amazing na timing na timing yung mga message with what's going on in my life... God is so good talaga! God bless and more power to preacher in blue jeans. (2007-08-14 00:49:23)
jennifer: hi bro you kow that i always cry when you gave your prayers evrytime you end your talk?yes i admit i'm really down for the longest time now.& your prayers always give me hope.thank you for the prayers & encouragement.GOD bless us always. (2007-08-13 23:29:43)
fr. paeng, osj: hey u i also failed my entrance exam in a private school in pasig for boys...that faved the way for my entrance in the minor seminary....only 30 applicants were being cut every year...1990, i was the 31st......know what bro? out of 31......1 became a priest.......who? me...present!!!! God is so great bro...ur my idol. (2007-08-13 21:30:19)
J-O-Y: Hi Bro. Bo it's been so long i haven't listen to your episode. Bro. Bo i got really dissapointed when i just know to my friend that you went here in Dubai yesterday and have some talk... i wish i was there but unfortunately i didn't know i really miss those inspirational talk when i was there... hope you will come again soon.. (2007-08-13 19:06:31)
yogi: thanks bro for the wonderful talk you have. it's timing talaga because i failed in our client engagement due that i can't focus on the task assigned to me.. timing din that my gf broke up with me, grabe.. i feel so alone .. i am preoccupied. right now i am energized and keep talking to God and thanking him that He allows me to become better person everytime i failed. thanks again bro. Godspeed. (2007-08-13 18:48:08)
anaw: just got home from a 9 hr. trip, how wonderful it is to listen, relax and be inspired with your talk! GOD bless you and your family. (2007-08-13 15:39:10)
nuynoy: bro. bo, we thank you again for these great episode. nais ko lang snang i-acknowledge ur choice of background, time of the day, atbp. u can make every time and place full of life through your life-giving preaching. Godbless you all in pibj! We pray for your continued strenght and inspirations in guiding our souls! More power! (2007-08-13 01:43:23)
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