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Aug. 10, 2007

Bo talks about marketing! So sit back, listen & enjoy watching. Be blessed!

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julius tigley perater: yes bo.k nice talk (2008-01-14 20:03:07)
yokefellow: Bro.Bo, wish you could also have a talk here in Al Ain.God Bless all of you and your family! (2007-08-12 16:32:50)
Mila: Likewise I go also with the suggestions of Bea and Paddy, I like the songs of your Marian pilgrimage. Hope we can have more of this songs on the net. Thanks and God bless Bro. Bo. May you continue to nourish our hungry soul.. (2007-08-12 16:01:26)
bea: I go with the suggestion of paddy. maganda yon. Sana ma lyrics pa. God bless you. (2007-08-12 10:05:15)
paddy, uk: bro bo, pede ko ba i-suggest na magkaroon kayo ng part for the music ministry to play worship songs or other christian songs? i love the songs that you used in your marian pilgrimage. i think that is the only lacking part of your wonderful website. This would also help small groups specially here abroad who gather to worship God. (2007-08-11 19:16:23)
elsa: Dear Bro Bo, Thank you for visiting us here in Dubai and sharing your love for us once again by giving us direction on how to manage our finances. You are indeed a blessing for us, esp your daily talks.I pray that you will be blessed more so that we may continue to receive inspirations from you.My husband and I are so thankful that we can hear you everyday, and be a part of our daily life...strengthening our relationship and guiding us in times of crisis.We seldom argue now:) Thanks bro. bo! (2007-08-11 16:23:18)
sis tintin,op (laity): astig po kayo brother bo god bless (2007-08-11 14:58:26)
Lisette: Hi Bo, Thanks for another episode of powerful teaching. One of my dreams is to have my own business to share more quality time with my love be more financially capable to help others and share God's blessings..but I am afraid..Please help me pray that I may put all my plans to ACTION... Regards (2007-08-10 23:37:49)
Yvette: Hi Bro. Bo! I'm so astonished on how God moves in different ways and different people. You are a blessing to many! This is one of the many affirmations I received ever since I started to write my "dreams journal". I am hoping that I get to meet you someday and perhaps you can serve as one of my mentors especially in the spiritual and business side. By God's grace! God bless you, your family and God's ministry! (2007-08-10 20:00:26)
lesoshan: thanks bro Bo! we are actually planning to have a small business, and i will be honest that i focus more on the money that we are going to make than in helping others... thanks for this reminder that we have to love, even if you're an employee, or much more if you are a businessperson. Love the people we are serving with or having business with.. and surely God will bless us more! continue to nourish our soul Bo!;p (2007-08-10 17:41:07)
blaise: Hello Bro. Bo.. this is the first time I will comment.. You know the episode today is an affirmation of what God wants for me.. You may be wondering why I've said that (what God wants for me), it's because I've realized that it's my deepest desire.. You know I've been discerning for quite some time now, I only know then that I want to serve, but serving is still too broad, on the other hand, I want to become a businesswoman, I didn't know that I could be both until just recently.. Actually this morning when I prayed, it was what I prayed for, when I prayed that a while ago, it didn't occur to me that much yet, but when I saw this episode, I recognized that this is a confirmation.. The "coincidental thing" is I am working as an Account Executive/Marketing and Liaison Officer for a financing company (yes, we lend people money), and while the business is thriving well, I feel in my gut that we do need to give more service back to others other than what we are currently doing (not to be defensive, but I do believe that we do help people with our lending facility, especially when they badly need it, in fairness to us, our interest rate is relatively small than most companies) but going to my point, I firmly believe that we also ought to teach people on how to save and eventually manage their finances.. God is so great because when I realized that, he readily gave me contacts or people to whom I could go to.. Right now, I am planning to meet one of those contacts and sit down with her and explore the possibility of her conducting a seminar to our client companies' employees.. Bro. Bo, if you could have any more suggestions, I'd be more than glad to hear them.. Thanks and God bless.. (2007-08-10 13:14:30)
Ms. G.: I'm a better person now, Bro. Bo!... It's because of you. (2007-08-10 12:38:49)
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