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Aug. 7, 2007

Kerygma TV tonight! ABC 5 at 10:30pm. listen as you find out God's will. Be very blessed!

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Merlandy M. Latuna: Salamat! (2008-08-09 23:32:44)
Chris: Sorry Bro. Bo, I forgot to tell you that the rest of your preaching was fine by biblical standards as far as the knowledge the Holy Spirit has imparted to me. I have yet to see the rest of your videos, I hope that you always have your wife and your son pray over you before each preaching so that the Holy Spirit will speak mightily through you. Because that's when I experience miracles in teaching at our weekly Bible studies. God bless you and your whole family! (2007-09-17 17:17:33)
Chris: I tend to disagree towards the latter part of your preaching Bro. Bo, regarding those "religion" that keeps on telling their listeners or their members that they are "bad" or "sinners". I guess you missed out the point that people, specially in these times, needed to be reminded that they are "sinners" in the eyes of God, that men needed to surrender their lives fully to the lordship of Jesus Christ, EVERYDAY, so that they will be complete when the Lord Jesus comes. People needed to be reminded of their NEED of the Lord Jesus EVERYDAY, before can God can truly say to them, "you are my son and I'm proud of you...". Because unless they have chosen to carry the cross of Christ, then how can they be worthy of the Lord Jesus? The point is that you will not always tell your son "Son I'm proud of you!" everytime you see him do good, what about reminding him "Son, what you did a while ago is "bad", don't do it again or you will suffer the consequence later!" when he has done something "bad"? Therefore a "balance" should be achieve---focus on the things he does good by praising or rewarding him....and remind him not to do anymore the "bad" things he has done. Remember; "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." Proverbs 13:24 (2007-09-17 17:04:45)
ara: hi,thanks for all the lesson i learned, honestly it helps me a lot, to move on and change the way i think before. It helps me to become a better person. I hope I can give more to the kerygma family , where i am a member now. thanks and more power (2007-08-13 21:22:52)
jabel: thanks again for the enlightenment! (2007-08-09 03:42:38)
csm: Hi to all PIBJ preachers! u know Bro. Bo what really inspire me in ur talks was, u always remind parents what is the proper way how to hav a good relationship. It is true that parents should giv praise rather than to critisized their children. Because our first school and teacher is non other than a place called home. A family full of love and support so that our society will leave at peace.. u'r an excellent speaker Bro. Bo keep it up and to all PIBJ preachers how lucky ur children are.. (2007-08-08 18:31:03)
csm: my second time to giv a comment but it didn't appeared again.. (2007-08-08 18:21:50)
Espie San Diego: May God continue to bless you and shower you with abundant grace! Be blessed! (2007-08-08 10:03:48)
michellesimtoco: hahahah i truly enjoyed this episode. that was a great way to solve your dilemma. Kuya Bo, I couldn't agree more. We've been so used to hearing and declaring what awful sinners we are, we've forgotten how beautiful we all are inside. Thank you for this great reminder. God bless (2007-08-08 06:58:50)
Gerry P: Thank you for such an inspiring message. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly. (2007-08-07 10:00:19)
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