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Aug. 1, 2007

Be inspired as Sis.Ojing Osana shares her story, be very blessed!

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Mary June Gingoyon: At 43 yrs old , i still havent saved anything for my future. Please help me how and where i can acquire mutual funds that are affordable for me and my relatives. My monthly income is only 11,207.00.I heard that there are bond certificates worth 500 pesos only. Where can i get such? When is sis.jing coming to cebu? I'd be interested to attend seminar on financial analysis. Please inform me if there are schedules for cebu on financial analysis. Thank you very much. (2008-05-26 19:17:27)
Ermina E. Tiro: Thank you for this! May we know when will sis. ojing be coming to cebu, we would like to listen to her after we finish reading your book. GOd bless you both and your ministry! (2007-08-02 19:53:19)
ttv: Sis Ojing is familiar to me. I met her at IMG. Thank u for this wonderful episode. I used to have 2 credit cards. I can relate to sis Ojing's experience. It's a great blessing to be free from debt. I follow bro. Bo's teaching about financial freedom and am happy to share this knowledge with my family & friends. (2007-08-02 13:34:07)
Ramon & Vi Martillano: Hi, I just want to know who is in charge of the daily readings. Pls advise his/her email address. Tx! God bless. (2007-08-02 07:34:37)
Con: hi,thank God for you Bro Bo and all other people who are getting out of their way to help people like me become financially literate. I really wanted to attend the seminar but I am currently working overseas. I am praying that Sis Ojing could visit Singapore and conduct a session here. :) (2007-08-01 21:25:58)
Mila: Thank you very much for the timely episode. I was not able to get the cell phone and email address of Sis Ojing. Please post her contact details in the KFAM web page - I am interested to have the financial analysis - I already read your book 8 Secrets....I am also in debt hugely because I was a fool to lend my credit card to a relative who swindled a I have to face and be responsible to pay these debts. I am so excited to learn more so I won't commit other financial bloopers again. God bless! (2007-08-01 17:40:49)
Rommel Pozon: Bro Bo, I already read your book. I've learned so much from it. Salamat po. Sis Ojing, thanks for the sharing. Your experience is very inspiring. God bless to the ministry. (2007-08-01 14:56:05)
lenny: Hi Thank you for the wonderful talk. I would like to know more about bonds. Where and how can i acquire it... Thanks (2007-08-01 12:59:11)
Josh Ong Cayabyab: Thank you Sis. Ojing for sharing. I wanted to know more about financial diagnosis and financial analysis! ooops, i still have to finish reading Bo's 8 Secrets... though :-) God bless to Bo's ministry. (2007-08-01 10:10:39)
Eileen L. Benavidez: Hi bro bo... I have a copy of your book and have read it already. I am very much interested about that financial analysis seminar. I am based here in cebu...Kindly post some details about all the information regarding this. thank you so much and it was such a big help esp for me,a housewife who has a husband working abroad. I want to make every single cent count. Thank you so much and God bless. (2007-08-01 10:08:38)
Josh Ong Cayabyab: Thank you Sis. Ojing for sharing. I wanted to know more about financial diagnosis and financial analysis! ooops, i still have to finish reading Bo's 8 Secrets... though :-) God bless to Bo's ministry. (2007-08-01 10:07:56)
michelle simtoco: I am actually shocked every time somebody shares how credit cards have ruined their lives...or how debts have piled up just like that. I got my first credit card when I was in college. And I never had any debt. I remember I only use the card if I know I had the money to pay it. I have never been tempted to buy something I dont have the funds to pay for. THANK GOD for this. But as Kuya Bo always said, there is much wisdom in being financially intelligent. Thank you for this episode. We continue to learn more and more. God bless. (2007-08-01 07:09:42)
lenie: thanks for this episode, i am again very much blessed...and can so much relate to the topic, i am currently in that situation, and it gives me hope that time will come, i will be financially blessed, looking forward and i'm so excited...thanks again... (2007-08-01 01:42:24)
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