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Aug 2007

How to Receive a Hundredfold Blessing. Wanna Recive More? Then Start Giving More.

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judith coja: please send thru e-mail a daily reading tools. thank you. (2008-09-08 15:43:07)
Riz PAnganiban: thanks for the advance e-mail, i have some copy of your magazine, and i found it very interesting and inspirational. i inspire a lot by your magazine... thank you and continue to inspire the world with our Lord Jesus Christ!!! (2008-04-22 21:53:31)
Minette: hi i'm minette and i want to thank you for being a blessing to a lot of people.....i live here in singapore and i'm hoping to meet new friends and be closer to God.... (2007-12-17 13:17:02)
Ana Kristien GAudiel: HI, im a new member of kerygma family, hope to new more friends.... and be more closer to God.... Have a great day Ahead!!! (2007-12-08 12:28:04)
Elizabeth R. Libunao: hi, i registered as a new memeber of kerygma family but until now i haven't receive my password and my daily God messages. hope to get it from you soon.......God bless (2007-11-14 09:05:13)
Mari Karr Ang: hi! this is a great day for me. God has granted me this time in my busy life (as a nursing student: my 2nd course, a wife and a mother ) to browse on your website. this is a dream come true for me because I will be more closer to God. God bless. (2007-11-08 11:35:52)
myles lelis: i just registered as member of the kerygma family, i do hope this could help me in my spiritual needs. i've been a reader of the kerygma magazine since 2000 and i really find the magazine very inspiring.thank you for being a great help to those who are spiritually thirsty including me. (2007-11-04 16:29:13)
hairaa: thnks for the inspiration !!!!!!!!!!.......God bless>>>God speed!@@!!!!!!!!!!!! (2007-10-30 10:43:56)
air_)(^^#): i want to read more:":":!@# (2007-10-30 10:42:03)
Reggie Marie Laspinas: Pls advice how can i get the kerygma magazine the selected month january, february, may and august.. Thank you again.. (2007-10-09 20:29:50)
Reggie Marie Laspinas: hi, i am a new member of kerygma family.. i have checked the kerygma magazines and i love the read the selected month edition like january, february, may and august. How can i get it? For sure i will subscribe after read.. Thank you very much .. God bless us all.. (2007-10-09 20:26:56)
jennifer valencia: hi! I attented the Miracle Conference and Concert last Saturday ( Oct 6 ) here in Toronto. I was really touched and enlighten again. Now I know that MIRACLE and BLESSING will be with me always!! God Bless and more Power!! See you again here next year! (2007-10-08 09:55:57)
agnes a cajilog-baterna: i already registered as kerygma family member, but i havent received the daily reading at my email, i deposited my donation but i havent promised any amt. hope to give more in next months,,,God Bless you all (2007-09-19 11:31:34)
olivia halim: I already registered as Kerygma Family, but I haven't received any of daily God message as it is promised. I do hope I can receive daily email to feed my "thirsty" soul. Thank yOU (2007-09-14 15:27:04)
olivia halim: How to subscribe kerygma? I'm living in Jakarta, Indonesia now. where can i get the magazine nearby? please send the info via email. Thank you so much (2007-09-14 15:18:02)
NIMFA MARIA D. CARCUEVA: pls send me monthly news from kerygma (2007-09-04 13:20:03)
Tina: nice one! (2007-08-27 20:49:40)
Joselito S. Sumilang: thank you so much (2007-08-21 14:42:40)
Carina: i want to read more (2007-08-17 23:45:40)
joy: thankyou & more power (2007-08-17 16:58:41)
FERDINAND L. MACANAS: its been a week now i never recieved my daily God message. thx and God bless... (2007-08-13 17:44:15)
ferdie l. macanas: thanks bro. 4 d teaching(hoe 2 find your true luv?) u giving here at dubai. its really a great help to all of us singles here, how to decern and to decide in our lyf. in behalf of cfc-singles 4 christ(dubai chapter) thank you and God will guide u what ever place you go..... (2007-08-13 17:34:45)
oliver suarez: i cannot open the magazines here...pls tell me how.. (2007-08-07 17:42:21)
michael andrew belleza: helo, thanks in advance for sending an email... this could help in my daily living.. Godbless (2007-08-06 19:38:35)
BEN CONSOLACION: thanks for the inspiration (2007-08-02 00:45:51)
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