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July 27, 2007

Burial of Bro.Gene Sanchez

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Benjie Vitug: Hi Bro Bo, This Bro Benjie Vitug (Gatekeepers Prayer Community Of NJ) In the Phil. Lords Flock. What a coincedence my father died also July 27 2007 my deepest symphaty. I understand It is so hard but Lets us trust the Lord for his good plan. (2007-08-12 15:05:54)
lucky: i'll always tnk God for that day that Mr.Gene Sanchez prayed over Mr. Bo when he was young that started his religious life.even though i dont kow him personally, i know he's such an angel...not just to his family but to the rest of the world that's been blessed by his and his son's examples and testimonies about God's love...God bless always (2007-08-09 19:54:18)
tek: Our deepest sympathies to you and your families! It was a beautiful and touching farewell Mass for Tito Gene. (Kuya Nonong to my parents!) and though it was a very sad moment, it was nice to see the rest of the family, especially Tita Pilar! I saw this footage when Uncle passed on, however, was too sad to write a note back. As was earlier mentioned by "Em" in his/her(?) comment, with Tito Gene's passing and going home, our world has become "poorer" by losing another spiritual and genuinely loving individual and father to a big family, but heaven just became richer by having a great man like Uncle Gene, who just by being his quiet, gentle, caring and very down to earth self has shared so much more than anyone can and touched so many lives! Thank you, God for giving us a chance to experience the grace of having him around and thank you, Tito Gene for sharing all that goodness and producing an extension of yourself through your wonderful family! God bless you all w/continued strength and faith! My parents extend their deepest sympathy, as well. (2007-08-08 03:07:58)
Em: Praise and thank God for the life of Tito Gene! The world is now poorer but heaven is richer by one great man of God, loving and faithful husband, awesome Father and grandfather, and a dear friend and brother in Christ. He followed the Lord Jesus by His example of true and faithful love, humility, gentleness, kindness, piety, integrity, hardwork, servanthood, and so much more. He will surely be missed by all, but his beautiful memory and example will remain alive in our hearts - from the youngest child like Bene up to the oldest brother and sister that his life's witness had touched. Tita Pilar, children and grandchildren - you are blessed! The power of God's love make you stronger and more hopeful, now that your leader had made it to heaven. We should press on with the race until we see him again. JESUS IS VICTORIOUS IN YOU, TITO GENE! WE LOVE AND HONOR YOU! SEE YOU IN HEAVEN! Thank God, you've waited until we are formed here in Los Angeles. Hallelujah! YOUR LOJC LA FAMILY (2007-08-01 04:45:42)
william: God Bless You more! I honor you and your family for giving us inspiration and tell us how much God love us. :) (2007-07-31 20:46:48)
Lorrie & Simple Buhain: Our love, sympathy & prayers to you, Bro Bo, your Mom & the whole family. We had the honor of meeting your dad many years back in the Transparochial Federation. We represented PDCC then. He will be sorely missed by all of us, even if he didn't bring us pizza! We're sure you, your family and your community will be even stronger now with Bro Gene rooting for you up there! God bless (2007-07-30 11:54:10)
anna: the first song's title is, "Lead Me, Lord" - very first version I've known was by Basil Valdez. Very inspiring song! PRAISE GOD! GOD BLESS YOU! (2007-07-28 13:22:37)
andrew: hi KF, who know the title of the fist song played? Thank You (2007-07-28 08:15:19)
Eden-Union City, Ca.: My deepest sympathy to you Bro Bo and your family. I know your Dad will be missed, but i hope it's a comfort to know that he had done well here on earth and God is very pleased with him. (2007-07-28 03:21:20)
anna t. (pittsburg,ca): thank you for sharing! i'm so blessed to have known you, bro. bo and sis. angie! now, together with the whole world, i have come to know your family and all your good example! you've showed us hope and courage to do everything for our parents NOW (while they are alive and strong)...before it's too late. (kaya,naiyak talaga ako) my siblings and i are trying our best to do that. i still can't imagine myself when that day comes. we hope, we can be as strong as your family. Take care of yourselves! God bless us more! (2007-07-27 15:12:01)
espie: it was so good of your family to share this significant occasion with people like us who can't go there physically because of distance. likewise, i honor your entire family for the example of how a good family is and i honor tita pilar for the simple words that have displayed her courage and faith. God bless you. (2007-07-27 14:50:52)
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