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July 26, 2007

Bo talks about Mentorship, sit back, watch and be very blessed!

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Norman Crucido: HI bo, i really love your talk about mentorship. I am a youth for christ member and a leader handling high school students in cavite. I always watch your show at ABC 5 and you really inspire me a lot and improve my self a lot more. Your topic had help me to improve giving talks for high school students. I really really want to grow more and share people what i learn in my experiencces. Can you be one of my spritual mentor. Thanks alot. Godbless,, (2007-08-10 16:02:47)
Marcelo: it's really refreshing to hear you talk about how we will succeed in life by having a mentor. my life has been changed. Thank you and God bless! (2007-07-31 21:14:30)
Mila: Praise God! Without you knowing it..I've considered you my spiritual mentor since 2005 since I faithfully attended the kerygma feast and followed your instructions. After reading your latest book I prayed for a dream team and mentor too. Now I am in a way part of your team in one of your businesses! your are my public financial mentor but Sis Nimfa is guiding me personally as my mentor in this new business - she is very patient with me while I take the baby steps in this new endeavor. Thanks for the continuous inspiration. (2007-07-30 18:41:38)
john: Once again Bro. Bo, you have enlightened me. Ang guess what, It was just about over a month when I read your newsletter titled "The Missing Link Of Success:Who Are Your Mentors?", then I prayed for a financial mentor, in which I desperately needed these days. Guess what, God has already sent him and I didn't even know it until the other week! Again I thank God for sending to be the mentor of your countless viewers. I do pray, that one of these days, I'll be able to help your ministry also, I really wanted to. (2007-07-29 22:08:35)
joe: Thanks for being one of my mentor. In my present location, we dont have much contact with people, so reaching us here in middle east is a huge spiritual blessing.You are God's messenger. (2007-07-28 01:51:21)
jhon: You have been an inspiring personality:-) in my married and spiritual life. i just thank God that you have been my mentor.Tnx and more power. (2007-07-26 21:07:51)
Janice: It was 4 years ago when I have read one of your books, and I don't know why you suddenly came to my mind one night I was preparing to bed. The next day, I search the internet about your name Bro. Bo, and I was astonishes seeing your name on the web. I really like listening to your teachings even before. I thank God by giving me a mentor although I have not seen you in person yet. I always watch your videos in the office though it's not permitted. Thanks and more power. :) (2007-07-26 14:44:22)
mike arrieta: thanks for being a great mentor, bo! every time i listen to your talks, i feel God's immense love and each day, i feel so blessed! GOD bless you and my condolences to your family upon your father's demise. keep up the goodwork, bo! (2007-07-26 14:37:26)
Marvin: All my life... I've been looking for mentors till I found my wife Rose and you Brother Bo. Someone tangible like you guys... Someone to clean up my mess. Thanks for giving me the strength and courage to walk in the right pathway - where God wants me to be. (2007-07-26 14:11:01)
yogi: Grabe ang saya saya ko... i just realized that i should have my personal mentor.. puro kasi public mentor like u.. im broken hearted kasi and im just solving it all by myself, ngek... Thank you thank you 100 times. Yahoo. Godspeed my public mentor. (2007-07-26 12:28:03)
andrew: nbless n nmn ako ni Lord through bro. bo. I love reading specially inspiring books! but that is only my public mentor, Now i will start praying to my personal mentor. Do we have community or group here in Canada, I am living in Vancouver. Thank You so much... (2007-07-26 11:11:43)
rhoel: thank you bro bo, can you be my investment mentor?again thank you...Godbless your ministry... To God be the glory forever. Amen (2007-07-26 10:32:54)
mel: Bro.Bo thank you for the enlightenment about this topic, I just know to have mentor is not to be like him /her but to know deeper about your mentor.The way you carry and express yourself heartily with so much humility make you y mentor. I keep on praying that someday i can meet you in person and join you in every activities that you do or even join in a community that my spirituality will nourish more about Gods love. Thank you for being there for us as our mentor.more power (2007-07-26 10:01:17)
Heart: brother bo, thank you for your daily talk in preacher in blue jeans. i am blessed and inspired daily because of you and your ministry. More power and please, be my mentor! (2007-07-26 09:37:03)
Marra: You'll always be my mentor!!! Thank you for that!!! (2007-07-26 07:54:30)
jay-r: Bro. Bo, pls continue teaching us and spreading the word of God. Because of you we are so blessed. Tnx so much... God bless (2007-07-26 02:30:22)
lisette: Hi Bo, thanks for your constant reminder to look for a mentor. I am still praying & waiting for my mentor from God. Thank you for being one of my mentor. God Bless. (2007-07-26 01:19:24)
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