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July 25, 2007

Two inspiring testimonies on Bo's last day in the East Coast. Enjoy and be blessed!

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Tek G.: Brother Bo (or cousin Bo!), thanks for this visit w/my dad! It really meant a lot to all of us here! It was the first time to see him again as humble and honest w/his feelings. He was really looking forward to seeing you and sharing w/you and you just made his dream come true. You mentioned how "huge" my dad was whe he was younger, but actually, he honestly looks up to you (and your parents!) and really admire you for how you've touched so many people's lives, to no end! He says that you have done and still doing a lot more than anyone can imagine in his own lifetime! We all admire you and your ministry! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing all these testimonies openly to the world. You sure know how to make the Holy Spirit move in everyone's lives! God bless you and your family...and your ministry! tek and family (2007-08-08 02:14:09)
JULIA WILSON: Dear Bro. Bo. A very good friend of mine shared this video with me not to spread the word of God but to show me the family of the man that she has learned to love so much unconditionally in the most unusual turn of events and unconventional but quite serendipitous circumstances. I kinda have the feeling that she was trying to assure me that she made the right choice. I have known her for some years and I used to find it "crazy" that she always clasp a rosary each time she is scared, unsure or sad and why even after attending a Sunday mass, she would try to go to mass every day. I asked her why and her reply was, "I need to be guided and need to be told which way is the right way. I pray to ask for a sign to point me to the right direction. Sometimes I just want to say thank you for everything with really nothing in my mind. Other times I just want God to hide me or heal my pain". She is not a preachy friend neither will it strike you that she is religious. She is a hard-nosed Filipino expatriated to different countries to conquer markets, and that is how I met her. She was my client. A Feared woman executive in her industry, who is disarmingly sweet once you meet her. Since the day I met her, I have been amazed how she manages both explosive career and family. She cooks everyday for her family and weekends are sacred. I cannot understand where she gets the energy and commitment to do so. In her blog she wrote "there are so many things to thank for that sometimes am so ashamed if I donut make the most out of the blessings I receive every single day. This woman was not fortunate with her partners in life. She married well, so she thought, as the guy is a member of a prayer group she attends in Forbes. He turned out to be an abusive husband both verbally and physically that she was left with no choice but to file a criminal case and have the marriage dissolved. Free from an abusive relationship, she was reunited with her first love, which at this time had his annulment done. It was a reunion welcomed by both families that no time was wasted they lived-in. She was against it but torn between offending the man she loves or just wait things out. It was happy years for them, until trials descended on them and tested the foundation of the relationship. A test they failed miserably as they are now separated after 6 years 4 of which they have lived together. I have seen this woman love. And it is like a bottomless pit!!! he just goes on and on and on... caring, loving, serving selflessly even if it is returned with envy, jealousy and destruction by people who are just to selfish to be genuinely happy for her. She jokingly calls it love, service and devotion. All these years, I've never heard her bitter about the abusive spouse and the reunited first love that turned out to be a deceitful relationship meant to take advantage of her hard earned wealth. She always has a happy disposition, always laughing mostly at herself with her "disaster" streak of dropping, things, falling etc. She has a wonderful daughter who is her spitting image that you would think it’s an immaculate conception as the child never got anything form the father. I was amazed how her life seems to be "taken cared of" as she goes through several storms in her life, meeting it head on from strength to strength. When the reunited first love failed, we were all devastated us being a sucker for romance and romantic episodes in our life. She always says, you can never pray enough. Just pray like you are talking to HIM and Mother Mary with all your trust and confidence. she says it’s not easy. In her case she gives thanks for her life and all its blessings, acknowledge that she is exactly where God wants her to be. She just ask for strength to accept God's will in case its different from what she wants, and for the gift of discernment to know where she is being led. She just prays or talks to God all the time. One would think that she would have closed her heart with 2 failed relationships...However just when she did that, for some strange turn of events, very far from her normal activities of the day, somebody has fallen in love with her unconditionally in the same way she has fallen in love with him. I am inspired by this woman's life lived in prayers. Silent and discreet it may seem, her faith seemed to have cushioned the blows and paved the way for her. I am not very religious but I believe in miracles. She deserves to be the happiest! and He deserves the same level of happiness. The way he found her, fell in love with her does not know rhyme or reason. My good friend has probably intensified her daily rosary or must be going to mass 2x a day instead of just once seeking for guidance and signs! I am sharing this because I would like to ask this community to join me in my prayers to pray for the man who fell in love with my friend and my very dear friend. Both of them have so much love to give and deserve the best...and I must say the worst of each other. I don't know why, but after reading the testimonies here, I told myself, one day my friend and (hopefully by then) her husband and their 5 kids (there is 4 now between the two of them and I fervently wish that they will have one of their own) will be featured by Bro. Bo. Theirs is a story to tell. A story of faith, hope, disappointments, betrayal, trusts and love. Most of all, it is a story of faith and love in the most unusual serendipitous circumstances. It makes me think, that my friend could be right that God's hand is always at work if you allow HIM and He is out there to make things right for you if you will just allow him. To Dense and Dense... you know who you are. I read somewhere in this site, "walk by faith and not by sight". I think this is what your relationship is to begin with....all the faith and love, without the benefit of sight..:) and I know you two know what I mean. Bro. Bo you being his relative and showing his family here makes me feel so at peace that my dear friend has been found by the man that truly loves her unconditionally...finally she may have fallen in love with someone who will never make her shed a tear. To everybody, please pray for the two of them and their children. It's an awesome feeling hearing these two tell me how much they love each other that you would think they are still in their teens! GOD BLESS and let's pray for DENSE and DENSE! (believe me, first time I’m saying this and really meaning it). And finally from me to the two of you… you both “like dreaming” but you both know that your dreams are soon to be your reality. I know it. I don’t know why but I know it. Your meddling but well meaning friend, Julia (2007-07-27 15:57:38)
paddy: bro bo, i really miss my community in manila. if you know of any community here in london - birmingham - worcestershire, united kingdom area please email me. if there is none yet, im sure there are lots of individuals watching PIBJ who are also longing for a community, we could gather here. please introduce me to them. (2007-07-26 18:52:32)
mel: Bro.Bo. tell you the truth this is my first time I watched PIBJ, this really strucked me because something in my mind told me to open up the website for the fisrt time and I watch you there talking as if something unsusal came out from my body and I was awake for solong of sleep... I give more time opening some websites that i dont need in my life....Thank you it changes my prospective in my everyday life here in Hongkong... more power (2007-07-25 12:26:40)
Erwin I: Bro. Bo, I watch PIBJ everyday and it blessed me so much. Please continue this ministry. It really changes lives. It helps us grow our relationship with Father God and Lord Jesus Christ. God bless...Thank you very much for this program. (2007-07-25 07:23:51)
Knight Joshua: Tnx... God Bless....... (2007-07-25 06:39:30)
Tnx...God bless!.......: Tnx.. God Bless!....... (2007-07-25 06:38:01)
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