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July 20, 2007

Eulogy for Bro. Gene Sanchez

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Servants of the Risen Christ Music Ministry: We offer our deepest condolences to Bro Bo and family. Your father is such an inspiration to us! We pray for his eternal rest; we know that he is the love and joy of Jesus in heaven. We love you! God bless! (2007-07-25 12:27:18)
jerry&pin: Bro Bo and Tita Marowe, Our prayers and condolences... (2007-07-25 07:45:47)
minnie: my deepest condolences to Bo,Becky and te rest of the family.i would certainly cherish the retreats when i would see bro.Bo caressing the arms of his father. (2007-07-25 05:52:24)
sylvia lopez-vergara: our deepest condolences to your family bro.Bo...we love you bro.Bo, from sly&tyrone (2007-07-24 02:37:27)
oyang: our deepest condolences to your family, bo.. Daddy Gene is at peace with Father God now. We will continue praying for your family. (2007-07-22 21:23:32)
Ricky: Please accept our condolences to you bro. Bo and your family. We are so inspired by the way he loved while he is still alive. I know he is a great father. You are so blessed by having a father like him. (2007-07-22 15:35:03)
Joe & Angie Briones: Bo and family, praise God for this medium, it enables Joe and myself to condole with the family & Community on the passing of Tito Gene despite the distance. We are based in Wellington but we regularly receive PiBJ cast. We never thought that feature of Bo grooming him is a symbolic act of preparation. Our prayers for his eternal rest and for the family to be comforted by God's grace. (2007-07-22 12:07:08)
Ericson Maglalang and Family: Our condolonces to you bro. bo, to your mom and the rest of your family. Your father's life was a great example for all of us in that we should treasure our family as God's wonderful gift. He is truly such an inspiration with the way he lived his life serving God and others. We've learned so much about his life from you and plans to do the same to my young family. God bless (2007-07-22 02:53:34)
ramon,naw & nique: we honor your dad, a true servant! you are so blessed to have him around for 88 years, and we're so thankful because we see him in you, a brother with strong faith to the LORD! eternal rest grant unto the soul of bro. gene o LORD. (2007-07-22 02:42:50)
Jerome/Del/Francis de Leon: Our deepest condolonces to you and your family. In Jn 3:16 God loved the world so much, He gave His only Son, that all who believe in Him might not perish, but might have eternal Life. I'm sure your Dad is now enjoying the company of our Lord. (2007-07-22 00:40:58)
Julie Calderon: Hi bro. Bo, in behalf of Shalom Group chapter her in Rome, Italy we extend our deepest condolence to your family. God bless you every single day. (2007-07-21 20:43:33)
Bo Sanchez: My dearest friends, Thank you so much for all these kind and beautiful words. Through the past days, I've come to realize how important it is to have friends when one is grieving. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of the love you've shown, I've become more convinced of the goodness of human beings. I pray for blessings upon you, that God reward you for your kindness. Bo (2007-07-21 18:59:14)
Relly: "AND IT IS IN DYING THAT WE ARE BORN TO ETERNAL LIFE." Please accept our sincerest condolences. He is a great man. (2007-07-21 18:14:31)
cecille: i will be praying for Bro. Gene and the whole Sanchez family ... may they all be comforted knowing that the head of their family is rejoicing now with our God... they now have an angel, a prayer warrior so close to the Lord (2007-07-21 16:37:51)
mariz - sydney: bro bo, you and your siblings are such lucky children to have an ideal father, who is not only a responsible, loving and endearing dad but most importantly a God-fearing father. heaven must be rejoicing immensely in welcoming him to his real home. may the thought that your dad has so much love in his heart for God and his loved ones comfort your family at this time of your great loss. (2007-07-21 15:51:53)
tito a. reyes: Tita Pilar and Family in behalf of my family am extending my deepest condolences. I just learned yesterday afternoon when I read Manang's email. (2007-07-21 12:46:07)
Carlos Aguilar: My deepest symphaties, bro Bo. I know the feeling of losing a father and I cannot describe the grief I felt which I'm sure you are also feeling right now. How I wished to have been able to spent more time with him. Let us find comfort in the thought that they are now with our Father and we will see them again someday. (2007-07-21 10:36:44)
Emma Soleybar: My deepest condolence to Bro. Bo and family. I've witnessed how great is your family, I've felt like part of this family. Tito Gene's parting is the reborn of a lot of people who had been faithful to all of your teachings. This is the living testament how great God's love is. Emma (Toronto, Canada) (2007-07-21 08:36:32)
Joshua: Condolence bro. Bo........................................... (2007-07-21 08:31:59)
sol and kenny: Expressing our deepest condolence to you Bro. Bo and the rest of your family. Our prayers are with you. God Bless!!! (2007-07-21 06:06:26)
jhun / abbie: our deepest condolences brother bo and to the rest of your family..GOD BLESS. (2007-07-21 04:05:50)
Wena M.: Bro. Bo., my prayers and deepest sympathy to you and the rest of your family. It’s never easy no matter how prepared you are. Thank God for his wonderful life! (2007-07-21 03:19:40)
Gay & Joy Ongkiko (Singapore): Bro. Bo, condolences po, kahit na hindi po namin personally nakilala daddy nyo, nakilala lang po namin sya nung Father's Day Special episode nyo dito sa PIBJ, nakita po namin kung gaano sya nagmahal bilang daddy. Sana marami pang maging daddy na katulad ni Bro. Gene, para marami ring mga anak katulad mo Bro. Bo na ipanganak sa mundo. =) (2007-07-21 02:10:36)
Edna Belonio: A Deepest Condolences from our family especially from me. I was so touched by the episode where u cutting his nails... it made me cry. It made me long and miss my father back home even more too. Praying for u and ur whole family. God bless... (2007-07-20 23:42:23)
gee: condolences to your family. may our good creator comfort you always... (2007-07-20 23:33:07)
jack: Bro Bo, our hearfelt condolences to you and your family. I know that he's now joining our Lord in His eternal kingdom. we, the saint joseph hope of the sick, here in Cag de Oro, will offer our prayers and masses for bro Gene. (2007-07-20 22:31:05)
buttons sison: St. Louis, MO (USA) - Bro. Bo, Tita Pilar and the Sanchez Family, we send our deepest condolonces and love to you and your family. We honor a great man of God, the father of LOJ, who through his loving example has changed my life in a big way. Our prayers continue for Tito Gene. God bless! (2007-07-20 20:32:49)
john and tine: Our heartfelt condolences to your family. We will never forgot how you honored your father and how much in his old age he looks at you so lovingly when you cut his fingernails. Our prayers are with you. (2007-07-20 19:09:21)
LOJ - NZ: Tita Pilar, Chelle, Bubu, Pinkie, Tina, Becky and Bro. Bo … Our heartfelt condolences for the passing of Tito Gene Sanchez. We were greatly blessed by his life testimony, love for his family and most of all his fervent love of God. Again our sympathies. Light of Jesus - New Zealand members (2007-07-20 16:15:09)
Em: We at LOJC here in LA continue to honor Tito Gene with you there in Pinas. He was a great man of God, a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and brother in Christ. Everybody's testimony is a proof that Jesus is victorious in His life. No doubt that he is now enjoying the mansion that Jesus prepared for him in heaven. Praise and thank God for Tito Gene's life! We are blessed by his love and life testimony. LOVE and PEACE to Bo and everyone in the Sanchez family. from your family in lojc_la (2007-07-20 11:47:42)
clarise: Bro. Bo condolences to you and your family. God Bless always.! (2007-07-20 10:21:10)
cjolly: Bro.Bo, my deep condolences to you and your family. I can relate to your situation now, since I have also lost my father 2 years ago. I would like to honor your father. I may not know him personally but I knew he is a very good father, a teacher, a friend to you and an inspiriation to a lot of people. I am sure he is happy resting with the Lord now. God bless you always! (2007-07-20 08:14:45)
marivic eduarte: my condolences to the whole family. You're father is now free from suffering. Your loss is heaven's gain. Bro Gene is home with our God. God has promised thar you will be joined together with you and with the Lord, completely whole and full of joy...He has his crown first - we will follow someday - in God's time. (2007-07-20 08:08:06)
tess v: first of all i would like to express my deepest condolonces to you bro. bo and the rest of your family. I thank God for sending you to us to nourished our soul everyday. In one way or another eventhough we don't know each other personally but i met you in person when you came here in canada last year. in a way,i would like to honor your father as an inspiration of christianity to all, he is an amezing father how i wish that all fathers on earth will be like your dad because i believe the legacy will go on and the result will be a better world coz i believe that fathers are the priest of the family. again my condolences. God Bless! (2007-07-20 07:44:43)
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