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July 19, 2007

3rd day at the mortuary chapel.

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mikel: My deepest condolence to you Bro. BO! God embrace you to the lost of your father! We love you Bo! (2007-07-26 20:02:05)
RELLY: Our deepest condolences Bro. Bo. Daddy Gene is a great man. He'll surely be with our Father in Heaven. (2007-07-21 18:06:38)
edwin menor: You have our heart-felt sympathy for the loss of your father. May you find peace with time. God bless, Edwin & Amor (Hongkong) (2007-07-20 21:40:50)
William & Monic Allarey - Jacksonville, FL: We would like to express our sincere condolences on the recent passing of your father. We know that your great strength, family and friends will help you at this time of loss. God Bless. (2007-07-20 13:33:21)
Em: PEACE & LOVE to everyone in the blessed family circle of the Sanchez family! The last time I saw Bro Gene was in 1997 when I visited the Philippines with my daughter, Grace. By then, he already had his accident and could no longer recognize me in spite of Tita Pilar's effort to have him recall who I was. Although he didn't seem to be the Tito Gene I used to know, the inner peace and gentleness were still very evident. He might had not remembered me that day but I knew in my heart that I was in his heart if not in mind because we shared many days praising and thanking God, giving glory to his name in prayers and service. I praise and thank the Lord for Tito Gene. He was the father I never had. I had a great Dad myself and I love him dearly but Tito Gene completed in me the things that my own biological father was not able to impart to me. You will always be in my memory, Tito Gene. We love you! from your family in lojc_la (2007-07-20 11:02:34)
prendy: Hello Bro. Bo, Condolence to you and your family, may the Lord comforts you at this time as He is our Comforter, our Refuge and our strength..I'm sure the heaven is rejoicing as they welcome Bro. Gene Sanchez. GOD BLESS!!! (2007-07-20 08:42:39)
Eric and Hazel, Jacksonville,FL: Our prayers and condolences to your whole family, Bro Bo. We haven't met your father but we knew how great he was through you and your stories... God Blessjf8Q6 (2007-07-20 08:10:08)
jainy: My deepest condolence to you, Bro. Bo. I pray that the Lord will give you strength and comfort you and the whole family, especially your Mom. Take care and God bless (2007-07-20 05:03:14)
cheryl encarnado, lubbock,texas: thank you very much brother bo for still inspiring us even though you are hurting. our condolences to you and your family. God bless your big and generous heart. We love you. (2007-07-19 23:52:00)
mary anne chiong: our deepest condolences to you and your family bro bo. we thank God for your dad who taught you to be the person that you are now, a great man who touches our lives and inspires us everyday. he is just a cloud away so do not be too sad. (2007-07-19 22:40:16)
rayman and sheree: Our condolences to you and to your family Bro. Bo. (2007-07-19 22:18:55)
ernie & gina alipio: Our condolences to you and your family. We never knew your father but from all your talks we know you experienced God's love through him and are so blessed to have had him as your dad. (2007-07-19 20:26:31)
charlia: Condolence brother bro. (2007-07-19 19:30:40)
Bro. Manny Munda: Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Despite the pain that it brings, passing away is one great moment for which we are finally called for to come closer and return to the Almighty . The entire family is with you in this solemn and holy moment. The inspiration brought to you by tatay Gene will continue to light up the hearts of the Filipino people. We love you.... (2007-07-19 18:32:50)
crow morano: condolence to you brother Bo and to the Sanchez family. We always Love You.Thank You and may God Bless you Always.......... (2007-07-19 18:21:39)
Cindy delos Santos: Our family wishes to extend our deep condolences to you, Bro. Bo, and to your family for the loss of your beloved father. But we know that he's now happy with our Creator. God bless u and ur family! (2007-07-19 18:09:50)
anonymous: Brother Bo Sorry About Your Dad, He Was A Good man Who led you close to god.May His Soul Rest in Peace (2007-07-19 16:19:51)
Suzette Sevilla (Bartlett,TN USA): My condolences to you Brother Bo and your family. Godbless! (2007-07-19 15:52:03)
Jay and Shiela Alvarez & family: We are deeply saddened by your dad's departure. Wish there are more good fathers like him. We will be praying for him and your family. (2007-07-19 14:25:16)
christynel: our deepest condolence to you bro. bo and your family. (2007-07-19 13:43:43)
aice & marj: our deepest condolences to you bro bo. tatay gene is a great father. i know he will be with jesus right now! we pray for you and your family bro bo for comfort and peace. take care and GOD bless you! regards marj and aice and our baby franciz paul jhon. we love you bro bo. (2007-07-19 12:27:22)
Gilbert & jackie Henson: Our Deepest Condolences Bro. Bo to you and your family...God Bless.. (2007-07-19 11:51:17)
demette: Our condolences Bro. Bo to you and your family. We know that your father is in Paradise with our Creator and very happy telling Him how proud he is of you. God bless you... (2007-07-19 11:22:44)
Vangie Sangcap: Bro.Bo & Family,Our deepest condolences to you & your Family,we know tatay Gene is already with Jesus,You really have a great father;Me & My Family will pray to God that tatay Gene will rest eternally in the love of God.God Bless...Poy,Vangie&Nigell (2007-07-19 11:02:11)
Adora: Bro. Bo, we wish you and your family comfort and peace. Take care always and God bless! Regards, Adora and Rouel (2007-07-19 10:06:31)
Edith and family: My condolences Brother Bo to you and your family. I hope you can also include in your prayers my father who also joined our creator two years ago. Thank you and God bless. (2007-07-19 09:26:23)
Prince dela Paz: Condolence Brother Bo... We Love You... (2007-07-19 07:44:53)
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