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July 12, 2007

Day 6 of Bo Sanchez's US East Coast Tour. Be a winner as Bo talks about winning against life's Goliaths. Conquer your giants now.

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donna of brunei: bro. Bo really popular now he's really huge very love and admire by everyone he really touches people heart GOD bless him always (2007-07-22 10:56:22)
irene: I want to wish you a blessed, happy birthday Bro Bo. Thank you so much for bringing me closer to God. Everyday for the last few months, first thing i do is to praise God together with you by listening over your radio program. God bless you and praise and glory to our God almighty (2007-07-19 13:19:12)
rose: Happy Birthday bro. Bo. God bless ! (2007-07-17 11:06:56)
ethel: hi bro bo...happy bday!i really wana thank you that you came into my life...a friend of mine from other xtian group tried to invite me to attend to their fellowship,but u know wat since iam really a loyal catholic i really searched for you, "THE FEAST"...if only i have more time to tell u my story on how i found u...God really helped me searching for you.. I have shared this to my friends some attended already and also with my family(my parents and my tita), straight from laguna, coz they are enjoying ur feast they always go here in manila every sat. to sleep over in my place to attend the feast every sunday...iam really a big fan of yours! u inspired lots and lots of people...hope they will find you too and experience these inspirational talks and i believe they will find here what they are looking for ... "a REAL HOME" God Bless always. Keep it Up! thanks for sharing ur blessings! (2007-07-13 20:28:18)
onassis: i would like to thank you bo for the thoughts, i hope and pray that you will continue to bless people because God blesses you so much, continue to draw closer to God and to His word (2007-07-13 08:29:32)
onassis: i would like to thank you bo for the thoughts, i hope and pray that you will continue to bless people because God blesses you so much, continue to draw closer to God and to His word (2007-07-13 08:29:30)
SARAH: hi,happy bday again my "idol"!and you made me inspired again w/your wonderful talk right now...that the more we fucos our problems...we got delayed...posponed our dreams that we visions!and it happend to me,i came to realize that i got so much delayed w/my plans for my future....but,still not too late to pursue it...just like my fav.verse jeremiah plans to prosper give hope for the future...thanx for the talked!awesome!godbless (2007-07-13 00:51:51)
Manny: Happy Birthday and more birthday celebrations to come..Gaod Bless you and your family.. (2007-07-12 20:50:54)
Marvin Cunanan: Happy b-day bro. Bo, I just want you to know that you are a blessing to all of us. God bless you. I love you bro. Bo. (2007-07-12 16:38:32)
Joy Bugarin: Peace to you again,Bro.Bo, I just want you know that I read your daily reflection Didache everyday, and I watch your Preachers in blue jeans everyday, because you are my David in my life, you inspired me by your words daily. I love you with the love of the Lord. (2007-07-12 16:37:47)
yem2: bro bo happy birthday godbless you always! to my batchmate in MST and friends in LST...visit this site esp.preacher in blue will help you a lot in your journey..esp. in your paradigm...godbless! (2007-07-12 16:18:06)
john: hi bro. bo its been so long that i didnt visit this site..wellll....its good to be back again..godbless! thanks for your insparational mssge...godbless! (2007-07-12 16:00:48)
aezel aguirre: happy candle cake day bro. bo..Godbless you always... (2007-07-12 15:54:05)
ailyn: I pray that the LORD continue to bless you and your family as you truly bless a lot of people, not just on your bday but always. I thank God for you. I praise HIM for HIS amazing teachings (through Bro. Bo) that nourish my soul. My 17 year-old daughter who is a Lupie draws strength from your powerful talks and on how you walk the talk. God bless! (2007-07-12 14:35:02)
mario & tess vierneza: Bro. Bo, we praise God for allowing you to celebrate another birthday year. We pray to Him that, you will be blessed continously with peace, joy, love & good healthin the name of Jesus. Happy & blessed anniversary too, with Jesus. (2007-07-12 14:24:39)
elek: i just happened to know it's your birthday! so i greet you with God's love. i pray that you will be a happy and holy preacher. thank you for bringing us closer to God. God bless you more abundantly in your ministries. (2007-07-12 12:25:12)
ruding: happy bday, bro. bo! Thanks for the wonderful things you had given to us thru this preacher in blue jeans! You're truly God's gift to us! (2007-07-12 11:47:36)
gen: happy birthday brother bo. continue to be an instrument of spreading God's word. God bless you always! =) (2007-07-12 11:04:09)
David Ealdama: Hi bo! i'm here in Singapore as an OFW... more power to Light of Jesus Community! I hope there will be a Singapore chapter of LOJ in the near future, or if there is one already, kindly email me at (2007-07-12 10:50:06)
JB: Hi PIBJ! I really wonder why you don't upload audio format of the episodes anymore. I hope you would on the next ones. Thanks! (2007-07-12 10:31:50)
glenda: Bro. Bo Happy Happy B-day...Wish you the best , good health to continue this ministry, Wisdom to go on & Guidance and blessing to the PBJ and your family....Tnx for everything ur indeed a blessing to us...God Bless always..... (2007-07-12 10:22:41)
SM: Hi Bo! Happy happy birthday! May God keep blessing you so you will always be a blessing to others. Thanks for your free book. (2007-07-12 06:48:33)
michael: good morning to everyone. thanks for the preacher in blue in jeans nourishing our soul every single day. more power. god bless you. (2007-07-12 06:42:41)
jabel: Bro Bo,thanks for the inspirational talks.I feel so blessed everytime i log in to preacherinbluejeans,I feel close to God.I know that if I focus on my dreams and not on the giants,not on the negatives then God will give me the grace to reach those dreams I'm yearning for.God bless us all. (2007-07-12 06:24:05)
emma c . tuazon: Praise & glory to GOD ! A happy, blessed birthday to you , Bro Bo ! May you continue to " fish " men and share your wisdom to all the people who come along your way ! Sincerely In Christ Jesus' Name , emma (2007-07-12 04:35:21)
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