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July 11, 2007

It's Bo's birthday! Send in your greetings via the comment box! Happy birthday Bro.Bo!

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julius tigley perater: idol...happy birthday u will single for christ cebu city (2007-12-14 22:04:00)
cherrypie bernardino: very belated bday wish.ka birthday mo bo ang aking father.He's not here anymore but nice to know that there's someone i will continue to inspire a lot of people,esp here in KSA.maraming maraming salamat.may you continue bless more people....hope to attend kerygma feast soon.... (2007-11-18 03:25:37)
hanie: hi! i really love your magazine kerygma and I was touched by your messages and how you became a better person... I always complain because I dont have big allowances but just then when i read the issue I learned to think of my parents who are working and how hard they work just to earn a living ...your magazine really touched my heart and the message is i should think of the other people and i should not be selfish....thank you verry much (2007-11-10 17:28:49)
carmela: my mom and dad both loved your books as well as i do........ thanx for touching our hearts and the hearts of many people.. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!! (2007-09-12 17:53:56)
cypher cayona: hi bro bo thank you for your program. just pray that our Great God continue to Bless you and your family so that may you continue to touch more people. from here in KSA. Thank you again! God bless! to live and to die for the sake of the call! cypher poh! (2007-09-09 06:23:04)
matt: belated happy birthday Bro Bo! ijust known it after I visited for the first time your nice website. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. You inspired alot of people including myself with your inspiring books. God bless Matt (2007-09-05 12:34:38)
lanie: Belated Happy birthday Bro.Bo! You're great! I wish you all the best. God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work... (2007-08-12 04:24:21)
csm: Happy birthday to Bro. Bo. we wish u all good health and longlife.. continue helping poorest of the poor god will make each one of us as a, instrument of god too in our own little way. U'r a legacy in a catholic cammunity.. keep it up.. (2007-08-08 18:48:58)
Ellen Teodorro: you're a great preacher bro. Bo, keep it up. you enlighten our minds. GOD BLESS!!!! (2007-07-31 08:23:57)
Ellen Teodorro: you're a great preacher bro. Bo, keep it up. you enlighten our minds. GOD BLESS!!!! (2007-07-31 08:23:54)
Ellen Teodorro: you're a great preacher bro. Bo, keep it up. you enlighten our minds. GOD BLESS!!!! (2007-07-31 08:23:51)
Nestor Amon: Hapi B-day Bro. I'm 39 y/o seaman for more than a decade reading your publication with my tigas ulo and God blessing thank you for those enlightining message I've felt i grown a little bit and Its keep going. God bless your family (2007-07-27 02:07:17)
jc tapang: Ur great preacher BO!!!!!!!*** (2007-07-25 18:59:40)
jc tapang: Ur a great preacher bo!!!!!! (2007-07-25 18:56:22)
Jessica E. Nota: hi Bo, keep up the good work! ur the best! (2007-07-19 14:58:05)
Carlos O. Perez: Happy Birthday to you Bro. Bo. May the Lord continue to pour His blessing upon you and your family! Carlos & Melrose Perez (2007-07-18 11:53:23)
Jaemie Crescini: happy happy birthday Bro. Bo! THank you for continuously sharing the wonders of our loving God! May He bless Us and the world always! (2007-07-18 11:20:27)
aileenML: Belated happy birthday Bro Bo. Truly, you are God's blessings to us! We wish you all that's best in this life. And may God continue to bless you in all your works. God speed! (2007-07-17 09:03:00)
ana: Belated happy birthday, Bro. Bo. You are such an inspiration. Your books are very enlightening. In reaching out to others you have given so much of yourself. Wish you long life, good health, happiness and prosperity. God bless. (2007-07-16 14:49:48)
manny lim: Happy Birthday bro bo..have more more birthdays to come. (2007-07-16 14:18:14)
jenny: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! Many thanks for being an inspiration in serving God and to know God more each day. May you continue to become a blessing to others for the rest of your life. We are praying for you and your family. Thank you in behalf of the many people you help in your ministry. We are here to support you. Take care and God bless! (2007-07-16 12:49:35)
Jun Asis - Happy Birthday Bo. Continue to spread the Word and living the Good News. You are God's work personified. Thank you fo Christifying cyberspace. God bless. (2007-07-16 08:05:59)
Al from Seattle: Belated Happy Birthday to you Bro. Bo! May the Lord continue to give you more strength to preach not only in the whole philippines but the whole world. The best preacher in town will continue to preach in the farthest of all the farthest of the world. God Bless! I pray that you will preach here in Seattle. Belated Happy Birthday again! (2007-07-16 00:42:28)
Jendee Sapo: Bro Bo! belated happy birthday! many more birthdays to come.. may the good Lord bless you more to give more to our brothers and sisters! All the best! (2007-07-15 18:52:03)
Tess Koesoemawiria: God bless you many times over, Bo! Many, many more birthdays to serve and please the Lord!!! Rooting for you! You give us hope and make the world a better place to live in. Cheers and love to you and your family, especially your mother who must have done something really good to have been blessed with a son like you! And Marowe, bless her heart to give her life and love to support your cause and mission. (2007-07-15 11:38:19)
nestor & cathy: Happy birthday (ninong :D) Bo!!! We pray that the Lord will continually bless you with good health for you to be able to bless and touch more people. We miss you all. (2007-07-15 02:18:24)
Poor Clare Nuns of Hong Kong - Srs. Mary Anne , Sonia, Nicole, Bernadette, Dominique , Imelda and Grace: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BRO. BO You are light shining ever brightly among the lives of people. We are so blessed to have known you and been touched by you. Always remember that God delights in you. More power to you. Wishing you and your family good health, peace and joy. (2007-07-14 19:00:08)
Michelle: Belated happy birthday bro. Bo! thank you for inspiring me, for bringing me closer to God, for everything really. You contributed a lot to my growth, you influenced my life a lot. Thank you is not enough to let you know how grateful i am to you. Thanks for being a friend to us, for being a brother and a mentor. You are one of the reason why God smiles. :) God bless you always.. we miss you here in Cebu. :) (2007-07-14 13:46:44)
mikel: Belated HAPPY BIRHTDAY Bro. BO!!!:) You are one of the person that inspires me to continue to run the race!!! Keep it up!!! God bless you and your whole family!!! Continue to be instrument of Gods blessings!!! (2007-07-14 11:33:02)
cleof: Belated Happy Birthday! You are God's gift to us, you always inspire us, everyday. More life and more blessings from our God! We love you! God loves you! (2007-07-14 10:37:19)
Vicky Hombrebueno: belated happy birthday. Ur a BIG help to us spiritually. God bless you, your family and our community. (2007-07-14 09:56:52)
Lelen: Hi bro. Bo! Belated happy birthday! May you continue to be an instrument of our great God! Thanks for all your inspiring messages! Wishing you enough! God bless! (2007-07-13 22:26:00)
lea: Belated happy bday Bro. Bo!^_^ May you have more bdays to come and continue to touch the lives of many people with your words and you works. Great job Bro. Bo! You're really a great blessing to everybody! Happyhappy bday and God bless you and your family!^_^ (2007-07-13 21:51:29)
kmi: Belated Happy Birthday Bo! Your a blessing to us. God bless you and your family. (2007-07-13 20:24:11)
Travin Dy: Happy Birthday Bro Bo!! May you have lots and lots and lots more to come! (2007-07-13 17:14:18)
thel: Happy birthday Bro Bo.! God bless you and your family.Thank you for inspiring us always. ;) (2007-07-13 16:56:14)
michael: Belated happy birthday Bro. Bo. and may God will continue to shower his blessings to you so that you can continue to spread the good news and touch so many lives in so many ways. We are truely blessed that you touch and continue to inspire us in our life with your hearth warming talks that nourishes our souls. (2007-07-13 15:27:37)
Joey & Mayen Lirio: Happy birthday Bro. Bo. Me, my husband and my daughter wish all the best for you as you continue to inspire people and serve the Lord. We will keep on praying for you. God bless you and your family. (2007-07-13 12:52:34)
Junie and Carleen,NN-JOY: Happy Birthday! You touched so many lives...including us. Conquer Philippines and the whole world with the word of God. (2007-07-13 12:10:30)
leo: Happy Birthday, Bro. Bo!!! God Bless You.... (2007-07-13 11:18:33)
Amy: Happy, Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! The Lord is really kind to the people because HE has given you to us as an inspiration and an instrument for us to strive to be good. You are leading us closer to the LORD and I thank you for that. May the LORD continue to bless you with good health and happiness. Many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday again! God bless. (2007-07-13 10:27:28)
Paul and Cherry Pinon: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! May the Lord continue to bless you with a long, healthy, meaningful and fruitful life. You are truly a blessing and an inspiration to us and to others. Thank you for nourishing our souls everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD BLESS YOU MORE! (2007-07-13 04:53:34)
GENE & COOKIE LUCAS: Happy birthday to A GREAT preacher, an awesome friend, and an over all wonderful person...God bless and may the universe continue to grant infinite blessings to you and your family....for always... (2007-07-13 02:23:00)
Joyce Ramos: Happy Blessed Birthday Bro. Bo! May God continue to bless you, your family and the ministry. You are a blessings to me and to many people. I thank God for you, because now I am able to listen to catholic stations here in Texas while I work. Addict na ako Bro. Bo to your teaching, Praise Be to God! I pray marami pang ma addict sa pakikinig sa teachings mo. Thank you for all that you do for God's Glory! (2007-07-13 02:05:42)
jhun / abbie: from us here in california,happy birthday bro. bo (2007-07-13 00:17:28)
Chacha: Happy Birthday Bro Bo! May the Good Lord continue to shower you with His Blessings! Thank you for being part of our lives. You have inspired a lot of people including myself. God Bless you and your Family! (2007-07-12 23:04:27)
Pablo Ong jr: happy birthday bro bo sanchez i wish payamanin ka pa ni Lord para po marami pa kayong matulungan na tao God bless you more and your family (2007-07-12 22:01:28)
malou: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! I pray that the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for inspiring us and being an instrument to knowing and loving God more. God bless! (2007-07-12 21:47:14)
Marites Senobin: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to so many other people. May GOD continue to shower you and your family with HIS abundant love and blessings. Happy Birthday and GOD bless...:) (2007-07-12 21:20:48)
Bo Sanchez: Dearest Friends. This is so overwhelming. This is too much. I have no words to express what I feel right now. You've touched my life. I feel so loved. You know what? Because of your letters, I'm reminded again that I have received a million times more than whatever I have given to God and to you. Friends, you are my real wealth. Because of you, I'm confident we can accomplish God's dreams for our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (2007-07-12 19:37:58)
elsa tabios: bro. bo happy b-day God bless u and ur family''' (2007-07-12 17:50:48)
Joy Bugarin: Peace to You Bro. BO, infact our real b-day is when you wake up in the morning and open our eyes we see again the blessings that God create, isn't! Anyway Lord gives you a wisdom and knowledge, and you used it to share to the whole world . May God always bless you everymorning until you retired in the evening and go to sleep. More cake's with candles to be blown Bro. BO! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILIES and FRIENDS. In behalf of my prayer partners of Yahweh El Shaddai here in Belgium, Europe. You are always in our prayers. (2007-07-12 16:23:55)
esther: Hi Bro Bo, Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless you and your family with strength and good health, so that you'll continue to inspire a lot of people! Happy Bday! (2007-07-12 15:50:35)
Gene: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! May God continue to bless you and your family. May you have more birthdays to come. (2007-07-12 14:59:48)
Zen Diaz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO. BO...You have made GOD so real because of what you are and what you bring to people. May GOD be with you and your family not just now but forever...zen. Baltimore, Maryland (2007-07-12 12:46:58)
kathy: bo, you are a living saint, you are worth emulating, youre an angel, and you are a blessing to humanity, you are indeed a big person, thank you bo, you have no idea how u touched and changed my life through youre preachings, me and my family will pray for you may you have a thousand lives to live, for the thousand people whose life youve touched, you are my model,,,and i can never thank you enough, god bless your life more,,, happy bday bo p,,,s,, please show the happening at the feast, (2007-07-12 12:40:58)
Em Evangelista: Bro. BO SALAMAT SA BUHAY MO. God bless sa ministry mo and sa family mo (2007-07-12 12:39:59)
malou: Happy birthday, Bro Bo! I wish u good health so that you can blessed more and more people like me. all the best to you and to all your wonderful works. May God bless u always. Happy birthday again. Malou (2007-07-12 11:10:13)
Adele Veridiano: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo. I thank the Lord for your daily teachings via internet. I am so blessed by the word of God thru you.I wish you all the best on your birthday and everyday of your life. Adele (2007-07-12 10:59:55)
Liz Yanga: Happy Happy Birthday Bo!!! May you be blessed as greatly as you have blessed our lives by your inspired teachings and powerful talks. When are you coming to Toronto? (2007-07-12 10:06:18)
mario & family: Happy B-day Bro.BO . We thank the LORD for having you as our inspiration in our daily lives. You are a blessing in so many people who are searching for GODS way. Your teaching nourishes our souls and helps us to be more faithful in our christian beliefs. Our burdens are lessened with the GODS word that you sent us in your internet daily show. May you have more inspiring works to share with us . GOD BLESS and again Maligayang Kaarawan!! (2007-07-12 09:10:30)
Liezl: Belated happy birthday Bro bo! May God bless you and keep you always! More power to your ministry:) (2007-07-12 08:40:16)
harold&ching of du quoin, IL: maayong adlawng natawhan. hinaot nga magpadayon ug lambo ang imong bokasyon. kuyog ka sa among mga pag ampo. (2007-07-12 08:16:45)
SAbrina: HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY Birthday Bo!! Thank you so much for always nourishing our souls, for all the things you have taught us , for making us better people=) (2007-07-12 08:02:30)
gave m. divino: dear BO, happy happy birthday..may u'l always be blessed by the LORD. GOD BLESS, Hoping & praying for you to have more natal days to come.. sister in CHRIST, GAVE M. DIVINO (2007-07-12 06:44:29)
Maria Vandermey: Happy Birthday! May God continue to shower you and your family with blessings. You are truly an inspiration! (2007-07-12 04:09:25)
Blen & Flor Espartero: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAPATID! We will say a special prayer for you today. May you remain blessed as you continue to bless others. (2007-07-12 03:47:22)
RUTH and MHAY: HAPPY BDAY Bro Bo nawa makarating ka sa Dagat Dagatan to touch the hearts of parishioners sa San Exequiel Moreno Parish (2007-07-12 02:37:59)
RUTH: Hi Bro Bo Invite ka namin sa San Exequiel Moreno PArish Dagat Dagatan Caloocan malapit na fiesta sa Aug 18 1PM may PA BINGO Kami 10K ang Prize 50 isang card 10 games na bili ka na ng card namin twag ka sa 2351687 LUZ LUCEL 4470299 RUTH 2884940 Pray na mabenta namin ito pls support our parish for more info the nuber of San Exequiel Moreno is 2889050 OO nga pala 5th year anniversary ng Women for Christ sa San Exequiel Moreno Parish (2007-07-12 02:35:15)
MHAY: Pls pray for Women for Christ San Exequiel Moreno Parish Dagat Dagatan, Rachel, Anita Real, Marina , Marisa, Marlyn Dolores, RUTH, LUZ, Mercy Rosalia, Leng, Janeth, Yolly, LUCEL, Menchu , ALLEn , SONIA, Lita, help them bless them sa mga undertakings nila specially kay LITA at elvie Alvarez, NINA (2007-07-12 02:31:24)
che lleses: Hello, Mr. Bo Sanchez! Happy birthday po. I will not praise you for all the things you have done. Many already did. In your birthday, it is God who will be the one to make you realize how proud He is to have a son like you. I do not exactly know how but I am sure you will be surprised and really be happy. (2007-07-12 01:39:34)
LivingWordPrayerCommunity: Hello Bo! Happy Happy birthday! Abundance. Peace and Joy be yours and your family. Thank you for being God's vessel of love. (2007-07-12 01:29:42)
SARAH: hi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!just want to extend my greetings to you here from california...your really a fastastic person!my deepest gratitude to thank you for all the INSPIRING words you've impart've really touched my life thru your preachings & words of god[books]....your really an inspiration to everyone!hope,you continue to bless many people hope7pray that you'll be more bless and touch my life...thank you very much...more power&wish you all the BEST!GODBLESS!HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (2007-07-12 01:10:50)
connie a.: hi bro bo, happy birthday, hope you have many, many more to come. you know, you're part of my daily life (working). my day is not enough without your blessings and prayers. God bless you and your family. thanks you so much... (2007-07-12 00:51:34)
Sonny: Bro. Bo, May you have many more bdays to come and may the good Lord continue to bless in your visions. Sonny (2007-07-12 00:44:02)
bing duque: My best wishes to you on this special day. Thank you for being a blessing to me. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly. Wishing you the best of health and peace of mind. (2007-07-12 00:43:26)
Vee_C: Happy birthday, Bro. Bo! I thank GOD for knowing you and for being an inspiration, a preacher, a counselor, and a friend to us all. You are such a blessing from above! Thank you for always praying for us. I'm praying for u too! GOD bless! (2007-07-12 00:18:56)
Dyky Yanga: Happy,happy birthday Brother Bo! I wish you continued success in everything you do and may God continue to shower you and your family abundant blessings for years to come. You have truly touch and changed our way of thinking and lives. You are truly heaven sent! More power..... (2007-07-12 00:15:11)
noel limcolioc: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!!! GOD Bless you.... (2007-07-12 00:13:11)
shirley del rosario: Happy bithday bro. bo.. you are my idol, thank you for your inspiring words and wishing you and your family all the best. Hope to see you in preson. God bless u always. (2007-07-12 00:07:33)
dennis ancheta: you are not just touching lives Bo, you are changing lives! happy birthday to you, and more power! (2007-07-11 23:48:56)
lyn: Happy b-day bro. Bo, wishing you happiness and good health. Thanks for inspiring us and for praying for us. God bless you and your family. Hope to see you again in person. (2007-07-11 23:43:21)
Cris I. & Family: Happy Birthday Bro Bo!!! You truly are a man of God. You've shared your life and light to millions of peole with much love and joy. May your lamp continue to shine for all of us. God is so proud of you as He sees and embraces the many lives you've touched, and I'm pretty sure heaven is rejoicing with all the choirs of angels and saints. God Bless you and your family. We love you. (2007-07-11 23:28:54)
edgardo c. quiambao: Bro Bo, Happy Birthday to you and may you have many more birthdays so you can touch more people and their lives just like what you did to my life. I have learned so much from you both spiritually and how to take charge of my financial and personal life. Many blessings have come to me since.I hope some day I get to meet you personally so I could share my life and experiences with you. I will be going to California on September to work there. Hope to see you here before I go or in the US when you have your US tour again. (2007-07-11 23:16:12)
sheena idago: Bro.BO you're truly a blessing...may you never tire in doing God's work!from my heart to yours,happy joyous birthday to you!!! God bless you & your family! (2007-07-11 23:11:33)
JanP: Happy, Happy Birthday, Kuya Bo! =) I honor and thank you for the ways you invest your life in the lives of others through your ministries. The way you use your unique gifts and talents makes a magnificent difference in the body of Christ. May the Lord continue to be gracious to you, give you His favor and bountiful blessings to your family. See you here in Canada this October! =) Warm regards to Ate Marowe and hugs to my friend Bene & also Francis --> hope to meet him this year :) (2007-07-11 22:51:02)
jomari: happy birthday bro bo!!!!may u hve more b-days to come....tnx for inspiring us....... (2007-07-11 22:45:58)
cesar gallano: happy birthday bro. bo! keep up the good work...idol! wishing you all the best... God bless you! (2007-07-11 22:41:06)
joanne: happy birthday bro. bo! =) blessings to you, always... thanks for always inspiring people... üÜü (2007-07-11 22:30:37)
Anna (u.a.e): happy happy bday my dear brother bo, you're a such greatest blessings to all of us me. you are an amazing person, gifted and a very talented, everything is in you, what else can i wish for you; only 1 thing bro, GOOD HEALTH always and a very very long life so that you bless billions of people. THANK YOU SO MUCH brother bo, i really inspired a lot, i know you won't get tired of doing God's work. Above all God is so great for us. God bless you more and more. (2007-07-11 22:29:21)
arlene a. santos: There are joys to be discovered in the journey of life, & u know 1 joy we discovered? It's YOU! Ur really a Blessing to our family! HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY, AND MANY(71107X) MORE YEARS & BLESSINGS TO COME! From: Lito, Arlene, Shek2, MM & JJ SANTOS (2007-07-11 22:28:59)
jinn_texas: happy birthday, bro bo! i pray for your you always! more power! God bless. thank you so much for always touching our lives. we love you! (2007-07-11 22:01:54)
allan: hope to have a personal email coming from u...thanks (2007-07-11 21:51:29)
allan: ei sir bo, o tanjoobi wa omedeto gozaimasu...hehehehe japanese version naman para maiba...just wanna thank you for inspiring many people in Gods word...i know God is too much happy and grateful to have u as a son...dont stop preaching and inspiring us....God bless and Gambattekudasai (2007-07-11 21:50:18)
Servants of the Risen Christ Charismatic Music Ministry: Happy Birthday dear Brother Bo! We wish you happiness and success; good health and long life; a blessed family and more power to your wonderful ministry and community! We love you and God bless! (2007-07-11 21:39:49)
grace: Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Bo... You are such a wonderful blessing to this world... Thank you and God bless you more... i love you (2007-07-11 21:28:27)
winnie andres: Happy birthday Bro. Bo. Thank you for all the teachings you have shared with me. Preacher in Blue Jeans really nourishes our souls. May our Lord bless you and your family all the days of your life. (2007-07-11 21:16:24)
alma: Bro. Bo you are God's gift to us, i have learned a lot from your show especially in trusting the Lord & because of u i realized how wonderful life is, i was really praying for this kind of show in the internet, thanks so much Bro. Bo!!! Happy birthday!!! God bless! (2007-07-11 21:14:28)
Ramesil and family: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!! Your trully a blessing to me and to my family. I pray to the Lord that He well continue bless and use you, to touch the life of billions and billions of people. May God bless you always and also with your family. We love you (2007-07-11 21:10:40)
beccareyes: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO. BO. Kaya pala super bait ng husband ko kc ka-birthday mo. Thanks for nourishing our soul everyday. You are truly heaven sent (same with my husband. he he he) (2007-07-11 21:09:14)
Padua family: Happy birthday bro. bo! You have been a wonderful manifestation of God's love. Thank you for inspiring us to live to the fullest. God bless you and your family. (2007-07-11 20:49:40)
jen: Happy Birthday Bro Bo!!!!! May the Good Lord bless you with good health and long life so that you can continue inspiring people with your preaching and bringing them closer to God. (2007-07-11 20:48:14)
joy myrn: Happy birthday Bro. Bo! Thank you for being a blessing to all of us. More power to you! (2007-07-11 20:47:59)
arlene dayao: Happy Birthday from Finland bro. Bo! You have been my Angel since 1996 (When I first read your book and I have been giving your books as gifts to my friends and lend them for inspiration) You have been inspiring my life through "Preacher in Blue Jeans". Please pray for me so I can overcome this misery I am in now. God bless! (2007-07-11 20:47:49)
giveson: Happy Birthday Mr. Mouthpiece of the LORD our GOD!!! You blessed our life, my family and you made us more stronger in Faith and in Love with God, In return we will be praying for you always! God Bless your Family, ministries and PIBJ! (2007-07-11 20:36:49)
ice: Bro.Bo, HaPpY hApPy BiRtHdAy! =) Thank you for answering God's calling to bless everyone. May God continue to bless you with His wisdom and love to share to all. Salamat po!!! :-) (2007-07-11 20:34:49)
Phakist: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo !! Thank you for the gift of you !!! You have been touch millions of people lifes including me !! I Pray that you will continue Bless the world with your life!! God Bless and Happy Birthday !!! (2007-07-11 20:30:01)
Lisette & Jerome: Hi Bo, Happy Birthday. You are truly a blessing to us. Keep it up. Enjoy your day. (2007-07-11 20:24:29)
Baltazar Family: Brother Bo Happy Birthday! You are truly a man of God. "May the LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace." from your friends in joycee, Cris, Cristina and kids (Cristtiah Cristel Crishelle and Cristine) (2007-07-11 20:14:58)
con: happy birthday brother bo! Thanks to you too! I thank God for introducing you to us all! God Bless you and this ministry! (2007-07-11 19:28:47)
melinda cadutdut: hi! bro bo;) happy, happy birthday to you... naq, u'r getting older now but u'r looking 25... hehehe.. i think, if u'r really blessed by god, ganun talaga... d tumanda... well, anyways, may our almighty god will continue to pour his blessings on u para ma-i-share mo with us... once again, happy birthday preacher in blue jeans! (2007-07-11 19:05:50)
rochelle alcordo: happy bitrhday bro. bo!!!!God used u as an instrument to enrich our lives.You have not known how much you have changed my life.Pls continue to inspire and guide us all..To God be the glory (2007-07-11 18:54:33)
Carina: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo, May Our Lord continue to shower you with more more and more years of good health and may you continue to inspire others. You are a real blessing from God. More Power and I wish you a wonderful year ahead. (2007-07-11 18:45:55)
micki: Happy birthday Br.Bo!!! Thank you so much for Preacher in Blue Jeans, my day isn't complete without it! You are A Blessing to a lot of people, may our Good God bless you with more bdays to come! May He continue to bless you and your ministry! (2007-07-11 18:39:53)
kaydee: happy bday, bro. bo! Godbless u more! thanks for all the inspiring msgs. (2007-07-11 18:30:35)
Kyt (England): Happy Birthday, Bro. Bo. You're a blessing to all of us, KFam members. (2007-07-11 18:27:48)
phynkee: Happy Birthday Bro. BO! thank you for nourishing our souls everyday! May the Lord God bless you always! (2007-07-11 18:24:50)
Lilia: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! I thank the Lord for sending you to us for inspiring many poeples lives, indeed you have inspired and touched me a lot. God bless you and your family, pls continue to nourish souls everyday! (2007-07-11 18:20:53)
Noemi L. Carpio: Hi Brother Bo. Just want to say happpy B-day to a guy who's been blessed and have touched many peiopleslives just like mine. You're books have been and are my inspiration. I love reading your books. it empowers me and inspire me. God really is a good God and that He gave you to His people. God bless you and your family always (2007-07-11 18:05:29)
Irish Ramos: happy birthday, bro bo! may you have more birthdays to come. i would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for inspiring us. you just don't know how you help us (me & my husband). you're such an amazing person and i really admire you. may you continue to bless and inspire us. god bless!!! (2007-07-11 17:58:19)
Ed: Happy Birthday Bo! You are truly a blessing to the Christian community. More blessing to you and your family. (2007-07-11 17:49:32)
leah: Malipayon nga kaadlawan Bro. Bo! Salamat guid sa tanan mo nga gn hatag nga inspiration. Taga an ka pa guid tani sang Gino-o sang malaba pa guid nga kabuhi. Tani bisita ka liwat sa Negros. Salamat sa Preacher in Blue Jeans. makita ka namon adlaw adlaw. Dako guid ni nga tabang. Halong guid Bro. Bo. God Bless! (2007-07-11 16:23:40)
LOJ Couples - Muntinlupa Chapter: Happy Birthday Bro Bo! We Love you... God Bless (2007-07-11 16:16:01)
irma soriano: Hi Bro Bo! Happy Happy birthday! I wish you all the best...You're truly a blessing to so many people. And I thank God for you. Thank you for being a guide in reaching my dreams. God bless you more and more! (2007-07-11 16:14:11)
FERDINAND L. MACANAS: happy happy birthday, may our Lord giving you always a good health through the years. hope theres al ot of people to be like you..... (2007-07-11 16:00:52)
nimfa eduardo: Happy birthday Bro.Bo. Your one of the greatest gift the Lord has given to us. may the Lord continue blessing you and your family. (2007-07-11 15:53:51)
Sweeden De Jesus: Hi Bro. Bo!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!! You've been such a great blessing to me, I’ve learned a lot from you. You are one of my mentors Bro. Bo, your simple everyday talks in preachers in blue jeans guide me to face my everyday struggles in life. I wish everyday is Sunday, so that we will see each other everyday at the FEAST!!! I hope and I pray that God will continue to shower his blessing to you and your family. HAPPY B-DAY PO!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!! (2007-07-11 15:32:01)
cecille: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! i wish you all the best and blessings! thanks for touching my life and the many lives of christians all over the world. (2007-07-11 15:20:40)
rjs: U'r really one of a kind, u don't know how much u inspired me and lifted me up during those times of struggles, until now u continue blessing my life especially my family. I join the K family eventhough I don't have money to contibute, and now my gift to u is i can now start my monthly donation to kerygma for I have now a job (thanks to ur prayers). HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro BO! GOD BLESS U. (2007-07-11 15:18:55)
johanna c. unica: happy birthday brother bo : ).... you truly are a blessing to millions of lives in this world. and i, for one am blessed, so much so that life has never been this great for me. thank you for touching my life. i humbly ask God to bless you and your family a long , happy and healthy life... ......God bless you always...... ................................... see soon here in Iloilo.... ......johanna (2007-07-11 15:10:11)
cel campecino, Atwater, CA: A Blessed and Happy birthday, Bo !!! You are really a blessing to me and my family. It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your talk in Santa Clara. Everyday, your books and website gives me constant blessing and inspiration. My day is not complete if I have not visited your website especially the preacher in blue jeans. You inspire and channel blessings everyday. Thanks a lot ! Looking forward for your next visit here. (2007-07-11 14:59:42)
jhonas&joy: We pray that His Spirit be upon you and your loved ones to guide, strengthen, empower, protect and enlighten everyday...thank you Bro. Bo for obeying God's will that inpires and teaches other people how beautiful and meaningful life is with the Lord! Happy happy birthday!!! (2007-07-11 14:48:48)
Anna,Ariel Tolentino & Shepherds of Jesus prayer group(LoG): Happy, Happy Birthday, Bro. Bo! From all of us here in SF, CA. I have already told you this so many times---You've truly inspired me to be a better servant of GOD! I AM TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING! --esp. for the unforgettable time you've spent with my entire family during your visit here last May! (unexpected yun video at interview, wala sa plano yun,ha):o) WE ALL HAD A GREAT TIME! WE MISS YOU and BRO. ARUN SO MUCH! Take care! Rest assured of my daily prayers for you, my spiritual mentor! God bless you more and more!!! (2007-07-11 14:43:10)
michelle navarrete-galang: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BO SANCHEZ !!! (2007-07-11 14:29:10)
Virgie: Happy Birthday Bo! And thank you so much for being an inspiration to all the people that you have touched through your preaching. (2007-07-11 14:27:23)
Caloy - Polomolok: Bo...Happy Birthday. My family will always thank God for making you. You had been a great blessing to our family through your daily teachings which you have made accessible to everyone in the net. Thank you Bo're making it easier for us to come back to and praise God. May God bless you and xerox you a thousand times. (2007-07-11 14:22:17)
Elena Manalungsung: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo... May God showers you blessings same with what you are doing to us everday in our lives with your preachings. God bless you and ur family, continue inspiring people. (2007-07-11 14:21:39)
Rolando A. Castillo (Roly): "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro. Bo!" In behalf of the Filipino community here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...We bless you and shower you with our best wishes and love. Thank you for changing our lives, and bringing us all closer to God. "Salamat at Maligayang Bati!" (2007-07-11 14:11:21)
Alma P.: Happy birthday, Bro. Bo! May the good Lord continually bless you with everything you need as you do your share in building His Kingdom here on earth. I thank you for what I have become and continually becoming for the past decade or so through your preachings, (in) magazine articles and books. I thank God for you! Indeed, like His Son Jesus Christ, you're God's gift to humanity! (2007-07-11 14:09:01)
Rhen Policarpio: Hello Bro. Bo ........ Happy happy Birthday... you truly are a gift from God.... Thank you for coming into our lives and reminding us that we have a very loving God. I hope more and more people will support your ministry so that more people can be blessed.... I am also trying to help in my own little way and spread your ministry by sharing it to my family and friends.... More power and God Bless..... (2007-07-11 14:07:44)
brother cherkie: hello my spiritual mentor!!! brother Bo,u dont know how u blessed my life with your God given wisdom! i praise God of Person like you. may you have many birthdays to come to bless more people with your wisdom! Happy birthday! praying with you... brother cherkie (2007-07-11 14:05:20)
Alex Yu: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo, May you have many many more birthdays to come, May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, take care and God bless you. (2007-07-11 14:01:10)
carol&sam: Maligayang kaarawan bro. bo!!!! Nawa'y lalong pagpalain ang lahat ng iyong maka-Diyos na adhikain!!! Mahal ka namin! Mabuhay ka!!! (2007-07-11 14:00:06)
grace: "Happy Happy Birthday Brother Bo" May you have more birthdays to come and my the Lord continue to bless you and your family. (2007-07-11 13:54:36)
Mila: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BO ! MAY YOU HAVE MORE BIRTHDAYS TO COME.Good luck good health and may the Lord bless you aleays. (2007-07-11 13:52:52)
Marra & Deoram: Happy Birthday BO!!!! I thank you for everything..More power to you and God Bless.. All the way from CA, Marra & Deoram Sy (2007-07-11 13:51:27)
edessa: happy birthday po, Bro. Bo! thru you, i can feel God's great love for me. i become a more loving person each day :) tama po c bro. tony meloto, magaling ka po talagang magsalita, magsulat at higit sa lahat magaling magmahal :) continue to be a blessing and God's living sign of love and goodness to us and to more people in this world. i always do pray for you. god bless po :) (2007-07-11 13:46:35)
dante a. alignay: Here's our BIRTHDAY WISH for YOU - The IRISH BLESSING: May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your window pane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may GOD fill your heart with gladness to cheer you always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO. BO. dante, toots, koots, ichel n migo (2007-07-11 13:43:56)
charo: Hi Brother Bo! Just wanted to be one of the many to greet you a happy bday on your special day and to send a little prayer for you, especially since it's the least i could do.. seeing how you've been keeping all of us in your prayers... You are such an inspiration.. thank you for being a tangible reminder of God's love to us... nakakaiyak, hehe.. pero I am certain that the Lord loves the Filipino People.. why?... because He gave us a Bo Sanchez. :) Thank you.. for all you have done.. in all of our lives.. God bless! (2007-07-11 13:43:33)
Raymund: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!! May god continue to bless you by blessing other's life. Mabuhay Ka at Ang Kerygma Family!! (2007-07-11 13:32:50)
joy: Happy happy Birthday Bro. Bo... You are God's great gift to men. May the blessings of God be upon you, may His peace abide in you, May His Presence illuminate your and forevermore (2007-07-11 13:24:46)
kai: Happy birthday Bo!!! => Continue inspiring people. There are many lost souls out there who are searching for the right direction. Praise God, He sent you. May God bless you and your family always... (2007-07-11 13:24:32)
Arnel Tesorero: Isang maligayang kaarawan sayo Brother Bo! Nawa ay patuloy kang magsilbing gabay sa mga taong naghahanap ng tunay na saya at kapayapaan sa piling ng Panginoon. Maraming salamat sa patuloy na pagtuturo mo sakin at sa iba pa "to make our LIVES BEAUTIFUL!" (2007-07-11 13:20:00)
imel: Happy birthday Bro Bo! thanks to God for a person like you who gave hope and inspiration to all of us. Many more birthdays to come. (2007-07-11 13:17:08)
LOJ youth davao: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO BO! More power to you.. Thanks for being an inspiration to all the youth... May God continue to use you to inspire other people and making us realize that God's love is such a wonderful thing. (2007-07-11 13:08:41)
IC-Dubai, UAE: Happy Birthday and more energy and blessings from God so you could continue to bless us with your gift of preaching though we are here in the deserts' of Dubai but with your preacher in blue jeans you uplift our tired souls thank you very much and see you in August. (2007-07-11 13:07:23)
che(LOJ Davao): happy birthday brother Bo! You are such a blessing to everyone especially to those people who's faith is being shaken. you are such an inspiration to each one of us. You made us love God in countless ways.. More power to you and your team. May God continue to give what your heart desires.. I know they are many but I also believe that your faith moves God. God bless you and Happy birthday from me and the rest of the LOJ Davao. (2007-07-11 13:03:14)
LOJ-Esthers (Cebu): Happy Birthday Bro. Bo...God bless u always & your family....wish we could invite you in one of our Singles gathering here in Cebu. You're such a wonderful gift to our lives--tenk yu for nourishing our souls... (2007-07-11 13:02:08)
ruben ramos (loj mission team): happy bday bro Bo, may you continue to be a blessing and inspiration to all of us specially in loj mission team. May our dear Lord bless u always. (2007-07-11 12:47:27)
bubbles: happy birthday brother BO----bubbles (2007-07-11 12:46:41)
Rosanna V. Ortiz: Happy Birthday Bo! You are truly my inspiration! Thank you so much for your time and for touching my life. (2007-07-11 12:45:24)
BUBBLES: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUYA BO!!! my gosh. I can still recall when my biggest dream was given to me, at yon ay ang makita kita. you've given me one of the happiest day of my life!!! dream come true q talaga ng makita kita at mka'atend ng talk mo. I treasure every moment of it. May you have many more birthdays to come. Wish you all the best brother bo!!! Hope to see you again. (2007-07-11 12:44:16)
luz: happy birthday bro bo.... may u have more bday to comes... and well pray for u always..../ thanks for inspiring us thru ur God bless you more and more..... (2007-07-11 12:38:02)
cjay ramiscal: happy birth day kuya bo! (2007-07-11 12:36:20)
Rowena/Cherryl: Hi kuya Bo, hapi-hapi-hapi!!! bday.. sayang di kami nkadala ng gift syo nung umatend kmi ng talk mo last June 8(sunday) di bale there's still next time. U really touch our lives..thank you so much and may God blezz u more birthdays to come.. we luv u!!! "hope u'r bday is bless with all the things that make u feel hapi inside. stay happy and healthy!! godbless!!" (2007-07-11 12:34:26)
Joyjoy Ceblano: Happy Birthday Bro.Bo..thanks for being God's gift to us..miss naka namo here in Cebu..looking forward na i-surprise mo kami in one of the coming Feasts here..more power!!!! (2007-07-11 12:31:26)
Eric: Happy Birthday to a wonderful man who have given a new meaning of wearing Blue Jeans. Thank you for blessing us everyday through this website. May God bless you and your endeavors. See you here in Dubai, UAE. (2007-07-11 12:23:32)
Geoffrey & Jane & children: Happy Birthday, Bo. Just to let you know that you have been an inspiration in our household. Our children enjoy reading Kerygma. May the Lord continue to use you in the mightiest way possible, take care of your family and your needs, and heap blessings upon blessings on you and your loved ones. We hope to see you again speak before our community (Ligaya ng Panginoon) one day and share your wonderfully inspired words from the Lord with us. (2007-07-11 12:23:14)
Al Ain Caring Group: ...Bro. Bo, the Joseph of our time, the dreamer. We praise and thank God for your dreams. HE's glorified. Have a spirit-filled birthday celebration with your loved ones... us. MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN. (2007-07-11 12:16:39)
blaise fortuna: Hello Bo, Happy Birthday! You and my dad have the same birthday, he's 62 today! Please pray for him too, and thanks so much for being a blessing to a lot of people's lives.. ;) (2007-07-11 12:15:36)
darren: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! May God continue to bless you with good health, more blessings and more birthdays to come. Continue to bless and inspire everyone through your teachings. God Bless! (2007-07-11 12:15:34)
yogi (LOJ Marilao): To our awesome, brave, cool, dynamic, energetic, fabulous, great, hyper, inspired, jolly, k-preacher (wala ako maisip sa ‘k’, ngek), lighthearted, magnificent, never surrender (nai-way pa un), outstanding, perfect, queer, remarkable, superlative, terrific, understanding, vibrant, wonderful, xtraordinary, you’re d best (nai-way uli) and zelf-motivated (ngeee) brother for all na complete from A to zinc (hihi). . . happy happy birthday to yoü. Godspeed. (2007-07-11 12:13:47)
norvie: it's your birthday....make a will happen! i've no birthday present for you, but prayers. i have attended the last come some of us have gifts from you and others like me doesn't have? hehehe (2007-07-11 12:08:03)
Gregoria: Maligayang kaarawan sa yo Bro. Bo. I wish you more blessings because you also blessed so many people, kasama na ako dun. Your program has saved my life. (2007-07-11 12:07:55)
Melvin/ Lynette Receno: I pray for your continued health and for success to all your endeavors. I wish I could have a family as big as yours (or bigger!), thank for preacher in blue jeans, I hope someday we will be able to meet each other....Happy Birthday Bo. (2007-07-11 12:03:41)
loved flock community of san jose, occidental mindoro: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! Thanks for inspiring all of us especially through Kerygma which we have loved through the years! God bless you more. (2007-07-11 11:57:20)
Raymon PAje: Happy B-Day Bro. Bo, I recently signed up to your Kerygma Family and I feel really blessed for signing up because of all the message you deliver for us to be stronger in faith with God and putting all our hopes in Him. Thank you and may God bless you always. (2007-07-11 11:46:27)
melch26: Is i grow spiritually with my CFC family...your teachings help me also a lot to become a better one...Happy birthday brother bo sanchez. (2007-07-11 11:29:17)
stephie: Happy Birthday Bo! Truly, i thank God for using you in my daily prayers and inspiring me always, giving high hopes and filling me with much wisdom! I honor you for your zeal to be God's instrument in all ways. Your dreams for kerygma and the people are in my prayers too! (2007-07-11 11:28:51)
Andrew: Happy Birthday IDOL bro. Bo!!! Thank You to all!!! Keep up the good work. Sana lumawak p ang Kerygma family, so that many people will become closer to God. (2007-07-11 11:26:41)
jhing & ron: bro. bo, you're such an inspiring servant of our dear Lord! thank you for allowing God to use you as His instrument in showing His great love to all of us. you've touched our lives in a lot of ways. for that we honor you. may you & your family be even more blessed in the coming years. we love you...God loves you so much! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO. BO!!!! (2007-07-11 11:17:16)
Nancy Go: HI Bro. Bo, I'm blessed to be given the chance to be able to greet you a very, very HAPPY BDAY! I wish you excellent health always so you can continue your being a blessing to all whose lives you have and will touch. (2007-07-11 10:53:39)
Lando & Meg Osido (LOJ-Pilar, Bataan): Happy, happy birthday bro BO. May you continue to inspire others and be a blessing to all. More power and GOD BLESS. (2007-07-11 10:53:38)
Reena: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! Thank you for being an inspiration.You are an angel sent here to bless and change our lives.. Thank you so much Bro. Bo you just don't know how your books and preachings changed my life... You're always part of my daily prayer! God Bless (2007-07-11 10:38:39)
marivic eduarte: Bro.Bo... wishing you...dreams come true, hopes fulfilled, love and laughter, more of God's annointing and God's unfailing love, bright todays...and even brighter tomorrows for you, your family and the people God has entrusted you to touch and bless. Happy Birthday! marivic (2007-07-11 10:34:57)
lizel: Maligayang kaarawan, Brother Bo. Thank you for nourishing our souls, and for your love for the poor. May God continue to bless you, and your family. (2007-07-11 10:24:39)
Arlan, May, Axle and Megan: Happy Birthday, truly your the Prophet of our time. Praise God Almighty... (2007-07-11 10:23:40)
Menchu: Happy Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!! You are truly an inspiration to all. I wish you all the blessings and may the Lord continue to give you good health for you to touch more lives of other people!! GOD BLESS YOU and TO YOUR FAMILY!!! (2007-07-11 10:20:11)
cheryl: happy...happy.. happy.. birthday BO!!!!!! its my honor to pray & wish u all d best n life, though i know dat u hav 8 all already... thru ur presence i am more convinced that GOD is trully REAL!!!!! JESUS ROCKS! (2007-07-11 10:11:29)
ai: happy birthday po and happy anniversary to u and to ate u both!thanks for everything!Gd bless. (2007-07-11 10:09:33)
Fernan Medina: Happy happy Birthday to you Brother Bo!!! May our Almighty Lord bless you abundantly with more wisdom, good health, joy and love for you to continue with your Mission. God Bless us all. Thank you for everything. (2007-07-11 10:01:51)
prendy from canada: Hello Kapatid na Bo, Maligayang Kaarawan sa 'yo this is really a special day for you as God give another life dahil may MISYON ang Panginoon sa 'yo ang galing talaga!! Thanks sa patuloy na paglilingkod mo sa amin sana matularan kita in some ways in abroad kailangang kailangan ang Kawan ng Panginoon. May God bless you all the way as you always say not slightly bless but abundantly bless. May you received God's blessing AMEN!!! Praise GOD!!!! (2007-07-11 10:00:27)
Alma G.: HaPpY bDaY Bro.Bo... you really inspired me everytime you preach..mag quadruplicate ka sana o kaya pa ulan ka ngayong bday mo para dumami ka (remember gremlins) para marami pa ang ma-bless... prayers ko nga kay Lord to give me a double of your annointing para magawa ko rin lahat ng ginagawa mo sa maraming tao..mayGOD bless your missions in your new year of Journey... iLoveYou bro. (2007-07-11 09:52:30)
theresa: Hello po bro Bo! Happy Happy Birthday, we wish you good health and more powers to come hehehe..., nawa marami ka pang ma-bless tulad ko through your ministry (2007-07-11 09:40:49)
an an: ...The world has been blessed on the day you were born!!!! happy birthday bro. BO! (2007-07-11 09:33:36)
lani: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO. BO! All of God's overflowing blessings be unto you and the people close to your heart. Indeed, it's fantastic to live a life with a Kuya Bo like you. God bless po! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Sis Marowe too. (2007-07-11 09:25:10)
demette: Happy birthday Bo!!! We thank God for you, you are a blessing to us. May you always be a blessing to all of us, inspiring us to be a good Christian. God bless. (2007-07-11 09:21:00)
forrestfritz/lzey: Happy happy birthday Bro. Bo. May you continue to nourish our souls everyday of our life. God bless us all (2007-07-11 09:20:34)
rhoel: Hello Bro Bo, THanks be to GOD na ni-regalo ka sa amin, sa iyong kaarawan maligaya kmi dahil you're truly inspiration to us//maraming maraming maraming slamat...i pray to God that He continue use to bless more people..Godbless..we love you from razalan & ramos family/// (2007-07-11 09:19:54)
derzy: elo! just want to greet you a HaPpY hApPy BiRtHdAy!!! God Bless you always! (2007-07-11 09:18:42)
LOJ Couples, Mandaluyong Chapter: May our loving God bless you more with good health, more joy and true riches. The whole LOJ Couples Mandaluyong Chapter thank God for giving you to us as our leader. We support you in your ministry of serving GOD and loving people. GOD bless you and your family. Happy Birthday! (2007-07-11 09:17:51)
Bro. Oca & Sis Virgie Ragadio: Here's greeting you a Blessed Natal Day. May you have more abundant and healthy years to come in bringing the Good News throughout the whole world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro. Bo....... (2007-07-11 09:16:24)
Bro. Ronald Magtaan: May the Lord be glorified even more by the kind of service you're doing to Christians worldwide. God bless you! ~bro Ronald (a friend of bro Roy Pasimio (2007-07-11 09:13:11)
queenie: happy birthday po! your doing well in your mission keep it up! (2007-07-11 09:13:00)
Edith: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BO! I wish you good health so you may continue to bring people closer to GOD. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. (2007-07-11 09:12:24)
Ian & Joy of cebu: i used to think how i wish not in this generation? but THANKS be to GOD! we have a Bo Sanchez today! Happy Birthday Bro Bo! thru your teaching you changed my life 360 degrees! I pray that you will continue to bless others and receive a bountiful of blessings in your life! For i know you will also share it to us. God speed and have a wonderful birthday! (2007-07-11 09:12:24)
Boyem: Thank you, too, for always being there for me... Brother Bo, Happy birthday. (2007-07-11 09:09:48)
Light of Jesus Community - Rizal and Pasig: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo and Happy Anniversary...Thank you for your life-giving and enriching our lives , for bringing us all closer to the Lord, for your teachings - kakaiba. ..etc.We love you - from your brothers and sisters in LOJ - Cardona, Morong, Montalban, Tanay, Taytay, Antipolo, Cainta, Pasig, Marikina, Santolan chapters (2007-07-11 09:08:28)
Cathy: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! You are truly God's instrument in spreading His word and His love to many people. Your ministry has touched my life and is helping me in my walk with God. (2007-07-11 09:06:54)
Emer, Agnes and Joremmmm: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo, and happy anniversary too to you and Sis. Marowe. We thank the Lord for you. You have embedded footprints in our hearts forever and emer. (He he). Amen. God bless (2007-07-11 09:00:07)
kiamy: Happy birthday, bro bo! u have truly made a difference in my life! You one of God's GREAT blessing to me! & i'd like to take this rare oppurtunity to THANK YOU for everything. You may not know me yet you inspired me not only in terms of serving Him but in every areasof my life. giving me wisdom on simple but huge way. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Be rest assured of my prayers for all your concerns! Happy birthday! (2007-07-11 08:54:50)
Tess, Joan & Justin: We join the whole Kerygma Family and viewers of Preacher in Blue Jeans in thanking God for giving you, Bro. Bo, to us. It is indeed God's great blessing that you nourish our soul everyday. We will support your ministry to the best we can thru our core gifts, time and finances. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (2007-07-11 08:54:44)
Ana: Happy B-day Kuya Bo! I wan't to thank you for inspiring me everyday, your really change many things in my life, I wake up each day with hope. May God bless you more TV and radio programs so you can reach and bless more people, sana s popular TV stations (ch. 2 or 7...hehehe) tsaka sna s primetime. (2007-07-11 08:50:40)
Charlie P.: We thank the Lord that you came in to our lives and we appreciate all things that you do. Happy Birthday Bo and may you have more birthdays to come! (2007-07-11 08:43:43)
magay l. jimenez: Happy Birthday Bo!!! May the Almighty God continue to bless you and your family as you have blessed and inspired our lives. I felt lucky 2day for, arriving here in Iligan-Mindanao office as early as 7:30, I had the chance to read your mag and came upon the page which showed your websites. I've been reading your mag for more than 10 years now and, I always look forward to reading your articles. You are indeed an inspiration.... (2007-07-11 08:24:37)
rowena: maligayang kaarawan, bro Bo!! may the Good Lord continue to strengthen you and give you good health to inspire more and more people on how great and wonderful God's Love is. maraming salamat. (2007-07-11 08:20:54)
magay jimenez: Happy Birthday Bo!!! May the Almighty God continue to bless you and your family as you have blessed and inspired our lives also. I felt so lucky 2day coz, arriving here at the Iligan-Mindanao office as early as 7:30, I had the chance to read your mag and came upon the page which showed your diff. websites. My youngest, a girl, will turn 3 this July 13. Please include her in your prayers. Thank you and more power..........You are indeed an inspiration! (2007-07-11 08:19:41)
rose LIMON: Bro. Bo, I can't forgive myself if i will not greet you on your birthday.. If you only knew how you change my life by reading to your books and listening to you...i pray that i will be like you and i want to follow also your principles in waiting for your success journal can i have one? thanks... Your family is so blessed for having you.. God bless!! Happy birthday!!! We love you.. rose - cavite (2007-07-11 08:19:27)
magay jimenez: Happy Birthday Bo!!! May the Almighty God continue to bless you and your family as you have blessed and inspired our lives also. I felt so lucky 2day coz, arriving here at the Iligan-Mindanao office as early as 7:30, I had the chance to read your mag and came upon the page which showed your diff. websites. My youngest, a girl, will turn 3 this July 13. Please include her in your prayers. Thank you and more power..........You are indeed an inspiration! (2007-07-11 08:19:22)
jeng: Mabuhay ka Bro Bo and Happy Birthday! You are really used by the Lord to be an instrument of His love and blessings to us all. You have inspired me a lot in bringing my family closer to God. My unending thanks to Tito Gene and Tita Pilar for molding you to be YOU! (2007-07-11 08:15:23)
tere: Happy ...happy birthday Bro. Bo!!! Yours is a life well lived...thank you so much for inspiring us and nourishing our souls behalf of LOJ Baguio Group we wish you an ocean of blessings...a downpour of finances for your projects...and lots of veggies and fruits for your health... (2007-07-11 08:06:18)
Ning2: Happy Birthday Bro.Bo!!You are GOD's great blessing to us.You are truly an inspiration to my family.Continue the work JESUS has entrusted you.More blessings and Happy,happy B-day again.Love from my family. (2007-07-11 08:03:46)
muirne: Happy , Happy Birthday and Mabuhay Ka , Bo S. !!! I'm sure and I believe that God's blessings for you, your family and your work for Him will continue to pour more and more ! Thank you for your prayers for us members of the Kerygma family .... (2007-07-11 08:02:19)
sheila santos: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! God Bless You always and your family. Thank you for being one of my inspiration in my journey with God. (2007-07-11 08:01:05)
cez gonzales: I'm watching today's episode of preacher in blue jeans right now & i can't help crying because Bo, you have done so much in my spiritual life..I am where I am right now because of have shown me how good & great the Lord have taught me to be more appreciative of God limitless blessings..I thank the Lord for sending you to us to be the light of our path. God loves you & we love you, too! Shine on! (2007-07-11 07:49:24)
ji: happy birthday Bro.Bo! thanks for blessing us always with the life that you live :) may all the prayers said for you today come in its perfect form,by God's amazing standards of blessing! :) enjoy your day! :) Smile! God loves you!:) (2007-07-11 07:40:20)
Feb: happy birthday to a great person; you taught us and continously teaching us how to live a beautiful and meaningful life. Me and my family are praying that our Lord will bless you more good health more wisdom so that you will continue to bless and nourish our souls. So many blessings are coming to our family because of your PIBJ. Keep it up. (2007-07-11 07:36:08)
viang: happy,happy birthday! you are so wonderful and an inspiration!you bring light to the world....more power....God Bless You and your family! (2007-07-11 07:33:34)
Rita de Ocampo: From all of us here in triala chapter headed by bro lando/sis reggie galinato, we would like to greet you bro. bo . . . HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the good Lord continue to bless you with good health so you can be a blessing to others for more more years. May you continue to inspire many people like us through your books, through your preachings and your teachings. Sana madalaw mo din kami dito soon! God bless you and your family! (2007-07-11 07:30:46)
Domie-Perla Fernandez: Bro Bo, May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. You are really an inspiration to all of us in LOJ Cavite District, Urbiztondo Chapter and LOJ Calgary chapter. God Bless you bro. (2007-07-11 07:25:09)
michael tagwalan: happy birthday bro. Bo. i wish you all the best in life. more power in your ministry. God bless. Happy happy birthday (2007-07-11 07:14:04)
Von: Bro how does it feel to be 21? Dont tell, or you might be forced to tell a lie. I thank God for you, I thank God for your parents who influenced you a lot, I thank God for Sister Aida who opened the door for you. Happy Birthday Brother. - Ramon A. Von Possel, Jr. (2007-07-11 07:13:54)
cez gonzales: Happy Birthday Bo! May God continue blessing you so you may go on being a blessing to other people as well! Let your light shine on! (2007-07-11 07:10:54)
jomar,lynn & lojc dasmarinas: our continued love and prayers. happy birthday Bro. bo. (2007-07-11 07:08:38)
rose t.: wish you always the best of everything Bro. Bo !'re an angel touching our hearts for the love of God. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! we are proud of you !..God Bless you and your family.. (2007-07-11 07:06:57)
bing hermoso: Happy Birthday Brother Bo! All of us Filipinos are so blessed to have a very special, gifted, kind-hearted person like have truly blessed each one of us and we cannot thank God enough for bringing you into our lives....your daily messages have always been our source of strength for our daily struggle in bring so much happiness to the people that you touch in every way.....May God continue to bless you and your family......more success in all aspects of your life. YOU HAVE MADE OUR WORLD A MUCH, MUCH BETTER PLACE!!!! I pray that you continue to touch people's lives more and more and more... (2007-07-11 07:03:52)
Mike and family: Happy Birthday! All the Best and Blessings from God! (2007-07-11 06:56:43)
Benny: It's really a blessing for me that (in this your special day) I had watch for the 1st time ur video link of "4 Blocks"etc.(2-6:30am-w/c was sent to me by my daughter) & u really touch my heart that's why I 4wd it also to the rest of our family & friends too. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO BO"..with prayers that GOD gives u more longer life in fulfilling a MISSION that serves an "INSPIRATIONS to a lot of people in our world..More power & blessings so that a lot of people will be bless too.. (2007-07-11 06:54:03)
raquel tomas: happy birthday bo! may u have many more to come. im looking forward to meeting u this coming july21. may God continue to bless u and the rest of the kerygma family! (2007-07-11 06:52:50)
michael: O-tanjoubi, Omedetou Gozaimasu (Happy Birthday in Japanese). I am truly blessed by your works since 90s with kerygma magzaine and now with your daily reality tv. You are an inspiration as a 'man of action' with genuine love to epveryone. As Bro. Tony Meloto, your are a great Filipino promoting radical changes in our mind settings on service, money, faith and action. You had inspired me to learn more about financial intelligence, entrepreneurship and eventually sharing wealth to those in need. Shalom. (2007-07-11 06:50:08)
Sarah: Happy Birthday... God bless. (2007-07-11 06:48:28)
Oliver: Happy Birthday, Bro Bo!!! May God continue to provide you good health so that you can help more people. We are praying for you and your family. (2007-07-11 06:47:58)
Erwin: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo. May you continue to be blessed and bless others. (2007-07-11 06:19:19)
delia d.: Happy Birthday Bro.Bo! Your such an inspiration and blessing to everyone. More blessings to you, to your family and to your ministry...God bless!!! (2007-07-11 05:46:38)
frankahilario: Happy Birthday, Bo. May God bless you in every way impossible! (2007-07-11 05:43:40)
carla: Happy Birthday!!! I wish God will continue to bless you with good health, long life, success in your endeavors, happiness and peace of mind. You have inspired us alot. You're really a blessing from God. Continue to be a gift to Filipinos and to the world. Happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!I hope to meet you soon. (2007-07-11 04:41:54)
judy: happy birthday's so nice to love and to be loved right??? God bless u always and will continue to use u to inspire many many many people n will save lives. (2007-07-11 04:21:34)
jowey: hi bo! happy happy birthday! God bless you more.. (2007-07-11 03:41:42)
Daisy from Prague: Happy birthday bro. Bo! May God's wisdom and annointing continue to fill you with passion as you share the Good News to everyone! God bless you on your ministry! (2007-07-11 03:29:09)
Em: I pray that your special day be filled with God's blessings to give you more anointing, love, peace, joy, good health, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power in your prayers for healing and miracles to change people's lives and draw them closer to the Lord. May He grant the desires of your generous heart. We praise and thank God for the blessing of you, Bro Bo! We love you from LOJC - LA. See you in October! (2007-07-11 03:11:37)
Sis Romy P. Guirnela: Wow!!! First time i've visited this site, and it's your birthday, bro. Bo!!! I've lonnnnggggg been in the charismatic movement, I've attended many of your talks, and have been awed by God's gift to you, and by God's gift that's YOU!!!! I'm therefore sooooo blessed to greet you a Blessed, Happy birthday!!! May your tribe increase!!! Yes, I surely mean, may we have more of your kind of a servant of God!!! Keep on!!! (2007-07-11 03:07:46)
nuynoy: Bro. Bo, Hapi hapi Bday! Mula s maraming taong tulad ko n patuloy n sumusubaybay at nagtitiwala s iyo. Godbless to your family! Hapi Bday Great Heart! (2007-07-11 03:00:21)
leeyo & racquel ramos: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! You may not know it but you really changed our life through your teachings and writings. Thank you so much for nourishing our souls everyday. May God continue to pour an avalanche of blessing to you, your family and your ministries so that you'll be able to bless and help many more people who desperately need guidance. We love you Bro. Bo! More Power! (2007-07-11 01:51:22)
roy & rorie pasimio: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!!! You're indeed such a great man with so much gift, talent, and wisdom from God. You are God's gift to the whole world as you preach daily His Word and touch and change lives. You're truly an amazing man of character. We honor you for what you are and we thank you sincerely for the true and loving friendship you share with us and to Gemma, Tey & Mardee. God bless you and your family even more! (2007-07-11 01:50:22)
ren: Happy Birthday, Bo! May this day be more blessed than your already blessed everyday walk with God. (2007-07-11 01:39:56)
MattArchangel: Lights were switch on and you, Bo, became one of those lights. A beacon that shines brightly for many. Truly, you have so much blessings and is overflowing. You were and continuosly is a blessing to us! More than an inspiration! Happy Birthday Bo and may you and your family be blessed with many more fruitful and meaningful days. (2007-07-11 01:39:33)
dan cabral: ...happy birthday bro. Bo.! :), more blessings to you and your family. :) i don't know if this is a coincident, but to be honest it is just now that i open this website again. I believe GOD pushes me to greet one person who always inspires me and my family. Thank you so much and again, happy birthday and GOD bless :) (2007-07-11 01:29:01)
KC Poblete: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo! I pray for nothing else but for a continued blessed life for you and your family and your ministry. I know that you already know this but... I still want to affirm that... God loves you Bro. Bo! - Dubai, U.A.E. (2007-07-11 01:22:43)
Bong and Odessa Gregorio: Happy Birthday, Bro. Bo!!!! May God Bless you on this special day, make your heart even bigger and your mind stronger as you carry on the huge task of loving Jesus in all forms of humanity. Your life in Christ continues to shed light to all of us who also wish to follow Him! We love you and keep you in our prayers always! Praise God for people like you! :> (2007-07-11 01:13:06)
farrah: Happy Birthday Bro. Bo !!! You're truly indeed a blessing to me and to others. May the Good Lord continue to bless and use you, to touch the life of millions and millions of people. May God give you good health each day and to the people you love. And may you have plenty more meaningful birthdays to come ! God bless you, we love you ! (2007-07-11 01:11:48)
tess v.: wishing you all the best bro. Bo may you have many more birthdays to come, you are an anointed one, an advocate, an inspiration and truly a blessed one. i wish you good health in life and happiness always. thanks for all your nourishing words everyday...............Happy Birthday. (2007-07-11 01:08:00)
jainy: Happy Birthday, to my dear Bro. Bo. I pray that the Lord will bless you with good life. 'coz truly, you're an inspiration to other. God bless (2007-07-11 01:00:01)
jose maria: Happy Birthday Bo!!! May the good Lord continue to use you to inspire and bless other people. More blessings!!!!! (2007-07-11 00:53:03)
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