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July 3, 2007

Enjoy Part 1 of Day 2 of Bo Sanchez's US East Coast Tour. Be inspired by the testimony of Pio Espanol, Light of Jesus Missions Director. Have a great day!

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mai: hearing your talks led me back into God's light. thanks po. (2007-07-13 11:49:19)
sally-sfc tagum: Brod. pio is very human like you and me. WE doubt and we need confirmations but its ok. I honor brod. pio for being so obedient despite trials. God is persistent ...because time needs people like Brod. Pio.The rate of satan's destruction is fast and we army of God most of the time dilly-dally to serve Him. Our daily walk is not only a matter of discipline but rather OBEDIENCE TO GOD. (2007-07-10 19:36:00)
Nenette Larieta-Estacio: It was really so touching bro. Pio's testimony. I'm here in Vancouver, Canada for 4 months now as a live-in caregiver and I would like to know the schedule of Canada Tour of Bro. Pio so that I can attend or if you can give me the telephone number and address of the Light of Jesus community here because I don't have any community here yet. God bless you and your family bro. pio and bro. bo. as well. Thank God for preacher in blue jeans because it refreshes my spiritual journey. Please include my only son, Vincent in your prayers that he always be a good and God fearing boy and that God will help his studies as well. He is in Grade 3 now in Our Lady of the Pilar Catholic School in Imus, Cavite and my husband as well that God will guide and protect them all the time wherever they are. I'm hoping to see you here soon. (2007-07-08 03:29:50)
grace tan: god truly works wonders in the people he has called to serve. nothing beats god when it comes to blessing his servant. more power to you mr pio! (2007-07-03 14:11:57)
Rolly C: I would like to praise the Lord for the wonderful and powerful sharing of bro. Pio. I was really touch by the sharing of bro. Pio that i was crying while listening to him. This is really a confirmation that God is really working in his life. I pray that God will continue to work in his life to spread the good news around the world. More power and God bless! (2007-07-03 09:12:00)
me-anne de leon: I feel so blessed by Pio Espanol's testimony. My husband and I easily related to him because of the circumstances he had been-the company he used to work is also where my husband presently works, their concerns and worries as a couple reflected much of ours , too. But truly, God takes care of His own. He (Pio) sought God's will, obeyed it and God rewarded him more than he asked for. Indeed, God is a faithful God. Amen (2007-07-03 08:54:21)
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