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Dec. 1, 2006

Botoks - Davao

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eduardo: brother bo wish ko po na makita ka at marinig ang preach mo ng live sana matupad kasi lage kong sinasabi sa mga kaibigan ko na manood ng show mo pati family ko pinapanood ko sana po live naman sa sunod hehehehe alam mo iniwan ko na po ang mga bad friends ko diba sabi mo kumg alam mo na hindi tama get out eh midyo hindi na kasi tama ang mga barkada ko eh so iniwan ko sila at nag catechist ako wala ngang lalake sa grupo namin bakla lang piro ok nato totoo naman silang kaibigan at masaya ako sa mga studyante ko ganito pala ang feeling pag may tumawag sau ng kuya thanks po brothr bo IDOL astig!!!!!!!!!!! (2007-10-07 19:39:41)
eduardo: hi brother bo musta po alam ninyo idol ko po kayo you change my kasi dati badboy ako piro ng nabasa ko ang book mo young you have the power to create love na inspire talaga ako sa mga message mo napakaganda po i always watch your show every tuesday at ibc alam mo naging catechist ako matapos nakilala kita and Im happy with my life now thanks brother bo your the best preacher!!!!! (2007-10-07 19:33:34)
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kaye: bro obet, salamat sa pagiging isang biyaya...thank you kerygma family for the blessing that continues to reach us wherever we may be. :) (2007-01-28 03:35:29)
LevinBraunz4: hellojobo (2007-01-28 02:30:10)
Kristen Jackson: Google is the best search engine (2007-01-20 06:40:13)
Silvia6234: hello my dear friend medved623 (2007-01-18 04:46:44)
oeyqvxbg gxcqmoeni: nqck pqjydaohi oknfz kwlxzer qmshgtxv huvacywpi qktmb xabmcesru uwgps (2007-01-11 07:35:14)
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felician: Hi dude! Christmas Day falls on December 25. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24, and in some countries is followed by Boxing Day on December 26. Some Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7, which corresponds to December 25 on the Julian calendar. December 25 as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional, and is not thought to be his actual date of birth.Bye (2006-12-26 12:34:58)
espie sd: bo, you're really great! God bless you in every talk you have! Continue spreading God's love! (2006-12-12 11:07:09)
FRY: Hi Bo would you be my dad?cause I dont have a father,my mom and dad are separated. (2006-12-10 19:28:52)
daddyzgaL: can you be my daddy? (2006-12-06 13:07:58)
skyangelblue: i love you Bro.Bo! idol talaga kita! sobra! well, natupad na ang wish ko na meet kita in person! God Bless!!!!!!!!! (2006-12-04 19:55:11)
nomar: thank you for coming here in davao,sa kanta pa ni bro.arun sana ma ulit muli,God bless you all...>.... (2006-12-04 17:47:54)
Celia Jeanne "CJ" T. Magpusao: Thanks for the message, it makes me think of tatay's Dong's death as very peaceful now. (2006-12-04 16:52:04)
daryll of davao: Praise God for a very great and cool Bo Toks concert here in Davao! Thanks to you Bro. Bo and the rest of the group.It was really to have you here in davao. Hope to see you all again soon. Bro. Obet's story was really so inspiring. But was it Davao? Guess i was so overwhelmed with so much joy thati cannot remember it. :-) There's really something great in forgiving. When we fogive others we are also forgiving ourselves as well. May you all always keep on inspiring people and bring them closer to Christ Jesus. God bless and mOre power. (2006-12-02 23:41:12)
ellemich83: Botoks is the most incredible concert i've ever watched. It is indeed a comedy and inspirational one. I laughed so hard, i was so moved by the stories that they shared. Kpreachers did a very great job! Thanks to you all Kerygma Preachers... people like you make this world a better and happy place to live. May you continue to bless God's children :) (2006-12-02 17:23:17)
leoshan: i know my comment is quite late,but i've been waiting for ths episode, really... i was in your concert here, but how come i don't remember that part in the video? hmmm... yeah, i forgot to take my meds for alzheimers again...;p anyways.. i would like to ask how can i join the LOJ community here in Davao, pls give me an info!;) and... when will you be back here in Davao bro bo? we're looking forward to see you again here;p Hope you answer my questions... God bless!!! (2006-12-02 16:51:35)
Michelle J: thanks GOD for having BO and PIBJ team. God bless you guys and thanks for the inspirational messages. I wish and pray for your PIBJ dreams for having 24 hours CABLE/UHF/TV programs like EWTN. I am sending emails linking this website to my friends/relatives here and and abroad. (2006-12-02 10:08:34)
mavie: bro. bo wat a miracle i had experienced today..last nyt i asked God for a sign that if ever ur book "how to find ur one true love" will be mention by anyone today ill go for a decision and do sumthng bout wats bothering me for the past few nyts.i had a hard tym tryng to sleep last nyt and i cried the whole nyt..i was so desperate that i asked for that sign..then in ur show today u introduce sumone from pal who is reading that book u so happy now and so thankful to God for granting my request for a ill go for that decision..thanks bro. bo..may God continue to bless u and ur daily show.. (2006-12-02 09:10:11)
tin-tin: ...hi preachers' in bluejeans...really im so proud of you u guys...thnk u for sharing ur thoughts and for sharing God's love...n' most of all thnks for being an inspiration to everyone...may God bless u guys alwys... (2006-12-01 22:07:50)
Roel Arcs: Bro, kailan kayo mag concert dito sa Bohol? (2006-12-01 18:24:55)
Jebediah Springfield: this is in reply to Maureen's comment: "his long hair look is bad for his image as a preacher". GEEZ. didn't Jesus himself have long hair? crazy. talk about nitpicking (2006-12-01 15:21:20)
kristine: everything that happens in our life may it be big or small is a true miracle.... and I consider having preacher in blue jeans as a miracle for all the OFW around the world... Thank you Bro. Bo... I hope you can visit Dubai,UAE. Gob Bless! (2006-12-01 14:16:00)
maureen silang. new jersey: story of is very unrealistic n self conceited abt himself. his long hair look is bad for his image as a preacher. but to be honest he can be a good preacher...more power to you Bo. (2006-12-01 11:55:52)
malou: galing, i cried upon hearing bro obet's life story in the davao botoks, u inspired a lot of people.May God shower u all His abundant grace.Miracles do happen all the time.Amen (2006-12-01 08:24:43)
lani b: ur d miracle n my lyf 2day. thank u! Godbless! (2006-12-01 02:08:38)
Myrna Torres Brown: Thanks for the Word of God, prayers and inspiration. Please pray that we can invite you to come and preach here in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, (2006-12-01 01:54:24)
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