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June 15, 2007

An early Father's day treat! Be blessed in this touching episode with Bo's dad, Bro Gene Sanchez. Happy Father's Day!!!

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mates: i was so inspired by this video bro. reminded me of papa.he was an aloof kind of father.He doesn't want to hug him..He's an authorative type of father.But even though, he's kinda strict to us, i love him.Pls. continue inspiring people like me whose got issues to relating to father.I'm scared of him sometimes because of his disciplinarian attittude.Thanks again.God Bless (2007-06-24 00:29:06)
weirdos_mitch: thank you so much God Almighty... thanks Bro. Bo for sharing your life. naiiyak tlaga ako everytime napapanuod ko mga episodes... god bless everyone... Happy Father's Day! (2007-06-18 00:38:23)
jack: i missed my father who has passed away 22 yrs ago. just like your dad he's not that demonstrative. but a year before he died we've been talking a lot and have a lot of time together. happy father's day brod bo. (2007-06-17 16:37:57)
mervs: Hi, Bro Bo! thanks for always inspiring us! tito Gene must have been very very proud of you! Happy father's day to both of you and may you continue to be a blessing to others! godbless you and your family always! (2007-06-17 15:19:28)
jane: happy father's day to you bro. bo and to all the fathers in your ministry and to your father. may God bless you and keep you always in His mercy. (2007-06-17 08:43:57)
nelnjun: Again, naiyak ako..for 9th time. How i wish i am as lucky as you Bro Bo to have your father around , hugging&kissing you, things like that. God Bless You Bro , You really inspired us. Happy Fathers day. (2007-06-17 04:40:01)
eden: rock on!!!!!! (sorry abwt those words...) but really i have to take this oppurtunity to post a comment.this is actually my fisrt tym and to tell you the truth it doesnt really hurt to try..JUST KIDDING!!!! anyways i love how u do things with ur dad specially cutting his nails.our dads are kinda like the same,he's not the hugging&kissing type of dad..he too is a disciplinarian (maybe d fact that he used 2 b a marine soldier!),an advisor.etc.. but u know wat he's the best wn it comes 2 making as laugh, he's a comedian and a vry compassionate dad,come 2 think of it he luvs children..we luv him so much..tnx a lot for d heart warming prayer,i always do believe dt GOD s the best dad of all!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY 2 ur dad and hope 2 see u again soon..GOD BLESS 2 all of u, keep up d gud work! (2007-06-16 23:19:45)
krishna mie: mangiyak-ngiyak na naman ako... thank you so much brother for inspiring me. since preacher in blue jeans. i started to decide of prioritizing my family and choosing to be a blessing to them. i'm not as bold yet as i dream to be :D but i am really trying hard to choose a bias for action on this area. naku brother bo, my heart seems to be bleeding. i wish my parents to know how much they are loved. (2007-06-16 11:02:06)
glenn: Happy Father's Day Bro. Bo! You truly inspire us everyday. You don't know how you have blessed me and my family in lots of things. Looking forward for more blessings you're about to give to many people. God bless you and your team always! (2007-06-15 14:34:23)
flor: how really loving bro. bo you are to dad gene. I also do that once in a while whenever I can to my papa who is 85 yrs old now. It is only now that we can say I love you to papa. what hurts me is my son and my husband do not see eye to eye. Pls pray for them pls. (2007-06-15 11:37:03)
yogi: Hello bro bo, i was so touched for what you are doing with your dad. When i heard you talked about saying 'i love you' (that was in Meycauayan, Bulacan last 2002 i think, forgotten.. hihi) kahit we, as men, naco corny-han... we should do it pa rin. When i realized those things its too late for me to say it to my dad, coz he already passed away since 1997. That's why ... doble ang kiss and hug and saying iloveyou ko to my mom. I was grateful that i'm serving my mom thru "pagbuhat ng pamimili nya sa palengke" to the point na kakilala ko na mga nanay na nagtitinda sa palengke from wet to dry goods, ngeeee. Salamat bro, Happy Father's Day to all dad. And to my dad, kung saan ka man ... iloveyou and you are one of my idol. yahü (2007-06-15 09:52:42)
jeng: Mabuhay kayo Bro Bo and Tito Gene! You really inspire us! The first time I heard your story was about five years ago. That was the time I attempted to embace my dad on Father's day and say "i love you" to him. Alam mo kuya Bo? we both cried kasi we didnt do that before, kasi masisira ang macho image namin. Ang sarap pala ng feeling! We embraced for a long time and when everyone saw that , naiyak silang lahat! From then on, every time we meet ... kahit saan ... we embrace and kiss and say "i love you" to each other. I praise God for giving us the chance to do that while we are both healthy and strong. God bless po sa inyong lahat sa PIBJ! (2007-06-15 04:28:17)
charo: thanks Brother Bo! and thanks to our Abba Father for loving us.. praying for all fathers and children all over the world.. Advanced happy father's day to u and ur dad! (2007-06-15 02:28:01)
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