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June 12, 2007

Does God speak through supernatural signs? Bro Bo Sanchez tackles this issue in Kerygma TV as shown in ABC Channel 5 every Tuesday at 10pm. Be blessed!!!

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Myra Menguito: I'm not sure if I heard Rissa right, but she made a statement which sounded like, "... thankfully, the husband died." Based on the story Rissa related, he was an abusive and demanding husband. However, I just felt uncomfortable with what she said. No matter how bad a person is, I don't think we should be "thankful" that he/she died. It was like saying, "Buti nga, namatay na siya." Anyway, that was how it affected me. (2007-06-29 20:28:28)
Liezl: I'm so thankful that I had the chance to watch this. I will continually pray for you brother Bo. (2007-06-22 10:41:04)
Marra: This is a fantastic eye opener to those who rely on God's signs. Although they tend to be true at times, its clearly said enough and well-explained that, that's why God gives us wisdom and understanding...for us to discern well so we can make a choice. (2007-06-19 08:41:34)
Mae Butra: Hi Bo!The talk has inspired me so much. For so long i have been living in fear thinking that God imposes the path that i should take. Now i learned that i need to base my decisions on love for Him. I had made a big decision in life just recently and I thought that God was not pleased with me or would curse me. And even if i would have chosen what i thought would make God happy, I will not be happy in that choice because I have based it from fear of Him. Before i used to think a lot and questioned the same (If God has been preparing me a destiny of what i should do and what should happen then might as well wait and do nothing) And just after listening to your preaching, my questions were answered. I learned that God's plan of my life is really very vast and He wants me to chose freely out of love for Him. (the examples hit me... I have more or less the same situation with you before)...Thanks also for your book (8 secrets of the truly rich) I am about to finish reading it. It's really amazing. Please do include me in your prayers. Before I used to be asking only for small projects(that's why mt projects are small...heheh) thinking that I am still new in my profession as an Architect. But in reading your book, I realized that i could ask big so i can give back to him big... Please pray for me that I will have more clients this year. I'll also pray for you and the kerygma family!Thank you for blessing my life.!!! (2007-06-18 11:25:07)
krishna mie: ay... pero brother bo... hmmm. pano po yung kay hosea? i'm not pretty sure but as a prophet, i think he would never have wanted to marry a prostitute, but was he not meant to marry gomer so that their relationship will be an example of our relationship with God - Hosea's love as God's love. and about the state of life or whom to marry, well i've heard of a certain sister who also waited and prayed for God. based from her story, it was not just a matter of choosing and "diving" for the person she may have desired so during her marrying age. but, uhm, above it all, the hand of God seemed to have been at work that they ended up together :) (2007-06-16 16:33:32)
krishna mie: hala happy independence day man diay karon!!! thank you for helping us free ourselves!!! (2007-06-16 15:13:15)
aida: Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brod u are really a God's blessing to for u help us nourish our soul thru your evangelistic deeds. More power and God bless! My sincere thanks to your kindness. (2007-06-12 08:52:05)
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