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June 11, 2007

Be very blessed by Kerygma preacher, Bro.Jon Escoto. Be inspired!

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Toni: Hi Bro. Jon! Are you related to the Escotos of Borongan Samar? :) If so, we're related. God bless! (2008-10-24 14:31:56)
jhonna montemayor: gud day bro jon i would like to thank you during our retreat at tagaytay i've learned a lot and feel so blessed.up to now i really feel so great before the retreat i always feel worried because of the problems i encountered natatakot po ako bka d ko makayanan next tym pero dahil sa talk nyo na enlighten po ako and now i've learned how to accept and handle all problems and of course continued praying thank you so much god bless you and your family. (2008-07-24 11:15:16)
christian: When listening to God's message you do not need to look for the style of the speaker, you must look and pay attention to the message God wants to tell you, because you might miss that message... tsk tsk tsk.... GOD BLESS!!!! Bro Jon its my first time to listen to you and Praise God I didnt miss the message!!!! GOD BLESS!!! (2007-06-21 23:47:50)
EDWIN: Bro JON... hat's --offff ako sayo. May THE gooD LORD continually bless you and use you as a blessing to others. God bless us ALL (2007-06-19 03:04:56)
ramon: Yes there's nothing wrong in imitating somebody. In fact, I borrowed Bro Jon's "Beautiful Girl" opening in one of his sharings. (2007-06-16 18:35:25)
Amy: I prophesy to you, Bro. Jon, that God will continue to use you to touch hearts and change lives. It was truly an inspiring talk. Do not mind the negative comments, just keep on doing God's work the best way you can. He knows what's in your heart, you only need to please Him. God bless! (2007-06-15 10:13:06)
beth: Amazingly good Bro. Jon! Very powerful message. I am really moved. Hope to see more of your preaching. (2007-06-13 05:41:33)
Jon Escoto: Hi guys! Thanks for all the comments. I take everything you said as all true: that I'm OA and you were still blessed. It's very humbling that amidst the imperfect abilities of a neophyte preacher like me, God's mercy still blesses hearts, and I therefore cannot take credit for His work. All glory belongs to God. Praise His name. As always, I again pray to serve better next time. God bless us all! (2007-06-12 18:40:32)
DANG: Hi Bro.Jon, wag kang mawawalan ng gana sa pagbibigay ng mga panayam khit pangit ang comments. Alam ko namang alam mo na "we can not please everybody" alalahanin mo na lang yung ibang natotouch mo yung mga buhay through your talks . Be inspired always . GOD BLESS YOU ALL! (2007-06-12 05:35:00)
rayman: thanks fo such an inspiring talk Bro. Jon. You've strengthen the bond of every family. To the Kerygma family, to Bro. Bo and Bro. Arun keep up the good work and service to God. (2007-06-12 00:28:54)
faith: im so blessed by the talk..very inspiring! bro jon is one of the best speakers i heard. god bless and more power. (2007-06-11 23:22:36)
jomari: hi!tnx bro jon for such a wonderful msg....before I have a bad prophecy to my wife just only in my mind..but as i hear ur teaching ..i changed it..I know that God had given u that idea for us to know..God bless (2007-06-11 22:00:43) There is nothing wrong in imitating something good. Greatness begins with imitation. I have also realized that we are influenced by people we admire that we sometimes imitate their style without really intending too. One more, if we compare preachers, we really missed the point. I am thankful for the messages I get here. Let's pray that they continue reminding us about the good news. (2007-06-11 21:08:44)
msz: i don't think it's fair to compare them to each other.they all are preachers to share God's word to all. to everyone in pbj,keep the up the good work.God bless u all! (2007-06-11 18:13:41)
zeny: ang galing bro jon...I was blessed...please continue to nourish us with your preaching especially the message for the family and for the young generation. GOD BLESS! (2007-06-11 18:06:32)
dbs: O.A. ang dating sa akin kasi everyday i see this video clip for almost 4 months ginagaya nya ang style ni brother bo. katulad din sya ng isang preachers na mahaba ang buhok. ang pinakamagaling talaga sa kanila si bro. arun at si bro. bo. (2007-06-11 17:01:29)
gen: thanks for that wonderful message. this is my first time to visit here. and from now on, ill see to it to visit your site everyday. i am blessed by the lecture. really, thank you. :-) (2007-06-11 12:10:44)
rena: i ' m hoping and praying that you will keep having bluejeans... everyday. Because your program really keeps me and my family blessed. it is nice to start our day with your talk . more power to you. (2007-06-11 08:57:26)
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