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Nov. 30, 2006

Botoks - Iloilo

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tina_bacolod: hello...the first time i heard you bo here in bacolod during the vocation jamboree...i was so blessed... and i am because i know that something good will happen to me everyday because God is blessing my way... thank you so much! i feel God's presence because of you! i also hope bacolodnon's will experience botalks concert too. please... and do inform me pls if there will be an upcoming concert! (2007-02-21 16:08:12)
Jennifer Applegate: Google is the best search engine (2007-01-20 06:38:53)
drahc: wow galing...i hope one day i could also have those beautiful feet... God bless us all Thanks Kerygma Family Thank God (2006-12-19 09:17:16)
angging: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News of the Lord! K9 are the best singers! God Bless you Bro Bo! (2006-12-15 10:57:19)
Mia: sana nakkanood din me botoks!!! i love watching Preacher in blue jeans... More power and blessing Bro. Bo.. (2006-12-09 20:17:59)
barbie: i'm so happy i was able to attend botoks in was such a great concert!!! i won't exchange it for any other concerts...thanks for the message of brother allan..i remember my father who is now in the ocean because he is a seaman..they frequently experience low pressure and it is now winter there...he would really like to attend masses but it is not possible...everytime there is a chance that their ship is on port, he sees to it that he attends mass even he doesn't understand the language of that particular country.we are very lucky to be able to attend mass here...God bless you all!!!! (2006-12-07 13:48:49)
nyl__zzzz: koolz u shud put a joke 4 the day in every episode!!! bet its gnna b a mad idea!!! (2006-12-06 12:39:21)
jaja: now i can see am blessed we have a fast internet connection here in the office ;p, but still for those who are using dial-up or something, be thankful as well, since others don't really have an access here, the Lord still loves us! Am making up here, i missed this episode, i was in holiday, hehe... God bless everyone and to the ministry of bro bo! (2006-12-02 16:16:19)
mary: very inspiring program... keep it up due we are all addicted & would u believe for me i cannot sleep w/out hearing ur voice.. more power & god bless! (2006-11-30 22:53:02)
Roel Arcs: Ayos talaga bro. Bo! Ang galing ng Ministry mo. I really enjoyed watching your show everyday. It nourishes my soul. (2006-11-30 22:06:27)
ryan: ang lupit ng episode last wed heheheh (2006-11-30 20:36:21)
jhack: hello... thank you sa preacher in blue jeans especially to bro. bo. dami ko poh natututunan ang ganda talaga ng mga pinaguusapan dito lalo pa kami napapalapit kay lord lalo na kaming mga youth... i'm happy that napuntahan ko ang site ng preacher in blue jeans. sana meron dito sa pampanga... GOD BLESS bro. bo and to all supporter... (2006-11-30 19:15:44)
ann: hi guys! im from iloilo but i missed Botoks kasi nasa manila ako during the show....Thanks to preacher in Blue Jeans! Para ko na din napanood ang show...More Power...Sana may Botoks din sa Manila soon...GODBLESS everyone! (2006-11-30 16:56:56)
charls: really beautiful show! by the way guys try to listen bo's "gabay" over radio veritas846khz(amBand} 4a.m. daily (fridays-3a.m.). Great!... (2006-11-30 16:39:50)
rock: brother bo! Thank you so much for your prayers! This is very very very great show! Prase to GOD! (2006-11-30 16:21:56)
angel: we hope that the video of prechers n blue is able to download! (2006-11-30 14:49:10)
angel: we hope that there's botoks here in Gensan! (2006-11-30 14:46:42)
rudy bacalso: i always felt so blessed everytime i watch your daily episode, nakaka inspire kapag si Lord ang pakinggan...i always shared your talks in our Parish here in Kangshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2006-11-30 14:03:12)
mavie: the joke was so funny bro. obet..we really laughed hard here in the office..bro. bo thank u so much for preacher in blue jeans..i always felt so blessed everytime i watch ur daily show..i always look forward to watching ur talks in kerygma tv every a fan of urs and its my wish to see u in person..i see the Lord in u..God bless bro. bo and ur family, ur fellow preachers and staff. (2006-11-30 11:02:41)
leah patenio saga,rsw: Botoks in Davao was indeed great!I hope there will be more of that so that i can again invite my friends and collegues to hear all your inspiring and uplifting stories to help us grow more as better men and women for others. God Bless (2006-11-30 10:17:27)
ramir: its very soul lifting! please continue this kind of show! God bless You all!!! please support bo sanchez and company! (2006-11-30 08:36:47)
allan jr.: wow it's great...... what a wonderful show again....thanks kuya Bo.......God bless........... (2006-11-30 08:34:03)
Willie Encarnacion: I do agree with the first part, Im here in Saudi Arabia now and how true that we shpuld value mass coz here we have to secretly go to a place one by one goin out just not to be seen. I cannot believe more Filipinos here in Saudi coz they are afraid to attend mass and fulfill their faith, pero kapag wine or porno movies or any they were able to make a way to purchase or watch. I do ask our fellow OFW to hold on their faith to GOD and continue to worship and trust GOD. GOD BLESS TO ALL Willie Encarnacion (2006-11-30 02:28:15)
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