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Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

June 9, 2007

Be blessed as Bo talks in front of Teachers, administrators and Nuns from the society of St.Paul. Be inspired!

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roel salinas: PERSONAL LETTER TO SOMEONE WHO COULD HELP There is no way I can explain why I am doing this but I have to try something because I hit rock bottom, experiencing the darkest hour of my life. I have been sending letters like this to anyone and everyone for sometime now. I just pick out the e-mail address which can be found in various websites randomly. I apologize if you already received one, you see I don't have a computer I just rent at a internet cafe which charges by the hour. I just sent as many e-mail as I can to get my money's worth. I was hoping that my letter could reach somebody who could be able to help in my situation. So far all I been getting are jokes, pranks, scams and false promises which are both heartless and cruel or no response at all. Maybe to some my situation is funny but it is not fair to joke on another person's misfortune. I am sorry for such a depressing letter, I just wrote it down the way I felt. Here I am a grown man scared like a kid. I have been living alone with no one to turn to for help. I am hoping to find my place in this world. This is my last resort and hoping it will not turn into another miserable failure. I am hoping that my letter would reach someone out there a good Samaritan who could be the answer to a needy souls prayer. You may not believe my story but all I have written here is the truth. To those who believe no explanation is necessary, to those who do not believe no explanation will suffice. Sir/Ma'am I just like you to help me forward this letter to anyone who would care to help. Parts of it was posted in a website last March 18, 2007 (Sunday) with the title Help me back on my feet under the nickname wel. So far no one has offered to help. Please to someone out there please lend out a helping hand. At this point I am discourage and loosing hope. It is not only monetary help but prayers or any way you could help will do. I really need a purpose in life. I really need help I beg you please... I am sorry to bother you I know you have no time for things like this but I am really a man, with no where else to go. Maybe you know someone/philanthropist/organization foundation who could help my situation. I know you are a very busy person with no time for letters like this but before you disregard this one kindly give it a chance. I am appealing to your sympathy because I am a man who is emotionally, physically and financially crushed. I am also trying to raise money to be able to avoid selling the small piece of lot my mother left me. For the past two years I was plagued with bad luck My mother passed away on January 10, 2005, My meager savings of 35 thousand (Php) I had invested on a business which turned out to be a scam orchestrated by a friend and his sister. Finding a job in the Philippines now is almost impossible for a guy like me. I am 34 years old, (now 35) most work here considers it overage, I have no college education and no work experience. I had to stayed home most of my life, helping my mother she was 77 years old when she died and I was the only family she had.I wrote this out of desperation. I don't want to grow old and die not having done anything positive in my life. I am already regretting a lot of things. I beg you for your compassion, please have mercy to a man who's dream and will to live is being denied by poverty. It feels like living lost without a soul. Help me rebuild my life. Please help me back on my feet. Thank You for your time. ROEL P. SALINAS 133 HUGO PEREZ ST. SAN ROQUE, CAVITE CITY 4100 PHILIPPINES (2007-06-15 09:31:36)
ggie: hi to you bo and to your team. i feel blessed with all your talks. your talk through preacher in blue jeans is my coffee in the morning. it would give me energy through out the day. thank you for being an instrument of giving blessings to us all. (2007-06-11 06:58:24)
jinn_texas: you are a living saint bro. bo! i pray for you always and your ministry so you can continue to bring more and more people to God everyday. God bless always. (2007-06-09 22:27:47)
micki: thank you, that i'm blessed to be able to watch you daily! i pray God wil continue to bless KFam to reach people like me. someday i hope to be able to visit manila and watch you live and be doubly blessed! (2007-06-09 18:37:47)
michael tagwalan: hi to all viewers and listeners of preacher in blue jeans. thanks bro. bo for serving the people of God through the work of God. God bless you. (2007-06-09 11:47:25)
manny: GOD Blesses you all who are watching this episode... (2007-06-09 09:14:07)
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