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Bo Sanchez' Daily Reality Internet TV Show

May 30, 2007

Day 4 fresh from the US! Be very blessed!

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mary"simplyinday"sumalinog: I LEARNED A LESSON FROM YOU BO.TRUST,GOD BLESS,WONDERFUL (2008-01-19 23:07:04)
Catherine: Bro. Bo thank you for that another inspiring talk you've given us. I pray for more success for you, please do always include me in your prayers I want to follw GOD's will for me, enlighten me, also guide & enlighten my husband. GOD bless us all. (2007-06-05 21:06:44)
bea: Hi Bo! I enjoy watching your videos. It's nourishing to my soul. I always look forward to listen to you everytime I visit an Internet Cafe. I especially wait for the ending and here you pray for us viewers. I just feel I am also blessed. Thank You. May you and your family will always be in the best of health. (2007-06-05 19:59:35)
nina: thanks for coming heard so much about u, read one of ur books im glad i came to ur talk.. God bless u and ur family (2007-06-05 10:20:11)
joyce: Hi Bo, Thank you for being a gift from God. You always inpire your audience. God is really using you to talk to His people to strengthen their faith, to be more holy like Him. May God continue to equip you to inspire more people and to be an instrument in bringing His people closer to Him. More blessings... Joyce (2007-06-04 02:08:06)
krishna mie: how malnourished is a soul which does not receive the reality of our God! Thank you for blessing us through preacher in ble jeans. i pray tht more people will be blessed through this program. thank you for reaching to us kerygma family! thank you for the magis (2007-06-04 00:01:13)
mianenriquez: I was there!!!yay!!! I finally met them. They are so cool!!! I really hope i get the chance to work with them in the future!!! God willing. (2007-06-02 09:37:42)
Shane: My Resting Place and My Protection "Keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." (Isaiah 26:3) Lord, I want to trust You completely, but I am tired and become weak at times like this. Give me the strength. Let me know that with You at our side, we can face TODAY and all the TOMORROWS in spreading your word and nourish the minds, hearts and soul of everyone I touch. AMEN GOD BLESS! (2007-05-31 19:48:07)
judy: good job bo... (2007-05-31 06:22:21)
cleofeamanc: Thank you Bo. Again i was blessed with your talk. God is so generous that we have this internet to nourish our soul every day. I need to remind myself that i have a purpose in this world. And i have to do my part because of this purpose. God bless and more power! (2007-05-30 22:20:17)
ice: God is so Good! I'm so happy to know that God trust me... it gives me confidence to serve and love Jesus more and more... trusting Him all the way is a sure blast of blessings... Though its really tiring to serve sometimes... but the joy of sharing the love of Jesus to others makes the Father in heaven smiles. =) Touching the world through prayer is a great mission. Shine your Light! *** Thanks Bro. Bo! God be with you always! =) (2007-05-30 21:23:04)
farrah: You always touch my heart, and the people that surrounds me, everytime I hear the preachers give their talks through this website. This enables me to share the good news, and your wisdom to others.Praise the Lord!! I hope and pray that you would also consider coming here to the United Kingdom, in London. As there are many, many hungry souls that are lost and wandering that are waiting for people like you to touch their lives . May you bless more hearts ,like mine. And may God give you more energy and Spirit to continue your ministry. Looking forward to your coming here in London. :) (2007-05-30 20:53:05)
JB: Dear PIBJ. I hope you will put the audio version of the next episodes you'll post. Thanks and May God continue to bless your work. (2007-05-30 18:32:58)
micki: thank you so much Brod Bo for this inspiring talk about why we are suffering, and about how to ask God! I always feel blessed after listening to you each day! Thank you Lord for KF! (2007-05-30 16:28:55)
Lenny: Thank you for the wonderful message! I realized that i should trust God more.I'm discerning these past few weeks regarding my relationship.After reading your books and watching this episode affirms my decision to lift up to God and entrust this area of my life. More power! (2007-05-30 13:29:30)
yogi: What a preaching Bro. Bo, i'm really blessed for what have you preached about trusting God... it really works, because i was in the cross roads in my life for these past few weeks and i just trust Him and now i'm at peace because i believe that everything will be fine. Thanks for daily teachings, it really nourishes my soul everyday. God bless you Bro Bo and Bro Arun. yahü (2007-05-30 10:44:27)
Em: Indeed, the Lord is alive, works, and speaks through you. It has been four days of blessings with you, Bro Arun, and Bro Edwin here in the Los Angeles County. We are already looking forward to your return in October. Just this morning, I was ready to quit doing what I believe the Lord has called me to do and here you are talking about pressing on to do God's purpose for our lives because He believes in us. I know when you uttered these words. I praise the Lord for He goes before us preparing the way. He knows that I will be tested and will think of quitting, so He sent you to speak to me on His behalf today. Hallelujah! I remain your intercessor so you can continue to bless others and be victorious over all kinds of testings as you go to all four corners of the world to fulfill God's purpose in your life. May God's love increase more in your heart and in the hearts of your entire family. May He bless your going and coming keeping your team safe in His protection and providence. We praise and thank the Lord for the gift of you! Amen! See you in October! (2007-05-30 08:43:52)
ARUN: hELLO! You might be wondering what i said, right? Well you have to wait for a little while. For i will soon have my own show or a segment on the net. It will be a fun and inspiring show. Excited na ako! Keep on watching. God Bless You! (2007-05-30 01:49:27)
solfia: Bro.Bo, I praise and thank God for bringing us a preacher like is such a great privilege to be given a chance to hear your talk everytime we want, thru your website.I pray for more success for you and your ministry,may you touch more lives... (2007-05-30 01:22:32)
tonnete: comment lng ako sa year on top..instead of 2077, it should have been 2007...wla lng po..hehe......thanks bro bo for inspiring us always....thanks also bro arun...God bless you more and your ministry.. (2007-05-30 01:20:42)
rena: thanks for coming here in west coast. You truly touched our hearts with your talk. Now we listen to your message everyday via your website. God bless you . More power to you and to your ministry. (2007-05-30 00:43:54)
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