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May 23, 2007

Bo interviews Bro.Mike Velarde, El Shaddai's spiritual leader. Be inspired!

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marv: Christianity is not a religion... maybe that is the reason y Gandhi didn't like the Christians, though he said he like our Christ. our Christianity look like a religion. we meet on Sundays, thats it and we forget the poor, i hope we go back to basics(book of Acts)...some things has got to change (2007-10-09 15:11:14)
cheryl encarnado, lubbock,texas: i feel so blessed listening to two great men of faith. indeed, you complement each other. one reach more the grassroots and the other one, the highly intellectual with your distinct God-given charisms. you two are our modern day prophets. keep up the good work. God bless your ministries. you both nourish our souls and quench our spiritual thirst. it is really true that "for evil to triumph, let the good do nothing." God speaks to our hearts and compels us what we ought to do. (2007-05-31 17:15:06)
doybins: Praise God!!!Truly Bro Mike is God's blessing to the Catholic Charismatic Movement.Thank you Bro Bo for sharing your encounters!thanks thanks thanks..GBU (2007-05-28 11:22:13)
Christine: am so pleased to listen to bro. bo and bro. mike chatting. "nothing happens by accident", i agree. everything has a purpose according to God's best plan.let's trust Him, not just believe in Him. God bless both of them they are wonderful inspirations to Filipinos everywhere.keep it up. continue blessing everyone with your God-given gifts. ;-) (2007-05-25 21:23:43)
Joan: I'm all for the preservation of LIFE! It is the spirit of the Lord God that is breathed into man's life and nobody has the right to take it away. It is through God's plan that we exist. Bro. Mike is just one among the many annointed ones that God used as an instrument in letting people know the greatness of God and the importance of life. We too can give our own share in spreading the Word of God since this is one great responsibility that every Christian ought to do. Cheers to you too Bro. Bo for being a great disciple of Christ! (2007-05-24 13:38:13)
yogi: Hello everybody, regarding Bobbit's comment about the 'mother who cant find her daughter,' i think Bro. Mike was not irritated by the way he was approached by the mother. He wanted to emphasize the value of 'trusting God' after we do our part. Godspeed to all of us. (2007-05-24 09:10:10)
JT: With Bro. Mike Velarde campaign for pro-life and anti government views. I can just imagine him running for office and winning. How about you Bro. Bo would you be taking this road as well? God bless! (2007-05-23 19:45:50)
Bobbit: Greeting! Yes you were right there are some issues that I do not agree. Bro. Mike seems to talk more about political issues rather than spiritual. He tells of a story about a mother who cannot find her daughter. I sense a feeling of disconcern and insensitivity, maybe not, but I thought he was a little bit irritated by that approach. Anyway, this is from my own opinion. One thing for sure, he is no Bo Sanchez or Joel Olsteen. Thank you and more power! Be blessed. (2007-05-23 19:28:14)
mlou: bro. mike mentioned china being so prosperous w/ their billions of population. but didnt he know that china has been punishing its citizens who will have more than one child. (2007-05-23 17:54:55)
Arlene: Praise the Lord for religious leaders like Bro. Mike Velarde and you bro. Bo. We still have hope in the Phil.! We are blessed! (2007-05-23 02:27:46)
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