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May 19, 2007

Wanna know why Bo Sanchez was inspired to write his latest book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich? Listen in as he speaks before Cardinal Rosales and a group of priests at the Arzobispado de Manila.

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julius tigley perater: YES,,bo (2007-12-23 14:39:46)
andrew: hi bro. Bo, yes, ur rigth, i only know savings and spending my money, can you give me more details about investing? Thank you so much... (2007-07-03 06:51:11)
christine: its true that most of us have an aversion to wealth, since we grew up to believe that money is evil. when i was younger my father wished for his children to be rich so that we can help the poor and spread the wealth, and i thought "how materialistic, it isn't only through money that we can help others." wisdom dawned on me quite late, and reality hits hard that money indeed has the greatest impact in helping the poor and spreading the wealth. another thing that you have brought up is the mentality of abundance. again, most of us catholics were raised with scarcity mentality - save for tomorrow, study hard so you can have a good paying job, too many people fighting over limited resources. it is also because of this mentality that the spirit of volunteerism and giving is very low among catholics. i for one is guilty of this. church support or love offering is in the least of my financial priorities kasi kulang pa nga yung meron ako for our needs. thanks for the talk, bro. bo. it has just reinforced what i knew all along, but this time, i am blessed to do the corresponding actions and change my financial ways. you are blessing to many of us, bro. bo, praise god! (2007-05-23 08:04:07)
jef menguin: Hello bro. Bo! You inspired me with your message. I want to read your book too. I've got to get some copies. I conduct seminars on effective communication, leadership, and personal effectiveness. Please tell me how I could sell your books to my workshop participants. God bless you. jef (2007-05-21 16:43:29)
Catherine: Hello Bro. Bo, another inpirational talk and teachings with the other priests. I hope I could attend the kerygma conference 2007 with together with my family and some friends. Can I ask you something? Can I bring with me my two children who is 7 years old and 3 years old?. GOD bless you and your family too. (2007-05-20 08:37:24)
judy: bo, how i wish to own one of ur book. i just dont know how to obtain it. the thruth is i cant imagine despite the distance, i even get in touch with u daily with this preacher in blue jeans. God really love me and wont forsake me thank u very much (2007-05-20 08:28:04)
judy: bo, me too was hesitant to come to U.S. thinking that i dont to be rich. since i do believe u cannot serve 2 masters at a time. thank u for sharing thoughts that to have money is not a sin if u continue to believe and use it in God's glory. thank u for the enlightenment (2007-05-20 08:23:58)
Suzanne Abarico: hello Bro. Bo, I'm so thankful for the haering your inspirational words today. Idon't go to sleep untill i've watched your daily show and it has really nourished my soul. I'd like to request for a prayer that i may be able to pass my interview tomorrow. May God allow me to go to Australia to start a brand new life with my family. this is all dream -- to be with them for the rest of my life. Please include me in your prayer. Thank youand more power. God Bless you. (2007-05-20 06:44:09)
Arlene Dayao Boustani: Hi bro. Bo, I really want to have your latest book how can I buy it from Here? (2007-05-20 03:18:03)
Preacher In Blue Jeans Staff: hi malou, for more info about the kerygma conference, please visit it's website : (2007-05-19 12:39:17)
malou: you've been announcing the kerygma conference for november '07. may i please know if there is a registration or entrance fee to this event? i hope to bring some of my friends w/ me to learn more about your teachings and preachings. thanks a lot. (2007-05-19 12:22:05)
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