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May 18, 2007

Here's Part 2 of Bro Arun Gogna's talk on community. May the joy of the Lord be with you! Be blessed!

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auraivee maliwanag: thank you for nourishing our souls........ (2007-05-28 19:58:53)
cleofeaman: Thank you so much for spreading your love everyday! God bless! (2007-05-23 21:43:52)
anita: i listen to this talk over and over, very good explanations and examples. i also check myself now being one of those who do not want someone like hugo. i feel so blessed, realizing i am being changed by God through these type of people. I see them now as blessings, a chance to become holy. thank you bo.arun! (2007-05-22 15:18:55)
dangskie: salamat sa walang sawa ninyong pagbibigay ng mga panayam. Bro. Arun ...nawa ay patuloy kang makapagbigay ng mga panayam na nakakaenlighten at the same time nakakatuwa. SALUDO ako sa iyo at sa buong Kerygma Staff! (2007-05-22 02:28:31)
Arlene: Thanks for your blessings bro. Bo! I feel blessed! (2007-05-20 02:53:12)
Catherine: Another day will passed, thank GOD I finished the continuation of Bro. Arun's yesterday talk. It is very inspiring, thank you very much.Since I joined the Kerygma Family I feel very blessed everyday. Please include also my family in your prayers that they will also be blessed and guide them always. Especially my husband who is working far from us. GOD bless us all. (2007-05-18 20:34:22)
abigail: good to be back!! (2007-05-18 20:11:31)
kairos: salamat PIBJ! salamat bro arun & bro bo... kakatuwa talaga mag-talk si bro arun... thank you for being a blessing :) (2007-05-18 17:42:53)
Suzanne Abarico: Bro. Bo from the very day that i joined the kerygma family i felt so bless with everything - the people, the job as a nurse, friends - they made me happy, despite my situation here in london. My family is not here with me and i miss them so much, i've tried so many thing just to be able to communicate to them as often as i can afford. but with your ministry i felt that they are with me here. Bro Bo please help me pray to our Lord that sooner we will be together. Your stories are so inspiring and nourishing my heart and soul. Bro Bo i also serve the Lord by singing in the church as a choir member here at St.Mary's Churse in Croydon, London and there are people who love to hear my voice and that means i have made them happy.. with this i'm so inspired to continue serving the Lord,, in this simple way.... More power and God bless you all the way.... (2007-05-18 05:55:18)
lazaro "saint" Gutierrez: Sobrang galing talaga..thnk u so much for the talk. ang ganda sobra. sumakit ang tiyan ko kakatawa at d same time i so blessed!! thnk u bro arun God bless u and ur family always! (2007-05-18 01:56:50)
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